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Williamreedwhisky.ppt Williamreedwhisky.ppt Presentation Transcript

  • A.A. GroupJohnson ChenBrooke ClineNatalie DeHartSamantha FowlerSarita Walker
  • our product:WILLAM REEDWHISKEY
  • U.S.P. UNIQUE SELLING POINT:TargetPosition  flask shaped bottleDataMedia  Aged in cherry barrelsSituation Analysis  Distilled for the last 20 yearsS.W.O.T.Marketing/SalesAdvertising Strat.Questions
  • U.S.P. Target Audience:TargetPosition  MaleDataMedia  Ages 35 to 49Situation Analysis  Income level:S.W.O.T.Marketing/Sales $50,000 to $100,000Advertising Strat. $100,000 to $200,000Questions
  • U.S.P. Psychographics:TargetPosition  Tradition personality/DataMedia morals/values in terms ofSituation Analysis alcohol consumptionS.W.O.T.Marketing/Sales  Disposable incomeAdvertising Strat.  Drinks socially to relaxQuestions [business-type events]  Sophisticated maturity
  • U.S.P. Geographic:TargetPosition  Nationwide, butDataMedia with concentration on metropolitanSituation AnalysisS.W.O.T. areas.Marketing/SalesAdvertising Strat.Questions
  • U.S.P. Positioning:TargetPosition  Emphasize the unique way thatDataMedia this whiskey is made; that sets itSituation Analysis apart from the competition.S.W.O.T.Marketing/SalesAdvertising Strat.Questions
  • General perception and whatU.S.P.Target makes it uniquePosition  Positive- that it’s a new whiskey/DataMedia modernSituation Analysis  Negative-don’t know if it’s good,S.W.O.T.Marketing/Sales not establishedAdvertising Strat.Questions
  • How likely are people to buy it?U.S.P.TargetPositionDataMediaSituation AnalysisS.W.O.T.Marketing/SalesAdvertising Strat.Questions
  • U.S.P. Media Usage:TargetPosition Television- ESPN, Fox, CNN, CSPAN, and other news and sports relatedData programming.Media Web-Situation Analysis www.espn.go.com, www.linkedin.com, www.cnn.com, www.gq.com,S.W.O.T. www.mensjournal.com, www.wallstreetjournal.com, www.playboy.com, www.penthouse.com and other men related websites.Marketing/SalesAdvertising Strat. Magazines- Mens Journal, Wall Street Journal, GQ, Playboy, Sports Illustrated and otherQuestions sport, news, financial, and mens interest magazines. Billboards- In large metropolitan cities such as NY, LA, Chicago, Dallas, San Francisco, etc
  • U.S.P. Situation Analysis:TargetPosition  Right now, the brand is not knownDataMedia to the target audience, and theySituation Analysis would like to buy from establishedS.W.O.T. whiskey brands.Marketing/SalesAdvertising Strat.  Environmental: recyclableQuestions  Economic: not too bad  Social: not a problem
  • U.S.P. S.W.O.T.:TargetPosition  Strength:  Opportunities:DataMedia totally new brand create a new with the three brand image to aSituation Analysis U.S.P. lower target.S.W.O.T.Marketing/Sales  Weakness:  Threats:Advertising Strat. not an established brand loyalty toQuestions brand/is unknown. other whiskeys/ other alcohol like beer and vodka.
  • U.S.P. Marketing/Sales Objectives:TargetPosition  4 PsDataMedia  Product: WhiskeySituation Analysis  Price: $40-$50S.W.O.T.Marketing/Sales  Promotion: Print Ads in businessAdvertising Strat. male magazines & word of mouthQuestions  Place: Liquor stores, Bars, Night Clubs, and Grocery Stores
  • U.S.P. Advertising Strategy:TargetPosition  Bring brand awareness to theDataMedia country through IntegratedSituation Analysis Marketing communications withS.W.O.T. mediums such as television, print,Marketing/SalesAdvertising Strat. and digital. With that, we hope to break into the whiskey market share and slowly gain brand equity.Questions
  • Thank you for your timeARE THERE ANY QUESTIONS?