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The Social Business Club® is an international network forum for professionals with an interest in innovative and sustainable (business) practices that create economic and social value.

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The Social Business Club

  1. 1. Welcome   Welcome  to     The  Social  Business  Club®       Social  Business  Club®  helps  you  exchange   The   more  and  learn  more,  so  you  can  do  be:er  for   yourself  a y   society  nd  for  he  our  business  –  for  the  benefit   of   and  t bo:om  line.   Exchange  more  I  Learn  more  I  Do  be1er  
  2. 2. About  the  Club   Welcome New  6mes  create  new  needs.  And  new  needs  require     new  solu6ons.       The  Social  Business  Club®  is  for  you,  who  wants  inspira6on,  new  ideas  and  an  extended   network  with  others  who  work  with  –  or  have  an  interest  in  –  themes  such  as  CSR,   social  entrepreneurship,  (corporate)  social  innova6on,  employee  volunteering  and   other  business-­‐related  themes  that  build  on  the  values  of  ethics,  responsibility,   sustainability  and  meaning.     In  short,  The  Social  Business  Club®  is     for  professionals,  who  want  to     develop  innova6ve  and  sustainable     (business)  prac6ces  that  create     both  economic  and  social  value.      
  3. 3. What  we  believe  in…   Our social business credo The  world  is  changing  –  and  so     are  companies.  Because  when   society’s  needs  change,  business   must  adapt.     We  believe  that  sustainable   business  prac6ces     will  secure  compe66veness,     long-­‐term  growth  and  business   success  as  well  as  the  well-­‐being  of     people  and  planet.     That’s  why  all  our  ac6vi6es  in     The  Social  Business  Club®  are     united  around  the  mindset  and   business  approach  as  described  in   The  New  Pioneers  Manifest.       The  New  Pioneers  is  the  Ctle  of  Tania  Ellis’  internaConally  acclaimed,  which  is  listed  on  Cambridge’s  Top  40     Sustainability  Books  with  endorsements  from,  among  others,  Klaus  Schwab,  founder  of  World  Economic  Forum.  
  4. 4. The  Social  Business  Club  community   Our members The  New  Pioneers  mindset   is  not  limited  to  a  specific   sector,  industry  or  company   size.       That’s  why  our  members   represent  a  diverse  group  of   entrepreneurs,  execu6ve   directors,  VPs  and  managers     from  the  business,  public   and  NGO  sector.     They  work  within  disciplines   such  as  CSR/sustainability,   public  affairs,  branding  and   communica6on,  HR,   business  development  and   innova6on.  
  5. 5. Member  intro  video   Meet some of our members Watch  video  on  the  next  page  or  at  
  6. 6. Membership  levels  &  features   Basic, BasicPlus, Premium member? Be  a  New  Pioneer  –  join  The  Social  Business  Club®   Select  the  membership  category  that  matches  your  needs  the  best.       Basic   Basic   §  Access  to  online  network     of  1000+  professionals   §  Special  entry  rate  &  invita6ons   to  miniconferences     §  4  x  newsle1ers           Free  membership   Plus   §  Access  to  online  network     of  1000+  professionals   Premium   §  Access  to  online  network     of  1000+  professionals   §  Free  2  x  miniconferences     §  Free  2  x  miniconferences     •  Access  to  Social  Business  Stock   Exchange  forum  &  sessions   §  1  x  half-­‐day  4Cs  workshop  incl.   free  copy  of  The  New  Pioneers   •  Special  profile  feature  in  our   membership  sec6on       §  Special  profile  feature  in  our   membership  sec6on     §  4  x  newsle1ers     §  Special  offers  on  TSBC  services     •  4  x  newsle1ers   §  5  x  Club  Circle  sessions  incl.     free  copy  of  The  New  Pioneers       §  5  free  consul6ng  hours     §  Special  offers  on  TSBC  services   Open  membership     Exclusive  membership*     *Premium  memberships  require  a  personal  invita6on,  a  recommenda6on  from  another  Premium  Club  member,  or  a  request  for  applica6on.   Premium  memberships  are  currently  available  in  Denmark  and  Norway  only   Asses comp     Featu catalo  
  7. 7. All  Club  members   Online network Want  to  exchange  ideas  and   knowledge  with  a  diverse  group   of  members  from  a  wide  range   of  sectors,  industries  and   professions  from  around  the   world?       Our  online  forum  gives  you   access  to  our  diverse  and   interna6onal  online  network  of   over  1000  professionals  from     all  over  the  world  –  from   Scandinavia  to  South  Africa.       Basic  membership  is  free  -­‐  all   you  need  is  a  LinkedIn  profile  to   get  started!  
