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Very basic Vimeo tutorial

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  1. 1. VIMEO Very basic tutorial made by Tatjana Gvozdeva based on Vimeo FAQ: Grundtvig project “Segundas Lenguas y Nuevas Tecnologias” (c) 2013
  2. 2. Register for FREE.For FREE account you can upload : • up to 5 videos at a time as long as they dont exceed your weekly upload quota;500 MB a week (with a max of 10 files per day); • video files up to 500MB each.Help about compression: quota resetsweekly, and your personal reset day can be seen on theright side of the Upload Page, along with how muchspace you have remaining this week.Videos that you upload remain on the site, so you canupload 500 MB of videos this week, and another 500MB next week, and theyll all be there for the watchin.
  3. 3. Register for FREE.For FREE account you canCreate: • 1 group,1 channel, • 3 albums.
  4. 4. Organize your profile.Your profile is your home base.People will go to your profile to see what you look like,your bio, and any other information you feel like sharingabout yourself, whereas your Channel is a videowatching destination that youve created.
  5. 5. CHANNELS
  6. 6. Vimeo ChannelsYour Channel is a place to collectand showcase videos you uploador find on Vimeo.Other people can subscribe toyour Channeland the videos you add will showup in their feed. For create a channel : on the Channels page -click the Create a Channel button at the top of the page.
  7. 7. VimeoChannelsexamplehow it look
  8. 8. VimeoChannelsYou can share your Channelwith friends.On your Channel page - click theShare button. Then enter theemail addresses of your friends ortheir user names on Vimeo.
  9. 9. VimeoChannelsThe Shout Box is a wayfor other Vimeo users to send you aquick message that will show up onyour Channel.You can use the Shout Box to leavea nice comment on someonesChannel, or to let them know abouta video that would be perfect fortheir Channel.
  10. 10. VimeoChannelsHow to find Channels youwould like to follow. ACTIVE CHANNELSYou can search for Channels byusing the search box at the top ofyour screen.Or visit the Channels homepage CATEGORIES featured Channels onVimeo and links to categoriesof different Channels.
  11. 11. VimeoChannelsTo ADD video to yourchannel:click the Add to... button thatappears under the video and selectyour Channel.Who can ADD a video to aChannel:Only moderators and Channelcreators !
  12. 12. VimeoChannelsTo add moderators toyour Channel: click the Settings button onyour Channel page ; follow the instructions in theMembership tab.
  13. 13. VimeoChannelsWho can view your ChannelClick the Settings button and then Membershiptab and select from the following privacy options:Anyone - everyone in the whole world can viewyour channel.Only moderators — only themoderators you have added to your channel canview that channel.Only moderators and the peopleI choose — You can add people to share yourChannel with by clicking the +Add or removepeople link below these options.If you add a private video to a Channel, that videowill become public within that Channel only -adding it to a public Channel means you are givingpermission for that video to be viewed in thisChannel.
  14. 14. VimeoChannelsTo change the name of your Channel,click the Settings button on your Channel page andenter your new Channel Title.Make sure to clickSave Changes at the bottom of the page.
  15. 15. VimeoChannelsVimeo lets you change thetheme, layout, andlogo of your Channel.To change yours, click the Settingsbutton on your Channel page and selectAppearance.You can arrange the order ofvideos! On your Channel page - click theSettings button. From there choose the tablabeled Videos and select the way youd liketo arrange your videos in the drop downmenu next to Always arrange by.If you choose to arrange your videosmanually, you can drag and drop up to 100videos in the order youd like.Dont forget to Save Changes!
  16. 16. VimeoChannelsIf youd like to delete your Channel,go to your Channel homepage and click Settings.Select the Advanced tab and click the Delete thischannel button.
  17. 17. GROUPS The main difference between the CHANNELS and GROUPS is that aGroup is intended for usersto collaborate, share, and discuss videos with other members, while a Channel is intended as a destination to watch videos.
