Effectively Leading Virtual Teams Workshop for Women's Startup Lab


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Dispersed teams, similar to teams in one location, are based on relationships. In this workshop you will learn what is essential to form a productive virtual team focused on innovation. We will discuss models for success and the characteristics of effective virtual teams including the importance of trust, communication across cultures, operating standards and practices. Now is a good time for you to take stock of what you need to optimize the diverse talent available to your start-up. We’ll show you how to lead a team to get the results you need no matter where your team lives!

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Effectively Leading Virtual Teams Workshop for Women's Startup Lab

  1. 1. EFFECTIVELY LEADING VIRTUAL TEAMS Tanya Monsef Bunger Business Consultant/Leadership Coach May 28, 2014 Women’s Startup Lab – Menlo Park, CA
  2. 2. Workshop Today: What will you leave with • Understanding the success factors in leading a virtual TEAM • Plan for your virtual TEAM • Tools to get you started Tanya Monsef Bunger - WSL May 2014
  3. 3. • Increased Access to Talent • Allows Flexibility for Contributors • Increase in Efficiency of Resources (time and talent) Tapping into Virtual TEAMs
  4. 4. Tanya Monsef Bunger - WSL May 2014 ① Common goals, shared values, interdependence ② Geographic/Time separation ① Communication predominantly other than face to face What are the Characteristics of a Virtual TEAM ?
  5. 5. • Engage and Innovate: What is the design of your virtual work environment? How do we want to work together? • Productivity Tools: What are the norms and protocols for our work environment? What tools will we use? • Transparency and Trust: Openly build and share knowledge, include accountability • Align Action: Create a work flow that allows for aligned action, agility • Evaluate and Iterate: Assess what is working and what needs modification Virtual TEAMs: Factors to Success
  6. 6. Clear, Consistent Communication is KEY LEADING: Virtual TEAMs
  7. 7. Engage and Innovate What needs to be present in that work environment for us to achieve those outcomes? What are the working outcomes we want to achieve? Design for Success: Not about the “HOW” yet Leaders set vision and invite participation What are the advantages we see for creating a virtual environment?
  8. 8. Tanya Monsef Bunger - WSL May 2014 PRODUCTIVITY •Conference Call Pitfalls https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DYu_bGbZiiQ
  9. 9. Productivity Does the team need training to effectively use the tools? What are norms of our work environment? (Frequency, Time and Place) Design for Success: Unclear/Hidden Expectations lead to pre-meditated Disappointment Which tools will we use and for what purpose?
  10. 10. Transparency and Trust How will we hold each other accountable? Is the team empowered to work toward outcomes or is it time based? Design for Success: Transparency = Leadership Vulnerability How will achievements of TEAM be communicated/celebr ated?
  11. 11. Align Action How will output be measured? What workflow will invite the outcomes we want to achieve? Design for Success: ACTION is the path to achieving desired Outcomes What systems need to be in place to support work flow?
  12. 12. Evaluate and Iterate What do we want to experiment with (set an evaluation plan)? What is working well? Invite TEAM to participate Design for Success: ITERATION invites CREATIVITY What could we change that would make a big difference?
  13. 13. Building Blocks of Success Transparency and Trust Engage and Innovate Design for Success: Put it altogether for Effective TEAM Align Action Productivity Tools Evaluate and Iterate
  14. 14. “We all live every day in virtual environments, defined by our ideas.” Michael Crichton THANK YOU – Stay in Touch Thank you, WSL and everyone in the Innovation Lab! Keep in touch, Say Hello Email: Tanya@MobilizeHarmony.com Twitter: @TMonsefBunger LinkedIN: www.linkedin.com/in/TanyaMonsefBunger/