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Capsiplex pro slimming

Capsiplex pro slimming



2011 - capsiplex pro slimming

2011 - capsiplex pro slimming



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    Capsiplex pro slimming Capsiplex pro slimming Document Transcript

    • Capsiplex ReviewIntroductionCapsiplex is the latest new slimming pill to hit the market, which features a Hollywood linup of celebritysuccess stories.Capsiplex is features a formulation of chili and capsicum –and its makers claim this new slimming pill canburn as many calories as 80 minutes of walking or jogging for 25 minutes.Clinical trials at the University of Oklahoma has shown adults taking Capsiplex burned off 278 more caloriesbefore, during and after a bout of exercise than those on placebos.The Capsiplex PR has included celebrity and Hollywood stars Jennifer Lopez, Brad Pitt and Britney Spearsin their marketing material, stating that they have been using Capsiplex to help them lose weight. Not onlyhave they got some great results from taking Capsiplex, but many across the UK are chiming in aboutweight loss within weeks of trying out.Miracle pill or new diet fad?We are always sceptical about new weight loss products promising huge weight loss benefits. But we havefollowed Capsiplex closely since its launch in January, and are happy to say that after receiving over 70testimonials from Capsiplex Customers its a resounding success!We are always a bit dubious of new “miracle” diet products, especially when it concerns a new slimming pillwith little or no previous coverage. Thankfully this is not the case with Capsiplex! We tried out Capsiplexfor a few weeks and I lost 1kg without altering my fitness routine or diet, so I can stronglyrecommend it on a personal level too. ---> click here for YOUR OWN CAPSIPLEX <---
    • Capsiplex was also trialled last year under the Capsimax brand, which explains why we couldn’t findanything before!Also it will be interesting to see how the makers have overcome the fact that capsicum extract is unbearablyhot and would cause irritation if eaten in large quantities.Where To Best Buy Capsiplex?For the real deal, and the best prices make sure you buy Capsiplex direct from the official website herewww.capsiplex.com223 Customer Reviews from “slimmingpillsreviewed.co.uk”Review Capsiplex by Gillian, December 28, 2009I just read the news of this on the Daily Mail this morning, and I’m really sceptical aboutthis. But who knows, maybe it does work – I’m looking forward to people posting theirresults!Review Capsiplex by Brett, December 28, 2009Are you kidding? Losing weight whilst you sit down? If this was true I would jump at theopportunity, but back here on planet earth I’ll wait until I see some proof.Review Capsiplex by kasia, December 28, 2009I’m really excited about this, from what the Daily Mail say, this would really help shiftweight!!! ---> click here for YOUR OWN CAPSIPLEX <---
    • Review Capsiplex by jen, December 28, 2009Why not just cut your food intake by 278 cals, then you save the money you would’vespent on food instead of wasting £30? Just my 2 cents..Review Capsiplex by Garry, December 28, 2009Does that mean I can lose weight by eating more curries and spicy foods!?Review Capsiplex by Emma, December 28, 2009I think this would be great if it really worked, who’s going to be the first guinney pig!Review Capsiplex by Gemma, December 28, 2009At last, something to help me burn all that food I tucked into this Xmas I guess if youdon’t try you won’t knowReview Capsiplex by Bill S, December 28, 2009I’ve been happy with the Acai Berry supplements, they seem to help burn off the calories.Chilli based supplements? What will they think of next!!!Review Capsiplex by ian, December 28, 2009Overall Rating Effectiveness Guarantee PriceWhilst living in USA used this product for several months, where it is cheaper by the way$24.99 US. I first tried the product on it’s own with no calorific reduction, I lost around1lb a week. I then tried it with a reduction of around 350 calories a day (1/2 bottle ofwine rather than full one) and lost 3-4 lb a week. This slowed a little after the first sixweeks, but still lost 4 stones in 8 months…. Even using it on it’s own it should in theorybe possible to lose at least a couple of stones in a year.Review Capsiplex by Dave, December 28, 2009Amazing product, really happy with results over last monthReview Capsiplex by Carolee, December 28, 2009I have put on 2.5 kilos in one week over Christmas. Nothing fits and I have been jogging!I have just ordered 2 bottles of capsicum. As soon as they arrive I will do a daily weighin.Review Capsiplex by diana, December 28, 2009Why is everything such a rip off in the UK?Priced at $24.99 USD = £15.72, but on sale here for £24.99 !!!!!Certainltydoes peel off the pounds – Sterling that is !Review Capsiplex by gary, December 28, 2009Ian, where in the USA can you get Capsiplex for $24.99 US? Is it sold under a differentname? Would definitely be interested in trying it out for a month!
    • ---> click here for YOUR OWN CAPSIPLEX <---Review Capsiplex by diana, December 28, 2009Sorry correction – its actually £29.99 in the UK- – not £24.99, so that’s even worse- butagain only 20.8 Euros which is about £18.90 in Italy.So much for equality in the EU eh ?-Review Capsiplex by pam, December 28, 2009just purchased ,happy to lose a little .heres hoping!Review Capsiplex by billa, December 29, 2009is this tab available in india. whats the price…Review Capsiplex by Dasharath Goud, December 29, 2009Its really good one.let’s wait for some more time till we get some feed back from anyother users.Review Capsiplex by Murad, December 29, 2009Despite the ludicrus rip off price in the UK compared to the US and even Italy I have justordered this. Even the delivery is another 4.50 (including VAT). I’m willing to paybecuase I’m deperate to lose some weight for 2010 start. Website says 4-5 days deliverybut once paid the confirmation email says 10 – 14 days deliver… So not a great start forthis companies claims. Here hoping the weight loss claim is more accurate. Will try tokeep you posted. CheersReview Capsiplex by Mike, December 29, 2009been using for the past 4 days a definately see and feel a difference, energy levels aremuch higher, long may it continue!Review Capsiplex by Maggie, December 30, 2009Dave, where in the US can you purchase CAPSIPLEX. Please respond as I live in CA Ihave got to think there is somewhere in my state.Review Capsiplex by ian, January 8, 2010Capsimax is a different brand name, look here for report:http://www.npicenter.com/anm/templates/newsATemp.aspx?articleid=24934&zoneid=26This is available in the USA, don’t know about Europe. There is another make I used, Iwill post this as soon as I remember the name..Review Capsiplex by ian, January 8, 2010