  8. 8. For  all  Club  members   Miniconferences The  Social  Business  Club  hosts   bi-­‐annual  miniconferences.       Here  you  have  the  opportunity   to  meet,  network  and  learn   more  about  a  sustainability  and   social  business-­‐related  theme.     You  will  hear  the  stories  and   real-­‐life  experiences  from  three   prac66oners  in  the  field.      –  And  our  networking  sessions   will  guarantee  you  an  expanded   network  of  at  least  three  new   interes6ng  people!   BasicPlus  and  Premium  members  have  free  minconference  access.  
  9. 9. BasicPlus  members  only     4Cs workshop With  our  ½  day  workshop   BasicPlus  members  get  a   comprehensive  overview  of  the   four  cornerstones  (4Cs)  for   pujng  corporate  sustainability   and  responsibility  into  the  heart   of  your  business  and  organiza6on.     You  also  get  your  own  personal   copy  of  our  interna6onally   acclaimed  book,  “The  New   Pioneers  –  Sustainable  business   success  through  social     innova6on  and  social   entrepreneurship”.        
  10. 10. Premium  members  only   Social Business Stock Exchange The  Social  Business  Stock   Exchange  is  our  exclusive  online   forum  for  Premium  members.   Here  you  can  share,  follow  and   rate  ac6ons,  ideas  and  inputs.     Our  bi-­‐annual  miniconferences   also  include  an  exclusive  real-­‐life   Social  Business  Stock  Exchange   session.     Here  Premium  members  can  pitch   new  social  business  ideas  or  get   sparring  on  current  challenges   from  other  members.  It  may  even   lead  to  new  partnerships!  
  11. 11. Premium  members  only   Club Circles – 5 sessions OpCon  A  –  Overall  introducCon  to  the  4Cs  of  sustainable  business  success     1.     Intro  &   Planning   2.     Clear   Purpose     3.            Corporate        Engagement   4.          Collabora6ve            Co-­‐crea6on       5.                        Clear     Communica6on   Our  Club  Circles  have  been  designed  to   help  you  put  corporate  sustainability   and  responsibility  into  the  heart  of   your  business  and  organiza6on.       That’s  why  the  sessions  are  organized   around  the  four  essen6al  cornerstones   of  sustainable  business  success:     Clear  Purpose  –  vision,  values,  business   strategy  and  objec6ves  linked  to  CSR   and  sustainable  business  models.     Corporate  Engagement  –  leadership,   employee  engagement  and  training.     OpCon  B  –  Specialized  sessions  with  in-­‐depth  focus  on  one  of  the  4Cs   1.     Intro  &   Planning   2.     Theme  A     3.                  Theme  B   4.                  Theme  C   5.                  Theme  D   CollaboraCve  Co-­‐creaCon  –  shared   value  partnerships,  product/service   innova6on,  supply  chain  mgmt  ver  2.0.     Clear  CommunicaCon  –  repor6ng,   social  media,  stakeholder  engagement,   external  and  internal  communica6on.     Club  Circle  members  are  carefully  screened  and  selected  to  ensure  compaCbility  and  to  avoid  conflicts  of  interest.  
  12. 12. Premium  members  only   Club Circles – 5 sessions (4 hrs) 1.     Intro  &   Planning   2.     Clear   Purpose   3.            Corporate        Engagement   4.          Collabora6ve            Co-­‐crea6on       IntroducCon  of  your  professional  background  &   company  profile;  choice  of  themes  for  the   following  four  meeCngs.   How  do  you  build  CSR  into  your  strategic  business   planning  so  it  becomes  value-­‐adding,  into  to   sustainable  business  models  &  focus  areas.   How  do  you  design  employee  programmes  that   engage  and  moCvate,  so  your  CSR  efforts  become   a  strong,  integrated  effort.   How  do  you  establish  shared  value  partnerships   with  key  stakeholders,  incl.  corporate  social   innovaCon  and  supply  chain  management  ver  2.0.   Each  Club  Circle  session  includes  an   overview  of  key  trends  &  tools,  an   expert  contribu6on  or  a  member   presenta6on  of  a  case  or  challenge.     With  the  Club  Circle  sessions  we   provide  you  with  an  exclusive,   confiden6al  and  inspira6onal     work  space  to  share  today’s   knowledge,  tomorrow’s  visions  as   well  as  insights  on  the  “how-­‐to’s”     of  business  unusual.     5.                        Clear     Communica6on   How  do  you  apply  intelligent  communicaCon  –   internally  and  externally  –  in  a  transparent,   authenCc  and  interacCve  way.   Club  Circle  members  are  carefully  screened  and  selected  to  ensure  compaCbility  and  to  avoid  conflicts  of  interest.   Here  you  can  talk,  listen,  reflect     and  learn  –  so  you  can  take     informed  ac6on!  