  18. 18. VimeoGroupsare communities and conversations around videosand other things that people like.You can :•create your own Groups;•contribute to the Groups of others.How to start NEW GROUP?Go ‘Watch’-> ‘Groups’ click + Create a GroupThen follow the steps to customize it to your liking.Then - start adding videos to your new Group.
  19. 19. VimeoGroupsHow to Add video toGROUP?When you find any video that would fit foryour Group, click the + Add to...button that appears under thevideoand select your Group.You can add every video to amaximum 10 Groups.How to remove video from Group?Go to the video page of the video you wouldlike to remove and click the "Add to..."button below the video. Uncheck the Groupsyou would like to remove that video from.Or from the Groups video page: click on thered X on the top right of the video.
  20. 20. VimeoGroupsTo change the name of Groupsthat you created or moderate:from your Group page : click the Settings button ; then edit the Group NameClick Save Changes !
  21. 21. VimeoGroupsYou can invite people toyour Group by clicking theInvite button on your Groupshomepage.Then add people by name or emailaddress.
  22. 22. VimeoGroupsTo create a Group Album, openany video within the group, clickthe + Add to... button andclick+ Create a Group Album.’Follow the directions.
  23. 23. VimeoGroupsTo customize your Group: click the Settings button; select the Appearance tab.You can choose a theme of yourliking, upload a custom imageheader, and edit other appearancesettings.
  24. 24. VimeoGroupsHow to delete your Group?If youd like to transfer ownershipto another user, you can do this inyour Group settings from theOwnership tab.Otherwise, to delete your Group, goto the Settings tab and clickdelete this group.Remember, once you delete a Group youcant get it back and its gone forever.
  25. 25. VimeoGroupsHow to find Groups you would liketo follow.Visit the Groups ACTIVE GROUPShomepage:Go ‘Watch’-> ‘Groups’ featured Groupsand links to categories of CATEGORIESdifferent Groups.
  26. 26. VimeoGroupsHow to Join the Group.Clickthe buttonJoin this GroupIf you no longer want to be in aGroup, simply click theLeave group button fromthat Groups homepage.
  27. 27. ALBUMS allow you to organize videos into sets. You can create Albums and add your videos, or other videos across on Vimeo.Albums let you arrange multiple videos so they can be saved, organized, viewed together, and sent to friends as a Watchlist.
  28. 28. VimeoAlbumsHow to create anAlbum ?Go to video and click on the+ Add to... buttonthat appears under your video.Under the Add to Albumscolumn click the link:+ Create an Album.Create a title anddescription for your Album,then just click the videos you wantto add to the Album.Password-protected Albumsenable you to share videos withonly the people you choose.
  29. 29. VimeoAlbumsTo go to your Album:hover mouse over‘Videos’click on ‘My Albums’You can create new Albums fromhere too:+ Create an New Album.
  30. 30. VimeoAlbumsYou can use any of your Albums asa playlist by making it into awidget and embedding it onyour site.1) To create a playlist widget: hover over Tools in the topnavigation bar ; click ‘+More’ ; click Make Widgets.2) From there clickCreate a Hubnut ...
  31. 31. VimeoAlbums3) Customize Your Hubnut:next to Choose a videostream ... select MyAlbums from the top drop downmenu.In the next drop down menuselect your Album.Than customize your Hubnut asyou like ...... and grab the embed codeand embed it on your site
  32. 32. WIDGETSWidgets make it easy to publish or watch Vimeo videos on other web sites. there are 2 widgets on vimeo: HUBNUT and MONTAGE
  33. 33. WidgetsThe Montage creates avisual display of your newestvideos that you can post on othersites.To create a Montage, go click Create a Montage,then choose the number of anewest videos to be displayed andthe layout of your liking.Use the embed code to post iton other sites.
  34. 34. WATCH LATER
  35. 35. WatchLateris a handy way to bookmarkvideos you dont have time towatch right now.When you click the WatchLater button on any Vimeoplayer, it will be added to yourprivate Watch Later album.