    • Forgot to mention, Capsicum is the posh name for Cayenne pepper, if you like hot food, ---> click here for YOUR OWN CAPSIPLEX <---the dosage in Capsiplex according to my calculations is around two teaspoons a day. ifyou can cope with hot food, adding cayenne to your food as well as chilli peppers shoulddo a similar job, beware it can irritate the digestive tract if you take to much. I personallycan’t eat hot foods, so I used the tablets.IanReview Capsiplex by gazza, January 16, 2010the quicker you lose weight, the faster you will put it on once this stuff fast becomesrecognised as a placebo….fact of life, eat less/sensibly, do more(physically) = fat loss, increased energy levels……..once you start to think you lose weight, you think and eat healthier.want a cheap tip?drink 3/4 pint water prior to every meal. that didn’t cost you anything.dont waste your moneyg.s.bush. pfr. scs. hon nutritionEDITOR’S COMMENT:Thats true, there are many ways to stay healthy and lose weight without supplements, butdepending on your metabolism, current weight / situation / exercise level / work type /time available many are finding that investing in a clinically proven weight losssupplemement helps them cut down the time and effort needed to lose weight, and keep itoff.Review Capsiplex by Trustyruss, January 20, 2010I just bought 3 bottles………….and have lost 70 pounds already !!! lolI will post in 1 or 2 weeks, I am on Atkins as well, so we will see if this kicks in big time,I will also be cycling 3 x 30 min, I am 16 st 6 lb at the mo……………….EDITOR COMMENT:You have lost 70 lbs already? Sounds difficult to believe can you explain the timeframe,and your original weight?Review Capsiplex by stephanie, January 21, 2010Got my capsiplex on monday and so far i have lost 1 lb so REALLY HAPPY just another20 lbs to go lol. will keep posting my weight loss results! X
    • Review Capsiplex by Lisa, January 21, 2010Ok. It arrived in the post (recorded delivery) this morning, the first thing I would like to ---> click here for YOUR OWN CAPSIPLEX <---say that to date, Capsiplex the company have performed very well with purchase, emailupdates and delivery bang on schedule so well done for that. Took my first tablet withbreakfast and water at 8am, non workout day today. Now 10pm and have had a “hotspicy” sensation on my tongue all day and been rather thirsty. I would like to lose 6lboverall and my will power is useless so am relying totally on this product. I exercise (jog)45 mins every other day and have done this since the year dot. so I think if I lose my 6lbit will be purely down to the benefits of this product. I will update you with my results indue course.Review Capsiplex by Mary, January 23, 2010My Capsiplex finally arrived this wk. Wondering whether I should place another ordernow, in case the next lot takes 3 wks to arrive aswell! I received no email to tell me theproduct would be delayed, and it wasn’t until i telephoned to find out where my order hadgot to, that i was informed it hadn’t actually been dispatched yet. Hoping the product ismore impressive than the customer service!!Review Capsiplex by Judderman333, January 23, 2010Well I have just ordered mine today, I want to loose about 1 stone which I have put onsince stopping smoking a few years ago. I am very sceptical about these things butdecided to give it ago, I will keep you informed with the progress.Review Capsiplex by billy bob, January 24, 2010EDITOR COMMENT:You have lost 70 lbs already? Sounds difficult to believe can you explain the timeframe,and your original weight?Are you dim??? It was a joke. 70 pounds as in £70.Editor Comment:FunnyReview Capsiplex by Donna, January 24, 2010Sounds like most of you had success. A bit different for me.I took my capsule yesterdaymorning at 8. By about 12pm i had a stomach ache. By 3pm my whole body tingled,feltfaint and couldn’t stop shaking. After that the bottom of my head,neck went numb andhad pressure on my chest. I was told to go to a & e but it started to improve a little later. Ithink maybe i just had an allergic reaction. Im 35 and no probs with my health apart fromi want to lose a stone. I wonder why it didn’t work for me?Review Capsiplex by jean, January 25, 2010
    • started using capsiplex about 6 days ago,besides the fact that it took almost a month toarrive, ive weighed myself at 12lb when i started and since then have lost 2lb but nxt dayit seems to have come back on? i walk and use the rowing machine on some days but still ---> click here for YOUR OWN CAPSIPLEX <---no huge improvement, also ive cut down slightly on my eating so cant say im hugelyimpressed at the moment but will continue to update you with any great news, watch thisspace!!Review Capsiplex by tTina Bevan, January 26, 201026th January.My order arrived today, within a week of placing it. I have been to gym this morning fora very hard workout.Got home took one. Oh dear ….. my face has gone so red i could stop traffic..I hope this doesnt last as i can’t live my life looking like an overworked turkey ! I wonderif anyone else has experienced this.My son is so going to laugh at me.. Im off to fry an egg on my face now for lunch ……..Review Capsiplex by carol, January 26, 2010I started taking Capsiplex on Wednesday 20th January and I took my first one onThursday, I felt a bit hot for an hour but then that passed. I must say I feel really happydont know if they alter your mood? I have also lost 2 lbs so thats great, I have about astone to lose so I hope by mid feb I will have. Will keep everyone updated!Review Capsiplex by louise, January 27, 2010hi I just received my first batch after waiting nearly 4 wks for them like a lot of u havesaid, been taking them for 2 days now havent noticed anything yet dont feel no different.Ihave tryed lots of these diet pills but deep down i know the only thing that will work isgood old dieting. I am just after a quick fix lol lets hope i get oneReview Capsiplex by cc, January 27, 2010Just got my order through. Took first tablet and my whole boody went a bright red sunburnt colour, felt light headed and my chest was tight. Thought I was going to have heartattack. However this has all calmed down and I have done lots of exercise with alot ofenergy. I will have to see how it goes and am a bit scared about taking the next tablet butI was advised on the helpline that after 6 days you body gets used to it. I thnk I can feel itburning inside me. It will be worth it if I loose some weight.Review Capsiplex by ciara, January 27, 2010My order arrived after the 20 days which the company advised. I started taking it onmonday and I have lost at least 1lb in three days, not bad! I really hope this works for me!I’ve about 20lbs to lose before my wedding in 5 mths time.Also want to give up smoking
