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New technologies in Telco
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New technologies in Telco


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Published in: Technology

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  • in 2000s, the most exciting thing was CRM.Todays most exciting things are BIGDATA and CLOUD. in 2000s, business model generation book is published and innovation theory became a teacheable knowledge in literature! And Innovation will go on to effect all sectors.COST-CUTTING is every time important in our lifes. CLOUD provides 2 advantages and one of them is about decreasing the costs. and BIGDATA needs datasources and combine those datasources you have with the datasources you don’t have.. CLOUD’s other advantage is leveraging those new value-added services. This combination may provide a way to us to define a new WORKING MODELs to increase our incomes. . MOBILTY creates the usage of those services and completes the circle.ALL of them will be done via INTEGRATIONS. to be able to that ORGANIZATIONAL CHANGES are unavoidable.The first vital step is the customer data which creates greate advange for AVEA. If problems in this step, every attempts tend to fail!
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  • Transcript

    • 1. New Technologies and Trends in TelcoRamazan FirinMuzaffer GursoyTansu Daşlı 1
    • 2. Agenda• Big Data• Master Data Management• NoSql & Graph Databases• Cloud 2
    • 3. 1 Correlations COST-CUTTING is every time important in our lifes. CLOUD provides 2 advantages and one of ORGANIZATIONAL CHANGES them is about decreasing the costs. TIME-TO-MARKET and BIGDATA needs datasources andConceptual combine those datasources you havePart COST-CUTTING with the datasources you don’t have.. CLOUD’s other advantage is WORKING MODELS leveraging those new value-added MOBILITY services. This combination may provide a way to us to define a new REGULATIONs INNOVATION WORKING MODELs to increase our incomes. . MOBILTY creates the usage of those services and completes the circle. ALL of them will be done via Billing INTEGRATIONS. to be able to that ORGANIZATIONAL CHANGES are MDM unavoidable.Tecnhology Customer REALTIMEPart Data ANALYSIS CRM BIGDATA CLOUD 2000’s 2015’s * there is a great correlation between that technologies and every step needs the previous one! 3
    • 4. CloudMuzaffer GursoyTansu DaşlıMiddleware/Enterprise Architecture 4
    • 5. 1Why We Need CLOUD?• to decrease our Hardware Costs• to increase usage efficiency of CPU and RAM utilizations and that will decrease also costs.• to decrease integration costs in projects• to serve new services to customers using BIGDATA concepts etc..• to be able to start BIGDATA projects 5
    • 6. Big DataMuzaffer GursoyTansu DaşlıMiddleware/Enterprise Architecture 6
    • 7. 1Why We Need BIGDATA?• to Increase our incomes• to find new ways for our working models• to be the pioneers in telco-sector• to be able to do flexible analysis on data and logs and social media to gain new customers, to prevent churns• to be able to start CLOUD projects 7
    • 8. 2The Roadmap for BIGDATA 1 2 3 • Define your internal • Define new and outside • Change Simple Data your Models Sources Organizatio • Define • Find new ns Strategy Data Sources • Multiplex those data sources * 3 steps are important for BIGDATA transformation. 8
    • 9. Master Data ManagementTansu DaşlıMiddleware/Enterprise Architecture 9
    • 10. 1Why We Need MDM?• Increase Business IT Agility• Decrease Development Time• Decrease Costs• to be able to start BIGDATA projects 10
    • 11. 2Typical Issues in Telco without MDM 11
    • 12. 3Business Benefits Cross & upsell ARPU time to market new offers Revenue Increase Improved customer service Customer retention Enable new channels mailing and return handling Increase EBITDA Fraud and non-payment cost to serve Business costs Cost to develop new offer Campaign execution costs Cost reduction Customer aquisition cost Speed Development Projects IT costs Application retirement Production defect resolution 12
    • 13. 4Increase Business IT AgilityIn ABONE+ projectWhen tariff changes from ‚Fenercell‛ to ‚another tariff‛, Business wants to keep that the customer is fan of ‚FENERBAHÇE‛ .In that case, we know customer’s team and we can keep data for further offers That data has to update in one system and also available to all consumers IT has to provide that capability in 1 week Where do we keep that data? 13
