WENA initiatives. Bigger Picture


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WENA initiatives. Bigger Picture

  3. 3. WHYIGIP IN IT AND OGCDP?• Focus programs for most of WENA countries• We implement similar strategies alone• iGIP in IT is in top 3 backgrounds in WENA• Performance in iGIP IT is lower than potential• Big goals on Summer peak in oGCDP• WENA is 3rd region in Q1 performance globally
  4. 4. WHY?GIP TN REALIZED Q1 20134612582402053922050100150200250300350400450500Asia Pacific Central andEastern EuropeWestern Europeand NorthAmericaIberoamerica Middle East andNorth AfricaAfrica2013, Q12012, Q12011, Q1
  5. 5. WHY?GCDP EP REALIZED Q1 201305001000150020002500Asia Pacific Iberoamerica Western Europeand NorthAmericaCentral andEastern EuropeMiddle East andNorth AfricaAfrica2013, Q12012, Q12011, Q1
  6. 6. WHY IT?IGIP WENA 2012: SUB-PRODUCTS0100200300400500600700800900BusinessAdministrationMarketing InformationTechnologyAccounting Finance Economics HumanResourcesRE RA
  7. 7. EXAMPLE:NORDIC COOPERATIONoGCDP: Africa•Common Framework•Common Country Partnerships•Centralized matching•Competition: OGX WarsiGIP: IT (150 RE)•Nordic Killer Weeks•Common TN Promotion, search tool•IT test partnership (Finland)•GCP sharing•Nordic Sales SummitGeneral•Nordic Strategic Meeting•Facebook Groups•GCP sharing
  8. 8. EXAMPLE:NORDIC COOPERATIONRelative Growth 12-13:oGCDP iGIPRaising 9% 29%Matching 44% 46%Realization 57% 45%
  9. 9. WHY?• Similar external environment & history• Common focuses• Believe together we achieve:• sharing GCPs• sharing materials• coordinate in matching• competition
  10. 10. SUPPORT FROMREGION• Knowledge Mngt:• sharing docs, structures, timelinesinside WENA• Supply & Demand Mngt• Matching Manias, regional searchtools,cooperation with other regions• Competition• in Ra-Ma-Re growth in iGIP IT andoGCDP between WENA countries
  11. 11. TIMELINEiGIP IT and oGCDP InitiativesSteps 1 2 3 4 5 1 2 3 4Wiki TaniaTimeline of oGCDP recruitments MC VPs/ManagersTeam structure for oGCDP recruitment/matching MC VPs/ManagersTeam structure for iGIP IT raising/matching MC VPs/ManagersiGIP IT Proposals MC VPs/ManagersPromotion documents MC VPs/ManagersDocuments for education in iGIP IT MC VPs/ManagersDocuments for education in oGCDP MC VPs/ManagersiGIP IT - Searchtool of WENA TNs and CEE EPs Tania and MikeyoGCDP - Searchtool of WENA EPs and CEE TNs Tania and MikeyoGCDP - Searchtool of WENA EPs and MENA TNs TaniaiGIP IT - Matching Mania with CEE Tania and Mikey + MC VPs/ManagersoGCDP - Matching Mania with CEE Tania and Mikey + MC VPs/ManagersoGCDP - Matching Mania with MENA Tania + MC VPs/ManagersCampaign Development Tania + MC VPs/ManagersCampaign Promotion Tania + MC VPs/ManagersCampaign Duration Tania + MC VPs/ManagersMay JuneSupply & Demand ManagementKnowledge Mngt:Campaign: final sprint iGIP IT+oGCDPResponsible
  12. 12. KNOWLEDGE MNGTiGIP IT and oGCDP InitiativesSteps 1 2 3 4 5 1 2 3 4Knowledge Mngt:WikiTimeline of oGCDP recruitmentsTeam structure for oGCDP recruitment/matchingTeam structure for iGIP IT raising/matchingiGIP IT ProposalsPromotion documentsDocuments for education in iGIP ITDocuments for education in oGCDPMay June• Other documents? Database of companies for iGIP IT, referrals,recommendations from companies for AIESEC.• Preferred deadline for sharing? End of May
  13. 13. SUPPLY AND DEMANDMNGT• Deadline for searchtools?• CEE for iGIP and CEE and MENA for oGCDP? More regions for oGCDP. ForiGIP IT Matching Manias are better according to sub-products, not regions• Dates for Matching Manias? iGIP: beginning of JuneoGCDP: end of MayiGIP IT and oGCDP InitiativesSteps 1 2 3 4 5 1 2 3 4Supply & Demand ManagementiGIP IT - Searchtool of WENA TNs and CEE EPsoGCDP - Searchtool of WENA EPs and CEE TNsoGCDP - Searchtool of WENA EPs and MENA TNsiGIP IT - Matching Mania with CEEoGCDP - Matching Mania with CEEoGCDP - Matching Mania with MENAMay June
  14. 14. COUNTRY 2 COUNTRY REALIZATIONSOGCDP WENA 201212956565845102781720200400600800100012001400AP IGN Africa CEE MENA WENATop Partners1 INDIA 4592 BRAZIL 3213 MAINLAND CHINA 2604 EGYPT 1745 COLOMBIA 1556 KENYA 1427 INDONESIA 1358 VIETNAM 1219 MALAYSIA 10010 HUNGARY 96
  15. 15. COUNTRY 2 COUNTRY REALIZATIONSIGIP WENA 20124093701931266825050100150200250300350400450CEE WENA IGN AP MENA AfricaTop Partners1 BRAZIL 1002 POLAND 823 ROMANIA 594 UNITED STATES 515 TURKEY 496 MAINLAND CHINA 457 GERMANY 438 TUNISIA 379 INDIA 3610 HUNGARY 35
  16. 16. CAMPAIGN• Recognition? MCs and LCs for oGCDP and iGIP IT seperately• Results prediction by LCs? Yes, to give higher points for achieved plans• Points? Relative and absolute growth (Ra-Ma-Re in iGIP IT and Ma-Re inoGCDP), achieved prediction• Deadlines? Duration: June 2013• Promotion? End of MayiGIP IT and oGCDP InitiativesSteps 1 2 3 4 5 1 2 3 4Campaign: final sprint iGIP IT+oGCDPCampaign DevelopmentCampaign PromotionCampaign DurationMay June
  17. 17. RESPONSIBILITIESMain responsibility – Tania, WENA Coordinator• Creation of Wikis for Knowledge Mngt and competition• Creation of searchtool• Holding Matching Manias• Additional WENA newsletter about competition at the end of May• Weekly tracking on points of competitionOther responsibilities – Support Team for regional initiatives• 4-6 MC VPs - Promotion of Matching Manias:Olga Mavi, Eirini Charis• 4-6 MC VPs - Chairing segments of Matching Mania:Hayk Mkrtchyan• 2-3 MC VPs - Competition development and promotionOlga Mavi, Hayk Mkrtchyan• All - Uploading documents on wikis for KM• All - Putting TN/EP forms into searchtool• All – promotion of competition inside one’s country and active participation
  18. 18. NEXT STEPSsharing documents on Wikisfilling EPs/TNs in searchtoolspromotion and participation in Matching Maniaspromotion and participation in campaign