    • as soon as I get rid of the extra weight. Fingers crossed for everyone! will update nextweek ---> click here for YOUR OWN CAPSIPLEX <---Review Capsiplex by toni, January 28, 2010Second day of taking Capsiplex. I felt very strange on the first day, very hyped, nothungry and jittery. Which is probably the caffeine. Second day feel normal althoughduring workout felt great and hotter than usual. I have also noticed that I feel happier likea previous poster. Sometimes these things are all in your head though! Found thecustomer service to be rather bad. Pills took 3 weeks to arrive, late replies to my emailsand no one could give me my tracking number for the package.Review Capsiplex by Charlotte, January 29, 2010I received my pills after 3 weeks delivery time. Have taken 4 so far and exercised on 3days of those. Whilst exercising I felt dizzy and jittery and like I could have passed out sohad to stand against a wall take a few deep breaths and have a large gulp of my water.Was Ok again after 5 minutes and returned to my exercises. I don’t know if that’s thepills but I’ve been a regular at my gym for over a year and have never felt like that in myregular class before so I am assuming it’s the pills. Other than that I don’t feel anydifferent and have yet to lose weight. I exercise at a high level for 4 hours each week butam not on a diet. I put on 6llb over Xmas and just want something to help remove theextra weight as I can’t seem to shift it. Other than that 6llb I am happy with my weight sodon’t intend to stay on the pill in the long term, I’m hoping this bottle will do me and Idon’t have to order any more. I’ll update this next time I weigh myself to let you know ofany weight loss.Review Capsiplex by Sandie, January 30, 2010I have been taking Capsiplex now for 7 days. The tablets took three days to arrive. Iinitially sent an email to ask if I could take the tablets with my antidepressant tabletsCitalopram and was advised that this would be okay. I found the company to be veryhelpful.The good news guys is that I have lost 8lb’s. I do have 4 stones to lose hence why I haveprobably had a good first week weight loss. I have been eating healthy normal foods, cutdown on bread and processed foods full of salt and sugar. I have also cut out all therubbish that I was eating. Not only have I not had one single side effect with these tablets,they have definately suppressed my apetite! will keep you all posted, good luck to youall! xReview Capsiplex by Claire Ellis, January 31, 2010I recieved my 1st months worth of Capsiplex last Wednesday and by Friday I had lost5lb….but I had also been doing a calorie controlled diets going on power walks at night,but 5lb is great in a week! I am ordering my next months worth today and will keep
    • everyone posted. I have had NO adverse reactions to the pills at all. They have takenaway my hunger and usual cravings for crisps and cheese!! ; )Review Capsiplex by Susan M, February 1, 2010My hope is to lose 3st. I am following a low carb diet which already keeps any cravings ---> click here for YOUR OWN CAPSIPLEX <---under control. I needed something to speed up my metabolism so when I read aboutCapsilex it seemed ideal. I ordered it on-line and it came within a few days. I have taken7 so far and have lost a couple of pounds which is good. However I seem to have had anunexpected side effect.I have suffered from raised blood pressure for over 20 years and take medication for it.On the third day of taking the capsule I felt lightheaded and nearly fainted in the shower.I took my blood pressure with a wrist monitor and it was lower than it had ever been!I have since felt a bit dizzy if I stand up quickly and have taken my blood pressure a fewtimes since. The reading is well into optimum levels when previously, even withmedication, it has been in the high bracket.Has anyone else found this?Review Capsiplex by Deborah, February 1, 2010Hi got my tablets after waiting only one week and I live in Scandinavia, so that was greatfor me. I am now on my second day… felt noticably hotter on my first day whilstexercising but not uncomfortable. Second day is fine no effects at all. Will weigh myselfat the end of one week. Funny I have been feeling happier too and a little more alert…Review Capsiplex by jean, February 3, 2010tablets appear to be complete rubbish, i did better at losing weight without them!! all imdoing now is eating too much .wont be buying them again, just another money makingidea to brain wash us all,i mean as if were really gonna burn all them calories by sittingdown,lol. sorry dont reccomend them would actually like a refund from the company as ihavent felt the slightest diffrent since starting taking them. NOT HAPPY!!!!!Review Capsiplex by nikki, February 3, 2010have been useing capsiplex for 2 weeks now.not impressed at all feel sick an moretired,no differents in weight wont be bying again .just another rip off.Review Capsiplex by Dan, February 4, 2010Go out and do some exercise and you may feel the difference. It increases metamalismnot work miracles. You have to put the effort in to reap the awards. down 2kg after aweek, have been training hard too mind!Review Capsiplex by Shell, February 6, 2010Been taking these for 2 weeks now and all i can say is utter rubbish, I have beenfollowing a healthy diet and exercise programme and have lost what i normally do just by
    • following WW each week about 1 lb per week – LOL they only thing I lost was £30 ofmoney haha, Guys don’t waste your money they do not work, absolute tosh !!!Just stick to your normal diets you will have as much success – honestReview Capsiplex by Claire, February 8, 2010Excellent product. On my 3rd week now, lost 6 lbs so far. I am taking approx 1000kcals a ---> click here for YOUR OWN CAPSIPLEX <---day and exercising 30 mins each day on cross trainer. The only difference I feel is muchmore alert after taking the pill and if I take it later in the evening before I exercise I havetrouble getting to sleep. But, I am happy I am finally losing my baby weight as breastfeeding did not help me at all to lose weight. My husband is taking it too and he has lost8lbs in 3 weeks and also using cross trainer 30 mins every day. We do think they havesuppressed our appetites also.Review Capsiplex by kevin, February 8, 2010I purchased my tablets 30th December and was informed by email they could take up to20 days to arrive with them delivered 22nd January.I have decided to weigh myself thesame day each week and have lost 3lbs first week and another 3lbs second week.what ihave found the most beneficial is that the tablets definitely suppresses my appetite withno hunger pangs associated with dieting.this in effect does not make me want toconstantly over eat.I have not made any changes to my lifestyle and take one tablet withwater every morning.I cannot believe how easy things are so far and how i do not feelhungry or bloated.At present i am consuming somewhere in the region of 2000 – 2500calories a day but not deliberatley dieting whereas previously i would imagine i wasconsuming approx anything from 3000 – 4000 calories a day.the biggest help to myself isi do not need any willpower due to no hunger pangs which i always have felt whencutting down my calorie intake.i will keep you updated on my progress.for the record mystarting weight was 18st 2lbs.Review Capsiplex by elo5, February 10, 2010Overall Rating Effectiveness Guarantee Not RatedPriceI think a lot of you are forgetting that this is a supplement to be taken with a healthy dietand exercise!!!! it is NOT a miracle worker as in u cant fill ur face wit cream cakes n stilllose weight. I have been taking this for just over a fortnight n have lost over half a stone!it seems to suppress hunger and really motivates me to do exercise, the small amount ofcaffeine gives you that boost to carry on .I have recently had a baby and this has helpedme shift the weight quicker than normal.Review Capsiplex by Beverley, February 14, 2010Overall Rating Effectiveness Guarantee Not RatedPriceMy husband and I have taken these tablets for a month during which we upped ouramount of daily exercise and decreased our food intake to help things along. How muchweight have we lost? ZERO. NADA. NUFFINK.