  13. 13. Premium  members  only   Your Club Circle benefits Upgrade  your     know-­‐how  with  new   fresh  insights    &  cases     Presenta<ons     from  experts     &  prac<<oners   Share     your  business     efforts  &  challenges     Confiden<al     sparring  from   competent   members   Overview  of  key   trends,  tools  and   best  prac<ces   5  hours  of  free   individual   sparrring  with  our   consultant   Professional   mee<ng     facilita<on   Mee<ng  themes   chosen  by  the     Circle  members     Expand  your     network  of   New  Pioneers   Premium Plus Club Circles Exchange more Learn more Do better Special  offers     &  discounts  incl.     free  copy  of  TNP  
  14. 14. Meet  some  of  our  members   What our members say…
  15. 15. BasicPlus  membership  fees                                                                                                                                        membership     Membership   categories         SMALL   MEDIUM   LARGE         Start-­‐ups  &  entrepreneurs    (1-­‐3  year  old  companies)     Annual  fee     Terms  &  Condi6ons       Ver  01.14   Companies  &  organiza6ons   1-­‐500  employees   Companies  &  organiza6ons   500+  employees         €  335   (2,500  NOK/DKK)     +  VAT   €  875   (6,500  NOK/DKK)     +  VAT     €  1150   (8,500  NOK/DKK)     +  VAT   Membership  is  personal  and  non-­‐refundable.  If  you  for  any  reason  are  prevented  to  u6lize  your   membership,  you  are  welcome  to  transfer  your  membership  to  a  colleague.  Just  let  us  know,  so  we   can  update  our  membership  lists  accordingly.  Your  BasicPlus  membership  is  valid  12  months  star6ng   from  the  month  of  the  4Cs  workshop.              
  16. 16. Premium  membership  fees                                                membership  (incl.  Club  Circles)       Membership   categories     SMALL     MEDIUM       LARGE     Start-­‐ups  &  entrepreneurs    (1-­‐3  year  old  companies)   Companies  &  organiza6ons   1-­‐500  employees   Companies  &  organiza6ons   500+  employees     Annual  fee   €  1,140     (8,500  NOK/DKK)   +  VAT   €  2,650   (19,500  NOK/DKK)   +  VAT   €  3,300   (24,500  NOK/DKK)   +  VAT       Remarks   Fee  can  be  paid    in  rates  of     2  (bi-­‐annually)  or  4  (quarterly)       By  adding  an  extra  5000   NOK/DKK  to  your  fee,  you   can  become  a  “Give  &   Grow”  sponsor  of  one  of  our   entrepreneurial  start-­‐ups  of   your  own  choice.           By  adding  an  extra  5000   NOK/DKK  to  your  fee,  you   can  become  a  “Give  &   Grow”  sponsor  of  one  of   our  entrepreneurial  start-­‐ ups  of  your  own  choice.       Terms  &   Condi6ons       Membership  is  personal  and  non-­‐refundable.  If  you  for  any  reason  are  prevented  to  u6lize  your   membership,  you  are  welcome  to  transfer  your  membership  to  a  colleague.  Just  let  us  know,  so  we  can   update  our  membership  lists  accordingly.  Your  Premium  membership  (incl.  your  5  free  consul6ng   hours)  is  valid  12  months  star6ng  from  the  month  of  the  first  Circle  mee6ng.             A  part  of  our  company  mission  is  about  contribu6ng  to  a  culture,  where  you  give  while  you  grow.  So  if   you’re  an  upcoming  entrepreneur  or  a  passionate  professional  in-­‐between  jobs,  you  can  apply  for  a   free  or  sponsored  “Give  &  Grow”  Premium  membership.  Just  e-­‐mail  us  via  our  contact  page,  where  you   shortly  introduce  yourself  and  the  reason  why  you  want  to  become  a  member.   Premium  memberships  are  currently  available  in  Denmark  and  Norway  only   Ver  01.14            
  17. 17. Want  to  learn  more?       If  you  have  ques6ons  about  the   club,  the  membership  categories   or  features,  please  feel  free  to   contact  us  for  more  informa6on   on  how  a  membership  of  The   Social  Business  Club®  may  add   value  to  your  specific  business   needs.       You  can  also  find  more   informa6on  at    
  18. 18. Club  intro  video   Learn more about the Club here Watch  video  on  the  next  page  or  at  
  19. 19. Contact us DENMARK  &  INTERNATIONAL   Tania  Ellis   Managing  Director   Office:  +45  3214  2295   Mail:     NORWAY   Kia  Luise  Klavenes   Managing  Partner  Norway Office:  +47  970  26  850     Mail:         TANIA  ELLIS  -­‐  The  Social  Business  Company®   We  inspire  and  help  companies  put  social  business   trends  and  strategies  into  words  and  ac6on  with  our:   Social  Business  Consul<ng   Social  Business  Labs   Social  Business  Speaking   Social  Business  Club