    • 14. 5Decrease development timeTELCO is very distributed environmentIn distributed environments, It is so hard to find where the data is and who is the real owner and also this increases analysis time and development time and bad runtime performance in the projects‛.In that case, Such a system like MDM can provide that capability Synchronizations and data distributions can be provided by MDM 14
    • 15. 6 Why DataWarehouse and CRM are not MDM? Customer Relationship Management “ Effective at managing sales pipelines, tracking contact details, and automating marketing campaigns “ Better at generating raw data than consuming it. “ CRM does not typically centralize all customer data “ CRM applications are considered to be part of a growing collection of legacy applications “ Tends not to be strong in data stewardship, governance, quality, de-duplication Enterprise Data Warehouse “ Not all data warehouses contain all master data “ Master data in the DW may not be reconciled or meaningful “ Data standardization and cleansing typically occur outside the DW platform “ Typically used for analytical purpose; not operationalDWs and CRMs are consumers of master data.MDM makes the data better – resulting in better business outcomes! 15
    • 16. 7Challanges for MDM projects “ ‘it’s an IT project’ “ What is it for? “ Complexity of integration “ Other things are more importantBest practices: “ Business ownership “ Aligned to business strategy “ Quantify the value “ MDM is a journey ” define the roadmap 16
    • 17. NoSQL and Graph DatabasesRamazan FirinMiddleware/Enterprise Architecture 17
    • 18. Agenda• What is NoSQL?• Advantages and Disadvantages• Graph DB• Possible Usage Areas in Telco 18
    • 19. 1Why We Need NoSQL Databases?• Decrease Costs (Faster , cheap and easy to implement)• to be able to support BIGDATA projects 19
    • 20. 2What is NoSQL?NoSQL is newest database technology.Stands for Not Only SQLNon relationalScalability – Vertically - Add more data – Horizontally - Add more storageNo pre-defined schemaNo join operations 20
    • 21. 3Advantages of NoSQLCheap, easy to implementEasy to distributeDont require a schemaEasy scale up and downQuickly process large amounts of dataCan handle web-scale data, whereas Relational DBs cannot 21
    • 22. 4Disadvantages of NoSQLNew and sometimes buggyData is generally duplicated, potential for inconsistencyNo standardized schemaDifficult to implement complicated structuresDepend on the application layer to enforce data integrityNo guarantee of support 22
    • 23. Usage AreaSocial netwoks: Facebook, Twitter..Big data systemsAnalyticsArchivingCachingManaging large streams of non-transactional data: Apache logs etcDocument, catalog management and content management systemsMachine-to-machine communications 23
    • 24. 1 Big Data is new trendNoSql can be used with big data concept. 24
    • 25. 5 Big Data is new trendNoSql can be used with big data contecp 25
    • 26. 6NoSQL Performance 26
    • 27. 7Graph DBGraph database uses graph structures with nodes, edges, and properties to represent and store data. 27
    • 28. 8Graph DB Usage AreaRecommendations Time Series dataBusiness Inteligence Product CatalogueSocial networking Web AnaliticsMDM Scientific ComputingSystem Management Indexing your slow RMDBS 28
    • 29. 9Ne4j Performance relationships-imported-into-neo4j-on-ec2/ 29
    • 30. Possible Usage Areas in Telco 30
    • 31. 10Telco Data ModelEvery customer defines like a node with msisdn.Telco domain can be modelled like a social network.Relation types defines between nodes.Relationtype can be anything: Call duration, sms count etc...All queries will be very fast. No limitation about data size. Msisdn: 555xxxxxxx RelationType-1 RelationType-2 Msisdn:555xxxxx Msisdn:555xxxxx xx xx 31
    • 32. 11Senario 1 ” Customer Spesific Campaign1. Get three friends (or friends of friends ) of customer which called for maximum duration.2. Get friends of friends (or friends of friends ) of customer which is not your customer. 32
    • 33. 12Senario 2 ” Prevent ChurnWhen a customer port out from company, find three friends (or friends of friends )of customer which is talk to customer at most, and offer them a special campaign. 33
    • 34. 13Senario 3 - Get More CustomerWhen a customer port in to yur company, find three friends (or friends of friends )of customer which is talk to customer at most which are not your customer, offer a special campaign to them. 34
    • 35. 14Senario 4 ” Speacial offer for companiesAll communication between company employees can be report. So special campaign can be offered. 35 35R&D /MW Developement
    • 36. Thank you! 36 R&D /MW Developement