    • A complete con. Don’t waste your money.Review Capsiplex by JC, February 14, 2010Overall Rating Effectiveness Guarantee Pricei notice that a lot of the “good” reviews are from people who have cut down on theircalorie in take and increased their exercise there fore you will notice a difference inweight. ---> click here for YOUR OWN CAPSIPLEX <---I would not recommended these tablets as i have been taking them for 3 wks and noticednothing except for a chronic stomach pain, dizziness and a sick feeling after eating. Theonly thing that is lighter is my bank balance! As they are so new to the market we do notknow the REAL damage they can do to our bodies despite the reassurances on theCapsiplex website. Save your money and get a gym membership instead!Review Capsiplex by P.Reed, February 15, 2010Overall Rating Effectiveness Guarantee PriceQuite good, but I think you need to do a bit of exercise to get the most of these. I goswimming a few times a week and it boosted my results.Review Capsiplex by li-ann, February 15, 2010My friend and i are on our third week of taking capsiplex along with increased activity,guess what! neither of us have lost any weight.SHOULD HAVE KNOWN BETTER. Idid’nt need to lose much but have’nt even gained energy. You must need to be veryoverweight and sedentary for this to work, but then exercise would work alone.Review Capsiplex by T.West, February 16, 2010Overall Rating Effectiveness Guarantee Not RatedPriceI had to give up after three weeks because of the side-effects; nausea and tiredness andone day my face looked like I’d been sking eg bright red checks , chin and forehead withwhite panda eyes.I’d cut calories and increased exercise – walking at 4mph for an hour a day – and didn’tlose an ounce.Review Capsiplex by Helene, February 17, 2010I just bought a packed following the advice here, looking forward to the results!Review Capsiplex by Blue Eyed, February 19, 2010Overall Rating Effectiveness Guarantee PriceI was a bit sceptic about these, but they are fab. Not taking them anymore but lost 2 kiloseven though I normally go to the gym a few times a week. They work but you need towork out too like most diets.Review Capsiplex by Pauline, March 1, 2010
    • Overall Rating Effectiveness Guarantee PriceShould have known better than to belive the papers/website.Have been taking them for a month and only lost 2lb. There are sideeffects such as a sickfeeling but I would have coped with this if they had worked THEY DO NOT WORKsave your money you are better off going for a walk everyday which is free. ---> click here for YOUR OWN CAPSIPLEX <---Review Capsiplex by Lee, March 4, 2010Overall Rating Effectiveness Guarantee PriceI have been taking these tablets for 2 weeks. These are no different to any otherthermogenises tablet. I rekon money can be well spent in other products, Im sure thisproduct is not producing much results. As with most reviews above, people who areheavier will lose more weight to start regardless of capsiplex. I wont buy a second batch!Review Capsiplex by Jill, March 11, 2010Overall Rating Effectiveness Guarantee PriceGuys did you do some exercise whilst taking capiplex?I started swimming a few evenings a week and have been taking capsiplex for a month –The result? I’m 10lbs lighterI’ll keep you updated, but make sure you do some type of exercise to get results.Review Capsiplex by Mark, March 11, 2010Overall Rating Effectiveness Guarantee PriceGood product – Check if you are not allergic to spicy things first as my best friend wasand she got a reaction.Me on the other hand, no side effects, just 2kg in a few weeks.Review Capsiplex by Susan Collins, March 15, 2010Overall Rating Effectiveness Guarantee Not RatedPriceI am convinced that the capsules works. Weight myself in the gym today and wasdelighted to find out I 13.2lbs within 3 weeks. I must say though exercise is a must if youwant to get better results.Review Capsiplex by carol, March 18, 2010Overall Rating Effectiveness Guarantee PriceI really like capsiplex, I have been taking them for 2 months and lost almost 2 stone. Ihave the energy to go to the gym, do house work and look after 2 kids which i reallystruggled with before. Worth trying.Review Capsiplex by carol, March 18, 2010Overall Rating Effectiveness Guarantee PriceMeant to say that my brother inlaw who is diabetic due to being overweight has noticed avast improvement in blood sugar levels and he has lost 2 stone since January.
    • Review Capsiplex by stephanie, March 21, 2010Capsiplex definatley works i have lost a stone in 5 weeks, i had been trying for ages andcouldnt lose weight now i have finally reached my goal. I will still take it 3 times a week.Review Capsiplex by stuart, March 23, 2010Overall Rating Effectiveness Guarantee Price ---> click here for YOUR OWN CAPSIPLEX <---I’ve got lots of energy, my performance in the gym has improved and overall i feel muchbetter taking Capsiplex. I would reccomend them to anyone who works out and wants tolose a few pounds.Review Capsiplex by fred wilson, March 24, 2010Overall Rating Effectiveness Guarantee PriceI bought Capsiplex here in the USA , i receieved in 2 days at no extra cost i also saved alot of money on taxes. and the best thing it works.*Edited – No advertising please *Review Capsiplex by catherine, March 27, 2010ive just started taking capsiplex on my second day come out in red rash over my body bitfrightned by this,see how i go in next couple of days.Review Capsiplex by Slimming Pills, March 27, 2010Hi Catherine,If you get a rash its probably because you are alllergic to Capsicum (the active ingredientin chillies and peppers).I would discontinue using Capsiplex and try something like Unique Hoodia or Proactolwhich don’t use chillies.Review Capsiplex by Amber, March 28, 2010Overall Rating Effectiveness Guarantee PriceHi, I’ve been using Capsiplex for the last 3 months. Since January 2010 I’ve lost 12kg, Ithink it’s about one and a half stone. But, I do excersise minimum 5 days a week.Everydday I run 5km on a treadmill and then I do lots of abs excersises too. I can say in2007, I was working out same way at the gym, minimum 5 days a week: the work outconsisted of 1 hour aerobics and working out with weights, etc. All I am trying to say thatin 2007 it took me 8 months to lose one and a half stone, whereas in 2010, I lost sameamount of weight in 3 months time with Capsiplex help. I haven’t noticed any sideeffects yet. I am healthy and very happy with my results. I am now buying on lineanother 3 bottles as I still have lots to lose, one more stone would be niceBest of luck to every one else in whatever you doReview Capsiplex by SurferGirl, May 8, 2010
    • Overall Rating Effectiveness Guarantee PriceCapsiplex rocks – I’ve been taking it for a few weeks now and definately see the changes.Review Capsiplex by A Jackson, May 10, 2010I’ve purchased some of the capsules on e-Bay. I opened one of the red capsules up andthere is a white powder inside. I tasted it and it tastes sweet. ---> click here for YOUR OWN CAPSIPLEX <---Would anybody be willing to carefully open up one of theirs carefully (so they can reuseit) and tell me if it looks and tastes the same?I assumed the powder would be red and hot. So, am wondering if I have a fake.Review Capsiplex by Slimming Pills, May 11, 2010I would not recommend buying from Ebay as there are many fake chilli pills around withsimilar names to capsiplex!Review Capsiplex by Andy, May 11, 2010Overall Rating Effectiveness Guarantee PriceIt works! If only they had bulk prices to make it even sweeter..Review Capsiplex by A Jackson, May 12, 2010Actually, these ARE called Capsiplex. They have the correct labels on the jars and arered capsules.What I wanted to know is, should the powder inside be white and taste bland/slightlysweet?This is not just for me. There maybe others on this list who also have fakes. Therefore, itwould be good to establish what the powder inside looks and tastes like.Therefore, I am asking somebody who knows they have the genuine product to check andlet us know.Review Capsiplex by B Spezza, May 27, 2010I too bought some from ebay. The pills are red in colour, but dont contain powder (i.e.contain a liquid) so one of us has been conned…Review Capsiplex by Slimming Pills, May 28, 2010Guys beware of fakes on ebay.Suprahealth, frandiet10 and dietshop are all selling fakes.Genuine Capsiplex is a red capsule with powder ingredient which tastes spicy.
