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TapInfluence "Death of the Banner Ad"
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TapInfluence "Death of the Banner Ad"


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TapInfluence CEO Rustin Banks presents "Death of the Banner Ad" at Boulder Start-up Week

TapInfluence CEO Rustin Banks presents "Death of the Banner Ad" at Boulder Start-up Week

Published in: Technology

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  • Across all charter campaigns measured, 69 percent of the ad impressions were classified as being ‘in-view.’* The remaining 31 percent were delivered but never seen by a consumer, a likely result of a consumer scrolling past the ad before it loaded or a consumer never scrolling the ad into view. In-view percentages varied by site and ranged from 7 percent to 100 percent.An average of 4 percent of ad impressions were delivered outside the desired geography, but individual campaigns ran as high as 15 percent. In many cases, ads were served in markets where the advertised product is not sold, meaning wasted ad spend and sub-optimal effectiveness results.
  • Transcript

    • 1. formerlyBeer and the Death of the Banner Ad
    • 2. May 18, 20121:00 Get Food1:20 Introduction1:30 ―Death of the Banner Ad‖ Presentation1:50 Quick TapInfluence Demo1:55 Office Tour2:00-2:30 Mingling, Ping Pong and Foosball
    • 3. I’ve built communities for 15 yearsFrom Dial-up Bulletin Boards To 75,000 Women Bloggers (reaching 10 Million)Now building communities and conversations for the worlds top brands…
    • 4. Problem: Ad blindness and distraction intolerance
    • 5. Banner Ads by the Numbers• 31% aren’t even ―viewable‖ (Comscore Study)• 92% of those viewable aren’t even noticed (Nielson Eye Tracking)• .04% engaged with• $25,000 spend at Federated Media – $8 CPM – 3.125M impressions – 2.125M viewable – 127,000 ―noticed‖ impressions [just an image] – 1200 engagements
    • 6. Solution: Get out of the sidebar, and into the content Quit trying to be a distraction Get into the conversation Banner ads on a social site is not social advertising Simple test: “Is my message in the widest column on the page?”
    • 7. Facebook likes aren’t the silver bullet• Facebook Fan/Like Reach Rates (Brand Pages) – 2009: 48% – 2010: 35% – 2011: 24% – 2012: 16% <- but you can PAY for more ―We must acknowledge that our customer relationships [on Facebook] are not owned — they’re rented‖ – Ben Winkler, Chief Digital Officer OMD Facebook: little branding and hard to truly engage a consumer
    • 8. The interest graph is more relevant to brands than the social graph Interest Graph Social Graph Family Tennis High School Technology Friends from Work Colorado Friends Boulder Entrepreneurship Topic based blogs and forums get the same # of visitors each month as Facebook
    • 9. Enter “Influencer Marketing” Turn your marketing message into aconversation then team with influencers tostart that conversation on blogs Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and whatever is next
    • 10. Influencer Marketing Bonus: Halo Effect Jenny of 500,000 Reach of a friends popular reality TV show 50M friends 20% of US friends population!
    • 11. It’s HARD to do this at “Banner Ad Scale” 75,000 Bloggers [Influencer Research & Management System]Influencer Activation Platform Turn-key “Social Activation Products” Robust Tracking & Reporting Technology
    • 12. Results: Allstate Story contest seeded by 40 top bloggers reaching 3M 4 Million tracked views of content from blogs, FB, and Twitter Resulted in 6,000 shares, Over 16,000 votes in just 4 weeks Bottom Line: TapInfluence = $25k Banner Ad = > $75k
    • 13. Results: Pillsbury Recipe share seeded by 40 top food bloggers reaching 2M 2 Million tracked views of content from blogs, FB, and Twitter Resulted in 13,000 votes and over 10,000 “prints” in just 4 weeks Bottom Line: TapInfluence = $30k Banner Ad = > $65k
    • 14. Thank you! Rustin Banks CEO TapInfluence @rustinb