  36. 36. FOLLOWING Following is a simple way to keep up with people and activity on Vimeo. When you follow someone or something, you will receive updates on that person or thing in your feed on your homepage. You can follow people, as well as their likes and appearances.You also can follow Channels and tags to find out when a Channel is updated or when a tag that interests you is applied to a new video.
  37. 37. FOLLOWINGTo FOLLOW a person:just click the “follow” button ona person’s profile page, oranywhere else it appears.
  38. 38. FOLLOWINGTo follow the Channelyou like, just click button:FOLLOWIf you want to stop following a Channel, goto that Channel and click thex Unfollow button.
  39. 39. FOLLOWINGWhen you follow someone orsomething, you will receiveupdates on that person or thingin your homepage feed.You can control what appears inyour feed using yourfeed manager: Tools thanhover mouse overclick Feed Manager addition, you’ll be able to sendmessages to the people you follow.When you follow someone, they will receive anotification in their feed.
  40. 40. FOLLOWINGWhom you follow ?Visit the“Following” page, hover mouseover ‘Me’, than click‘Following’.Who followsyou ?On your “Following” page,there is a tab for “Followers.”Click it to see who keeps up withyou.Can you stop following?Yes, you can.It’s called “unfollowing,” and you can doit by going to a person’s profile page andclicking the “Unfollow” button.
  41. 41. FOLLOWINGHow can I find people to follow?Tools-> More-> Find FriendsYou can use Facebook, Twitter, oryour email address book (providedyou use Gmail or Yahoo! Mail) tosearch Vimeo for people youalready know.And when you find your friends,you can follow them right away.
  42. 42. CATEGORIES Categories are a broad catalog of Vimeos content and active communities.Explore Categories to find the videos you like and connect with the people who make them.
  43. 43. Categoriesmake it easy to find the things onVimeo that interest you.Watch -> CategoriesExplore Categories to discovervideos, people, and more,all organized by theme.
  44. 44. CategoriesonChannels and Groups.
  45. 45. CategoriesHow do videos get addedto Categories ?Vimeo Categories are populated byusing your Channels andGroups.If you moderate a Channel orGroup, go :Settings - > Basicand choose categories.Your Channels and Groups can beadded to up to two Categorieseach !
  46. 46. HD is the highest quality form of video available today. higher than standard TV and DVDs. Vimeo presents HD in the 720p format, the same resolution (1280×720) used by major broadcast, cable, and satellite networks. Vimeo HD is true 1280×720, up to 30fps in MP4 media format, aspect ratio - greater than 4:3. To upload - vimeo recommend using the H.264 codec at size 1280×720, bit rate 3000-5000 kbits/sec(optimized for download), key frame every 30 frames (frame reordering on), using whatever frame rate you shot in. For sound, use AAC at 128kbps in stereo. Uploaded HD videos were automatically converted into 720/30p VP6 Flash video. Since August 2010, all videos are encoded into H.264 for HTML5 support.
  47. 47. HDVisit theVimeo HD ChannelWatch - > Categories - > HDstaffpics: watch any of the clipsin full screen mode ...
  48. 48. MUSIC STORE is a place where vimeo users could find music to put in their videos.The Music Store allows you to find music that you can license for use in your videos You can download tracks from Music Store and add them to your videos with your video editing software, or you canautomatically add these tracks to your Vimeo videos with Enhancer.
  49. 49. Music Store How to search music : Create -> Music StoreMusic Search You can search Music by typing in a search bar: a Genre, Tempo, Theme, Mood, or a specific instrument: search bar willautomatically start guessing tags as you type.
  50. 50. Music Store How to search music : For more control, you can apply advanced ‘Advanced Filters’ link : search filters: Click ‘Advanced Filters’ link that appears under the search button to expand the menu. Filter by duration, price range, license type, provider, and vocal type. How do I search for only free tracks?Click theAdvanced Filters link There in options Price range select free tracks.