    • Review Capsiplex by Dea, June 12, 2010Overall Rating Effectiveness Guarantee PriceCapsiplex works for me too…..I’m keeping up my gym routine 3 times a week and I’mtrying to eat fairly healthy….and I am loosing weight a little faster than normal!It is quietexpensive to buy…but worth it:-) ---> click here for YOUR OWN CAPSIPLEX <---Review Capsiplex by Kieran, June 14, 2010I have just bought the Daily Star newspaper and came across “Capsiplex” it states in thepaper that Capsiplex has sold out THREE DAYS AFTER GOING ON SALE! I haveseen posts as early as January of this year, so how could the product just go on sale nowin the UK??If anyone can give me an insight to this, please email me at: [email taken out for securityreasons]Good luck everyone with you weight lossReview Capsiplex by Slimming Pills, June 14, 2010Hi Kieran,I read the article this morning and Capsiplex launched in January, but was only availablefrom their website. I think they probably didn’t expect thousands to hit their website, andmust have sold out then. But Capsiplex was recently introduced in some shops thismonth, and after a few days these were out of stock too! Really impressive if you ask me.Actually what I didn’t know was that the NHS doctors are now actually suggestingCapsiplex for healthy weight loss, which is a great endorsement. Plus great news as thisnatural weight loss supplement is a lot healthier than the chemical alternatives such as Aliand other high strength pills which can cause some side effects.Review Capsiplex by Monica, June 15, 2010Im scare to buy them because my last experience was with Alli and not very good!Just dont want to waste money…Review Capsiplex by angie, June 15, 2010I too, am wondering if someone can open a genuine pill, and tell us what colour thepowder/contents inside is, etc, someone mentioned on here they had a liquid inside theircapsule? I just purchased a bottle off ebay(mybongo-store) but emailed back asking for arefund just in case its a fake, planning to buy a bottle off the official site just to be on thesafe side and reassure people that want to buy the product
    • Review Capsiplex by angie, June 15, 2010Phrased last comment wrong, was meant to say at the end…Reassure people that want tobuy the product by opening a pill and letting us know what the contents are like, sodangerous for fakes to be getting sold with god knows what inside them.Review Capsiplex by Slimming Pills, June 17, 2010Hi Angie,As far as we know the mybongo store on ebay has not been flagged as selling fakes. But ---> click here for YOUR OWN CAPSIPLEX <---we would recommend always buying from the official website just to be sure as fake /unlicensed Capsiplex could have serious side effects.Review Capsiplex by kathryn, June 18, 2010Hi, can anybody help me as im wanting to purchase this product to try but im bitconfused now as their are two to chose from, the pro slimmer or the suppresrant pill,which 1 would work the best, i dont excercise as dont have time but do work full timeand on my feet all day. thanksReview Capsiplex by Melissa, June 19, 2010Overall Rating Effectiveness Guarantee PriceHey Kathryn I would go for Capsiplex, the pro slimmer in your case, I’ve been using itfor 3 weeks and the results are fantastic.The suppressant is better if you have difficulties with snacking.Review Capsiplex by kathryn, June 19, 2010ty melissa, i think ill buy both cause i snack as well hehe, happy weight lossing.Review Capsiplex by ladyref, June 21, 2010just started today i want to lose 2-3 stone overthe next 6-8 months need to be fit for thenew footy season and at long last need to feel good about myself after 4 kids and years ofgetting bigger now its time for me and my body here goes will keep everyone updatedgoodbye size18-20 hello 14-16Review Capsiplex by sophie, June 22, 2010Hi just took my first pill yesterday had realy bad heart burn for about half hour then hadtummy ache is this normal or should i stop taking them?not sure if i want to take my nextone as it was not very pleasant. I bought them from the official site they are a red capsualwith white powder the powder is a bit bland with a slight chemicaly taste hope that helpsyou ebay folkReview Capsiplex by Mark, June 22, 2010
    • Hi, i have just heard about these new pills and was was wondering out of the two ie –Capsiplex or Pure Acai Berry is the best for speeding up metabolism.I’m Male 5ft 10in and currently weigh about 18 Stone.HELP PLEASE,MarkReview Capsiplex by Brendan, June 23, 2010Overall Rating Effectiveness Guarantee PriceI’ve been using Capsiplex as part of my gym routine and the results are really good.Mark, I take acai berry supplements daily and now take Capsiplex too at the moment toburn more fat so I can get a flatter stomach. ---> click here for YOUR OWN CAPSIPLEX <---As acai berry is like eating pomegranates (except its cheaper) and more effective, so canbe taken on top of weight loss supplements without issues.Review Capsiplex by Slimming Pills, June 23, 2010@ Sophie, did you take Capsiplex during lunch?Its important to not take weight loss pills on an empty stomach, especially I wouldassume with Capsiplex.I would recommend taking Capsiplex at lunch, and eating a good breakfast in themorning to make sure you line up your stomach.If the discomfort continues I would discontinue taking the pills and opt for an appetitesuppressant instead.Review Capsiplex by jo, June 24, 2010Overall Rating Effectiveness Guarantee PriceI am really disappointed with these. I have used the tablets whilst eating healthily, havingunder 1100 calories per day and exercising for at least an hour per day.So far I have put weight on whilst taking the tablets. Would be interested to hear ifanyone else has had this problem.Review Capsiplex by Hayley, June 25, 2010Hiya,I started taking these on Tuesday and am getting on ok…not weighing till Monday.Just wondering what would happen if you took one with breakfast and one with lunchinstead of just 1 a day??Review Capsiplex by Nicky, June 29, 2010
