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Dreamwares Salesforce
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Dreamwares Salesforce


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Dreamwares specializes in building cloud based enterprise applications, particularly on platform. It is the preferred partner of many Salesforce partners and carries out all their …

Dreamwares specializes in building cloud based enterprise applications, particularly on platform. It is the preferred partner of many Salesforce partners and carries out all their development activities like Salesforce customization, apps, sites, Customer Portal, Salesforce Integration, Chatter, Apex, Visualforce etc. Its partners are spread across US, UK, Australia, Russia and Middle East.

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  • 1. Salesforce & expertisePartner of Salesforce Partners
  • 2. Index 1. Company Overview 2. Why Dreamwares? 3. Salesforce Development Services 4. About 15-hours free development 5. Methodology 6. Knowledge of Salesforce SDLC 7. automation 8. Recent clients and work done 9. Appexchange apps 10. Know Us
  • 3. Company Overview • Dreamwares was established in 2009 to develop web based applications. • Its core focus is to become a major Salesforce development hub. It has partnered with many Salesforce consultants and ISV partners. • Has more than 2 years experience in Salesforce customization, apps, Appexchange, sites. • Has developed applications on all leading cloud platforms like Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google App Engine.
  • 4. Why Dreamwares?  Communication: This is what our customers love us for.  Reliability: We help you complete projects on time, within budget.  Flexibility: Our flat hierarchy helps us act quickly when time demands.  Managed processes: We follow well documented and standards based Salesforce Development Life Cycle. We also use a popular project management tool to manage all projects.  Cost-effective: We offer competitive rates and fix pricing.  RFPs: We help you in requirement analysis and building RFPs.  No last minute surprises: Our experience and thorough analysis helps to identify risks early and suggest alternative solutions
  • 5. Salesforce Development Services Workflows, Custom CRM Button/Links, Record Customization Type Apex Visualforce Component, Google Pages Map, Dynamic Survey Dynamic, Batch Apex Apex, Scheduling Job, Apex TriggerSalesforceServices / Build App, Security Appexchange Review Process, LMA, apps Trial Master Org Twitter, Facebook, Web Services / Chatter, REST, SOAP, API Integration Metadata API Site Security, Customer Portal, Add Sites Captcha, Autheticating Users
  • 6. About 15-hours free development ‘Experience our Salesforce Development Services with 15 hours free trial ’ We provide 15 hours free development work like:  Apex Trigger  Visualforce Page  Apex Class  Salesforce CRM Customization
  • 7. Methodology Requirement Design workflow & Create objects get it approved Analysis Create Apex Give regular demos Development code, Visualforce, W orkflow, Trigger etc. and take feedback Write test Testing & Manual and User methods, deploy & Acceptability testing test again in Deployment production org
  • 8. Knowledge of Salesforce SDLC We are well familiar with various development environments of Salesforce and follow the standard practices of Salesforce Development Life Cycle for:  Salesforce Development  Salesforce Migration  Salesforce Deployment  Salesforce Packaging  Salesforce Appexchange Publishing  Trialforce
  • 9. Clients
  • 10. automation We use various tools of for increased productivity like:  IDE  Import Export tools like Data Loader  Migration Tool  Workbench  Excel Connector We also develop In-house tools like project specific excel plugins, when required.
  • 11. Appexchange Apps  ClearGRC Cloud Security Risk Governance  Sales Risk Auditor Revenue Recognition Secure Monitoring Governance for Chatter Social GRC - Crowdsourcing Risk Management * Please click to see the App
  • 12. Example CV - Harshala Shewale (Senior Developer)Salesforce,, Visualforce, Apex Expert Harshala is Senior Developer  Code optimization with respect to governor limits of salesforce at Dreamwares. She has 2+ years’ experience with Apex,  Unit tests code coverage and deployments Visualforce, Trigger, Workflow, Approval Process, Validation  Data migration and manipulation using Salesforce tools Rules, Test Methods, Security Settings, Salesforce API, CSS,  Google maps integrations with Salesforce HTML, Javascript, Integration, Data Loader, Excel Connector,  Customize and personalize to fit environments specific needs. Google maps integrations with Salesforce Migration Tools. She has hands on Configuration, Business Requirements  Setup Apps, Objects, Page Layouts, Related Documentation. She has expertise on testing Apps, Security Lists, Tabs, Roles, Profiles Review Processes and marketing at Appexchange.  Managed whole projects single handed. Responsible for mapping Technology Expertise: the business requirements to their underlying technical implementation and communicating the same to the team.  Integrated Salesforce with Created Data Import Export tool for mapping Data for Custom Objects as well as  Developed Apps for Client, publically available on Appexchange junction objects. It includes Data Aggregation , data mapping, Conversion of files, Archiving and reporting of  Make managed packages, Security Review Processes data etc.  Appexchange listing, test drive, trial template  Created Secure Chatter App which helps organizations prevent / detect prohibitive use of chatter using Chatter API.  Good Knowledge of Test Methods, Security Review Processes and License Management.  Development using Visualforce, Apex, Triggers, Webservices, Javascript, Ajax
  • 13. Example CV - Rupali Certified Developer Rupali is Senior Developer at  Developed Apex, Visualforce, Apex Trigger, Apex Dreamwares. She joined in Classes, Webservices, Javascript, Ajax, Batch Apex, Dynamic apex 2010 and has experience in code for Sales Cloud Customization, Service Cloud Customization Salesforce CRM and developing native Applications Development,, Visualf orce, Apex, Customization, CSS, H TML, Javascript.  Created Apex Scheduler, Anonymous Block and implementing She has evolved through AJAX in Apex platforms like,  Expert into writing Unit test methods for testing Apex Code technologies providing services like customization, Development  Data migration and manipulation using Salesforce tools like Excel and integration solutions and pretty good in client Connector, Data Loader etc communication. Expert in integration of Salesforce CRM with Google Maps, twitter etc.  Used IDE and migration tool for deployment Technology Expertise:  Implemented Customer Portal  Responsible for designing and architecting technical  sites development. solutions for Salesforce projects  Reports and Dashboards  Responsible for creating proposals for new Salesforce  Worked on Validation Rules, Workflow Rules, Sharing projects and performing effort estimation for the same Rules, Approval Processes, Outbound Messages, Time Dependent workflow  Integrated Twitter API in salesforce. Created Social GRC App which identifies, monitors and tracks social  Developed Apps for Client, publically available on Appexchange conversations in real time. Also shown Twitter GEO location on Google map
  • 14. 3rd Floor, Anand Mall, Jail Road, Nasik Road, Nasik Maharashtra 422101 India Ph :- +91-996037137,Email :-