  51. 51. Music StoreSometracks in Music Store may containprofanity.These tracks will be marked with ared Explicit to the right of thetrack name.If you’d prefer to filteroutexplicit songs from your searchresults, open the AdvancedFilters and turn the SafeSearch toggle to On.
  52. 52. Music StoreThe Vimeo Music Store sourcestracks from Vimeo partners at:•Audiosocket,•FreeMusic Archive,•SmartSound.If you have an account with eithersite, your music should appear inMusic Store when searching theappropriate tags!To contact Free Music Archive, visit: contact Audiosocket, please send anemail tovimeolicensing[at]audiosocke[dot].com.To contact SmartSound, please send an emailto sales[at]smartsound[dot]com.
  53. 53. Music StoreCan youuse free music forcommercial purposes?In most cases, no.Most of the free tracks are subjectto Noncommercial CreativeCommons licenses. These licensesdo not permit commercial use.However, if you’re looking to use an artist’swork commercially, you can contactthe artist via their homepage or FMAprofile.What is aShare Alike license?If you’re using a track that is subject to a Creative Commons Share Alike license,your new work that uses that track must also be made available to the public under the same license.For example, if the track is governed by an Attribution Noncommercial Share Alike license, any video that incorporates the trackmust be licensed to others under the same license.This means that others will be able to adapt your video for noncommercial purposes so long as they provide attribution andlicense any adaptation under the same terms.
  54. 54. Music StoreWhen hovering over a track, astar will appear on the lefthand side over the track number.Pressing this will allow you to add Mythat track to yourSaved Tracks list soyou can find it later!
  55. 55. Music StoreTo download music, clickgreen arrow on the right side -> MyOn theDownloads tab you’llalways be able tore-download tracks you’vedownload or purchased in the past.
  56. 56. MusicStoreRecommendationstab contains a full list of all ofVimeo stafffeatured tracks:”If we like something and think itwould be a good song for someoneto use in their videos, we featureit!”
  57. 57. Music Store Some artistswill require you give them attribution whenusing their songs.You can find out how to give them propercredit by clicking on the tracks title. ClickAttribution info under Aboutthis track, which appears to the right of thetrack.A window will pop up with the text the artistwould like you to add to your videosdescription.You can copy and paste it right inwhen you’re ready! Read about This is that CC for this music music! Attribution information
  58. 58. ENHANCERIn Music Store, the Enhancer lets you automatically add Music Store tracks to the videos youve uploaded on Vimeo!
  59. 59. EnhancerTo access the Enhancer,click the Enhance Videos tabthat appears on the top right handcorner of Music Store,or click ‘Start Enchancing’on the center left side.
  60. 60. EnhancerUnder My Videos you can selectone of your recent uploads, or clickthe magnifying glass icon to search throughyour videos.Once youve found your video, clickon it to select it and hitEnhance.Then click the find the trackbutton, to find the music youd liketo use from Music Store ...
  61. 61. Enhancer... and click the purple EnhanceWith Track button that appearsnext to the Play button.
  62. 62. EnhancerIf the video is longer thanthe track,you can drag the dashed purple barthat appears directly below thepreview to select the portion of thevideo where youd like the track toplay.If the track is longer thanthe video,you can drag the highlighted areathat appears on the audiowaveform to choose the portion ofthe track youd like to use.
  63. 63. EnhancerOn the right side - click on yourchoose film :new window will open with theVolume faders:The volume faders allow youto control the volume levels forboth channels.Once youre ready, you can clickthe Enhance button to do justthat!
  64. 64. EnhancerThe last step for enhancing yourvideo is decidingwhether you want to replaceyour existing video with yournewly enhanced video orupload the newly enhancedvideo as a whole new video.Thats it, your video is nowenhanced!
  65. 65. EnhancerIf you need to purchase a licensefor the track, just follow thedirections.
  67. 67. VIDEOCOMPRESSIONGUIDEFollow these guidelines to createvideo files that will uploadsuccessfully and look beautiful onVimeo.
  69. 69. THAT’s ALL :)