    • 2nd day taking Capsiplex. Took it after breakfast and I still have the burning sensation 4hours later. Also feel a bit light headed today. It definitely has surpressed my appetite, butnot sure how long I will manage to take it if this burning continues…Hayley – I think you might suffer/irritate your tum if you take 2 a day, irrespective of ifbeing with food.Review Capsiplex by Candy Doll, June 30, 2010HII just purchased my first bottle of capsiplex, and i have to say i am a lil bit nervous boutthem,i am 5,6 but big boned and in the past played alot of sports and until recently ---> click here for YOUR OWN CAPSIPLEX <---stopped attending the gym i have about 3 stone to lose and also have a very hecticlifesytle which prevents me from going to the gym, i know a few people have said thatthere have lost weight without doing execrise, but i wanna know if you will get the sameresults?I have tried every diet and slimming pill out there and not had much luck so i’m hopingthat this is the cure to shift the weight. i will keep you posted but would like somefeedback regarding the execrise and does a brief 15 min work to and from work help???Review Capsiplex by caspia, June 30, 2010Has any one noticed less than 30 capsules.My bottle only contained 26Review Capsiplex by katy, July 1, 2010Overall Rating Effectiveness Guarantee PriceHi, been taking week, no side effects, no weight loss, been following a 1,200 cals dietand 1 hour walk every day, anyone any ideas why its not workin for meReview Capsiplex by Juliet, July 4, 2010Just completed the first week on Capsiplex. I was skeptical about them so am pleasantlysurprised to find that I’ve lost quarter of an inch off my waist and slightly less off myhips. My diet and exercise routine (such as it is) has not changed but the Capsiplex seemto work as an appetite suppressant as I’m definately not snacking as much.No side effects except a slight tickle and warmth in my throat about an hour after takingthe tablet. And other people have said it but I didn’t believe it – I seem to have moreenergy! Not sure how that can be but it’s great.Review Capsiplex by Slimming Pills, July 5, 2010
    • @caspia – If you have received less pills than stated, plese get in touch with Capsiplex,I’m sure they will be able to sort you out. From what I’ve heard their customer service isspot on.@Katy – What is your BMI if you don’t mind us asking? Do you have a tendency tosnack? I would give your diet at least 3 weeks to see results as these things can take awhile.@Candy Doll – There’s no magic pill – Yes you will see improvements just taking thepill, and I understand that you have a hectic lifestyle but you must commit to doing a bitof exercise to really get the most from a pill like Capsiplex or any weight losssupplement.If you can extend your walk to work to at least 30 minutes each way you should see someresults! Also if you are prone to snacking try an appetite suppressant alongside Capsiplexlike Capsiplex suppressor or Unique Hoodia. ---> click here for YOUR OWN CAPSIPLEX <---Review Capsiplex by Candy Doll, July 6, 2010Overall Rating Effectiveness Guarantee PriceHii finally recieved my batch of tablets late this morning was so happy didnt think i wouldget it so quickly but i hvae.ive decided that i will start taking them tomorrow morning start a fresh to the day, i willkeep you all posted on my success which also means i now have to go and buy aweighing scales as i dont have any @ my house.i have deceided that i am going to do 30 mins walk 3 x a week and currently looking in togym classes take i could take to help shift the weight its my birthday in 2 mths and wouldlike to see results by thenReview Capsiplex by Theresa, July 6, 2010Overall Rating Not RatedEffectiveness Guarantee PriceI have been taking capsiplex for just over 2 weeks now, before taking the tablets I lost5lbs through a calorie controlled diet and fast walking for 3 miles a day. I have kept tothis routine in addition to taking the pills and haven’t lost an ounce wish I hadn’tbothered wasting my money. I’m now exercising twice a day and just hope I can drop myhalf a stone before my hols in two and half weeks time.Review Capsiplex by arleen, July 6, 2010Started taking them last Thursday but within an hour I felt really hot and light headed,this lasted the entire day. Emailed their customer service to see if this was normalreaction & they got back to me the next day confirming that this was normal. Startedtaking them again yesterday , didn’t have same reaction, felt a little hot about half hourafter taking them but that was it. I am taking the appetite suppressant and this must work
    • especially for cravings cause i’m a chocoholic and didn’t think about it once yest (amiracle) weighed masel this morn and had lost 2lbs. Will keep you posted on progressReview Capsiplex by Candy Doll, July 6, 2010HiI have a quick question if i was to take my tablet first thing in the morning what willhappen to me? for me i feel it would be better to take first thing as soon as my alarm goesoff but because i dont have any food in my tummy will i get problemsReview Capsiplex by Kasia, July 6, 2010Overall Rating Effectiveness Guarantee PriceI’ve been following this topic for a few weeks and finally bought some Capsiplex to tryout!I attend aqua gym classes twice a week, and eat balanced meals but wanted to lose a bitof weight before my holidays in 2 weeks. ---> click here for YOUR OWN CAPSIPLEX <---I’ve now lost 3kg so far and I’m looking forward to wearing my swimsuit this year.Review Capsiplex by Sal, July 7, 2010Candy I would take those pills after breakfast, as taking anything on an empty belly is ano no.My morning ritual includes taking a bowl of Special K and eating blueberries or somebrown toast with peanut butter (the one with no added sugar). After this I take mycapsiplex pill, works a treat!Review Capsiplex by Candy Doll, July 8, 2010Thank sal i will try that tomorrow as i have already taken my tablet today hopefully as usaid it works better after breakfast. the only reason why i ask is because on the side of thebottle on the directions says to take before breakfast but will try it after breakfast.Review Capsiplex by Emma, July 9, 2010These pills are amazing, ive been on them for 5 days and already shed 7lb’s, all thenegative comments come as a shock to be honest, people are probably expecting to lose 2stone a week by sitting on their behinds, all it means is that you will lose an extra 278onto of exercise and diet…My opinion people dont want to lose the weight really and have probably took it oncethen gone back to pizzasReview Capsiplex by bunny, July 10, 2010hi all ive brought capsiplus has anyone tried it? will it work the sam as capsiplex?
    • Review Capsiplex by Slimming Pills, July 10, 2010Capsiplus is Capsiplex type pill which contains acai berry and other ingredients in themix. I would stay away from these as the company who manufacture these, falsely claimto be the official company manufacturing Capsiplex and from what I heard are beingtaken to court.You can read more about capsiplex fakes here:http://www.slimmingpillsreviewed.co.uk/news/beware-of-fake-capsiplex-capsiplusReview Capsiplex by bunny, July 10, 2010oh thank you wish i had done abit more research before i brought themReview Capsiplex by alice, July 13, 2010Just go to the chemist and get Celevac instead of Capsiplex Suppressor as it contains thesame igredient – methylcellulose, and costs less than £6 for 112 tablets ---> click here for YOUR OWN CAPSIPLEX <---Review Capsiplex by Bryce, July 14, 2010Celevac is just methylcellulose though, capsiplex suppressor also contains otheringredients such as L-Carnitine, Magnesium stearate and Chromiun so it can’t really becompared like for like.I looked into after reading the article on the daily mail, and I ended up going for thepremium product by capsiplex – Glad I did!Review Capsiplex by Jayb, July 14, 2010Overall Rating Effectiveness Guarantee PriceHave been taking Capsiplex for 3 weeks and lost 5 pounds…i’ll be honest i’m not exercising, was already on a low fat low cal diet which i wasstruggling to stick to…i’m a chocaholic…love sweet stuff…crave it all the time andnormally can’t resist (no will power at all) . If i know theres a choc,muffin or cookie inthe house can not rest until its ALL eaten. Since i have been on capsiplex my choccravings have decreased..don’t have to eat all the cake, in fact don’t feel hungry much…if i do i look at the food and think i don’t want that ..and just eat something reallylight……hope this continues.Review Capsiplex by Celine, July 15, 2010For those who have had the nausea and stomach aches like myself, I would recommendtaking them after breakfast or before excercise as the pain is less/insignificant rather thantaking one before breakfast as the label suggests.
    • Review Capsiplex by sharon, July 18, 2010i took my first tablet an hour before i went to the gym on friday and and i found i hadbags of energy, missed it sat but today sunday took it again before the gym and i found icould run faster and longer than ever, spent 2 hours doing cardio and felt great ,im 49 andweigh just under 10 stone, i will report back in a week with my results .Review Capsiplex by M Martinez, July 18, 2010Overall Rating Effectiveness Guarantee PriceI love my food, so this is a blessing. I’ve dropped a dress size and can’t stop telling myfriends!!!Review Capsiplex by Alexa, July 20, 2010Hi,Ive got a months worth of these tablets here but not started taking them yet. I justwondered if anyone had used these for a while then stopped as i dont want to use themforever just enough to shift a few pounds, i dont want it to be the case where you bodythen piles the weight back on when you stop using them??? has anyone experienced thisat all? ---> click here for YOUR OWN CAPSIPLEX <---Review Capsiplex by kay, July 21, 2010hihave been taking capsiplex for just over 2 weeks and have lost 12lbs well deffently bestocking up on these tabets, will keep you all posted.Review Capsiplex by kerry, July 21, 2010Overall Rating Effectiveness Guarantee PriceAfter two weeks of using these tablets i have lost 3 pounds, i haven’t changed my diet orexercise routines.The redness everyone is talking about is due to a niacin rush and is totally harmless just alittle wierd.I am more concerned with the rise in temperature, i feel like i have a fever the majority ofthe time, but hey, the weights coming off, think i’ll live…..Review Capsiplex by lisa, July 22, 2010yes,i would like to know what happens after you stop taking them, do you gain it allback?Review Capsiplex by c mulholland, July 23, 2010dont know what to make of these, placed my order on 12th of july 2010, received themon 15th july 2010, good start! but after a week of taking them had a 1lb on! now iv beendoing slimming world for 8mths and to date have lost 4.5stone, as my losses had sloweddown felt i needed some help, but a 1lb on,i will take rest of course and see how i get onand report back, because i think i may have eaten slightly more in that week mentally
    • relying fully on pills, here goes wk 2, i will say i do feel so much more energetic sincetaking them, that feeling of wanting to exercise (not that i have done that yet either!! muststart this week also)Review Capsiplex by michelle, July 23, 2010placed my order on sun 18th july recieved them on the 23rd, lots of emails regarding theirdispatch, pleased with feedback. gonna start running again tomorrow 5k at least or 300calories per gym session having a day off every other for muscle recovery, watching mycalorie intake approx 1200 per day, i weigh 10st 4lb i”m 5ft 6″ and hope to lose 8lb byaug 26th will keep you posted. thanks shell.xxReview Capsiplex by carol, July 25, 2010I’ve been taking these for 3 weeks, really cut down on my food, eaten healthy and nochange. I have’nt had any side effects but am still very tired, was hoping for a boost inmy metabolism-has’nt happened. Don’t think i’ll be ordering more as I should have seensome change by now! ---> click here for YOUR OWN CAPSIPLEX <---Review Capsiplex by Nicky, July 28, 2010Since my last posting had a week off taking the tablets through being ill, but back onthem again. No burning, or light headedness anymore, and appetite seriously surpressedand feeling full of energy. Lost 2 pounds in the last week by not feeling the urge to snack.Review Capsiplex by michaela, July 29, 2010I love these pills no side effects and ive lost a stone and a half in two months they aregreat and i have more energy and eat less I still feel hungry sometimes but i say to anyonewho has been trying to lose weight try theseReview Capsiplex by michaela, July 29, 2010oh and also YOU NEED TO FOLLOW A DIET CUT DOWN ON FOOD INTAKE nodiet or pill works without that. The appetite suppresants work great too I think theyrebetter taken together.Review Capsiplex by michaela, July 29, 2010Overall Rating Effectiveness Guarantee PriceLastly lol!!! dont take more than directed or you will flush red hotReview Capsiplex by Gail, July 29, 2010Overall Rating Effectiveness Guarantee PriceI am currently on a Weight Watchers diet and my workout routine is 6 days a week – freeweights and core, alternating with a cardio boxing workout. I also do a half hour walk towork and back 6 days a week. I figured I am eating well, I exercise a lot – with CapsiplexI am going to reach my target weight in no time according to these reviews. So I bought abottle from their official website.
    • The week before with this regime I had lost 2 pounds. I added a daily Capsiplex tablet 30minutes before every work out the following week. I was excited to see how much morethis had enabled me to lose when I weighed in tonight. This week’s loss – still 2 pounds.No difference! Whaaaaat?I am starting to wonder if all these amazing reviews are from people affiliated withCapsiplex sales.Review Capsiplex by michelle, July 30, 2010started gym sessions again doing approx 5mile every other day, continuing to watch mycalorie intake. took capsiplex on day 1 of the gym, experienced warm feeling in mythroat and chest when doing sit ups i experienced a sick feeling like too much rushing.”ndtime at the gym did not take capsiplex felt comfortable that i could”ve done more cardio.Decided that on gym days will not take capsiplex as my heart rate increased dramaticallywhen i did. Will take them on days i don”t go so that my metabolism is increased whenneeded. will keep ya posted on weight loss if any. ---> click here for YOUR OWN CAPSIPLEX <---Review Capsiplex by shell, July 31, 2010i purchased my tablets and recieved them 2 days later, had my first tablet today and havefelt like crap, ive felt really light headed and keep going dizzy, i have also had a wierdexperiance with breathing??? my whole body keeps tingling like pins and needles. fromreading all the reviews i hope for this to be better tomorrow. well done to all the peoplewho have lost so far!Review Capsiplex by Slimming Pills, August 1, 2010@ Gail. one week will not be enough to really measure success (this goes for any diet,supplement or fitness routine). Please continue taking your supplement and update us in afew weeks!@Michelle Keep up the great work, the increase of heart rate is good – You will beburning many more calories when your heart rate reaches around 55-66.@Shell, See how it goes the next day, and if you still feel discomfort you might have anintollerance to the chilli active ingredient, therefore discontinue use if you still have thesereactions.@michaela Great feedback, keep up the progress.Review Capsiplex by joe, August 2, 2010i am gettin capsiplex on tuesdee and gona star them on the wednseday and al let all youson here no my results
    • Review Capsiplex by anuja india, August 2, 2010Overall Rating Effectiveness Guarantee Not RatedPricehi have gone down by a pound after takng capsiplex.for 3 days.thank u.no side effects atall.pl answer my query .since i m reporting wt loss is it ok to continue taking the capsuleon an empty stomach .i repeat no uneasyness at all.i m a bit confused on the reviews bythe users who claim to take it after bfast.my husband is also on the capsules 4 the last 3days again no discomfort.definitely untimely hunger pangs have stopped.no urge ofsnacking at all.also advise 4 how long cappsiplex can b taken.is there a need to give abreak after a while .w ud appreciate a quick replyReview Capsiplex by Slimming Pills, August 2, 2010@Anuja Glad to hear about your progress. You can take Capsiplex before or afterbreakfast, we would recommend after or during breakfast (same as with medicines orother supplements).As with all weight loss supplements, you should use them short term for a few months ata time – You need to see how you are progressing, use the results you get from Capsiplexto motivate yourself to make positive changes in your diet and lifestyle so that after a fewmonths you can stay at your ideal weight without needing to take anything. ---> click here for YOUR OWN CAPSIPLEX <---If you then feel like you are gaining weight, feel free to take Capsiplex again.Review Capsiplex by Shell, August 2, 2010yesterday i didnt have an side effects and was much better than the first.today i did atraining session with the pills and had the weird breathing thing again – its like my airopening takes in loads more air than normal which makes you hesitate on your nextbreath. but then for the rest of the day i have been fine. i feel alot fuller too and feel like idont need to eat as much.Review Capsiplex by Karen, August 3, 2010Please some advice required. I ordered these from Advance Health and they arrivedtoday. However I had ordered the Capsiplex appetite suppresor from Llyods Pharmacybefore realising I meant to get the other one. These arrived today and I called my doctorto ask about taking these as I am on amytriptyline anti depressant. My doctor advised nottaking them as there is not enough evidence to say they are safe to take and nothing to sayok with my other medication.Can anyone tell me if they have taken both of the tablets and how you got on with themas I read that weight loss is speeded up when taking both at the same time.I have 6 stone to lose and was really hoping these would help. I used to run 50 miles aweek and would love to get back to this.Review Capsiplex by Slimming Pills, August 3, 2010@ Karen – Amytriptyline is a strong prescription treatment which has many potentialside effects, and which has been known to cause complications when taken with other
    • pharmaceutical or even herbal supplements. I would follow your doctor’s advice and notmix things up.More information about Amytriptyline can be found here:http://www.netdoctor.co.uk/medicines/100000107.htmlReview Capsiplex by supra, August 4, 2010Hi, I have been going through this site from the time I have been thinking to try thisproduct, and the good reviews have prompted me to buy these capsules (just this weightloss one). I am taking them since 4 days, and have had no side effects, although myweight has not shown any change. will keep you updated if there is a change.I have had gallbladder surgery 5 weeks ago, can any one comment on if I am ok to takethese pills or got to wait for some time. I am not sure as GP as recommende me to waitfor 2 more months, but I need lose some weight by the end of this month.Finally it is nice to read these reviews as they are based on users experience, and helps usto make some product decisions. ---> click here for YOUR OWN CAPSIPLEX <---Review Capsiplex by Sheila, August 4, 2010I ordered these on Monday evening, they arrived forst thing today, Wednesday! Soexcellent delivery service. Took one 30 mins before lunch, and now 2.5 hours later, mytongue and mouth feel slightly hot and tingly! Not unpleasant and I love spicy food sowould equate it with the same kind of exeperience! I am on SW diet but progress veryslow so I will post here to see how these work. I got both the standard and appetitesuppressant, we shall see! I walk 45 minutes a day with dogs. No other real exercisethough. Good luck to all you wanna be slimmers,Review Capsiplex by Karen, August 4, 2010I am so desperate to finding a way yo lose this weight that I am seriously thinking ontaking them even though I am on amytriptyline or stopping the meds and taking these. Ireally need something to kick start the weight loss and I am not getting any younger. I seesomeone took them while on citalipran. How did you get on taking these with your meds?Review Capsiplex by Karen, August 5, 2010Overall Rating Effectiveness Guarantee Not RatedPriceI’ve been trying to lose those last ten “vanity” pounds for awhile. I’ve been going to thegym like mad and trying (usually failing) to stick to a 1400 calorie diet. Thoughsometimes I manage it!I do think these pills have boosted my results at the gym. I go every day, and while Igenerally eat too much to lose weight quickly, it’s coming off a bit better with the help ofthese pills. Nothing amazing, but it’s noticeable. I’ve only got 5 pounds to go until I
    • reach my goal, so the weight is going to come off slowly no matter what. I thinkcontinuing to take the supplements before my gym sessions will speed things up.Just a note- bought the appetite suppressants, too, and they do almost nothing for me. I’mstill always hungry! But… I’ve always had that problem. They seem to work fine forother people.Review Capsiplex by capsiplexnoxh, August 6, 2010Men and also women who would like to slim down generally, and in the first place, thinkof cutting down how much food products they will consume. This may be rather aremedy while not really the effective way. In truth, based on quantity you reduce in yourintake of food, it might possibly prove to be damaging to one’s well being. Therefore justhow should a person drop the weight efficiently and safely? Below are a few tips to helpyou on your way:Stop Eating When You Really feel Stuffed. This is a thing many people won’t,or don’t,do. Particularly those which have been in the ’clean plate’ club and don’t like to leaveextra or left over meals on their plates. Actually, there’s no a sense of shame in leavingthat additional portion of food on your plate. When your belly feels full, merely forceyourself away from the table and state “[b]No More For Me Thanks[/b]!”. ---> click here for YOUR OWN CAPSIPLEX <---Take on A Few Extra or Longer Walks. Walking is really a fantastic kind of exercising,and can be a excellent cardio work out in colder conditions. Especially when there is anice covering of snow on the ground. Next time you go to let the dog out to perform theirbathroom ‘business’, why don’t you slip on your overcoat and shoes or boots, get theleash and take them for that stroll around the neighborhood, or even along a couple ofblocks. