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Red Rover Software

  1. 1. You’ve probably noticed, some things have changed about college students.
  2. 2. But there’s good news:
  3. 3. Students are human. > ill st (They just do a lot of stuff online.)
  4. 4. They Need Comfort > still ARE YOU NOT :) LONE A Comfort
  5. 5. They Need Connection > still Hi! I’m new. Awesome, Connection join our team! Comfort
  6. 6. They Need Contribution > still Here, let me help. Contribution Thanks! Connection Comfort
  7. 7. They Need the Same Things > still (They just look for them online.)
  8. 8. They Need the Same Things > still (And it doesn’t work that well.)
  9. 9. Their Current Approach:
  10. 10. Comfort: Find People Like You { Freshmen try to connect with other new students via Facebook groups, but group walls are full of questions and few answers.
  11. 11. Connection: Join the College Community { Activities Act ubs ivit t Cl ies den ities u StActiv Activities Spo r ts Activitie s rts Spo Students often can't make sense of their institution’s many websites, and information is difficult to keep up to date.
  12. 12. Contribution: Give to the Community There is no central place to share with the college community, so the best work is lost online or buried in private class forums.
  13. 13. Schools Want Students to Succeed Your EDU Contribution Connection Comfort
  14. 14. but Contrib ution 25% of students will drop out in their first year.* Contribution Connection Connection Comfort *According to American College Testing
  15. 15. “The major cause of student attrition [is] the inability of students to make the transition to college and become incorporated into the institution's ongoing social and intellectual life.” -Dr. Vincent Tinto, Leaving College: Rethinking the Causes and Cures of Student Attrition. Second Edition. hello?
  16. 16. We can do better. (With a new web tool and the necessary support.)
  17. 17. Your EDU A Single Web Based Tool: Helping students 1. Find people like them 2. Create and join groups 3. Contribute to the college community Contribution And helping colleges 4. Track, assess, advise and Connection support the process Comfort
  18. 18. Comfort: Find People Like You 2 minutes to sign up See interest matches (in year, major, and residence hall)
  19. 19. Connection: Join the College Community Receive recommendations for student groups (based on matching interests) Join groups with one click (clubs recruit automatically)
  20. 20. Contribution: Give to the Community Class College Club/ Org Major e.g. College 101 Automatically share content you create online with any of your groups or with the entire college
  21. 21. Assessment: Support and Advise A live dashboard shows student activity and highlights support needs.
  22. 22. Training: An Integrated Solution Students Campus-wide lecture on safe and effective use of online tools. Student Leaders Workshop on increasing engagement by using technology to recruit and organize Staff and Faculty Dashboard training and a technology education curriculum for First Year Experience courses Result: Increased Support, Retention, and Success
  23. 23. Timeline: Your College with Red Rover Students: • Share their online content • Meet peers in their • Find and join groups • Find campus mentors • Contribute to community major and residence hall College: • Facilitate connections • Assess and encourage • Teach effective use of tools • Measure interaction • Create community culture student leaders
  24. 24. Your EDU Contribution Connection Comfort
  25. 25. The 2009 software will be made available to a few select colleges. To discuss participation in either the free software or an integrated package of training and software, please email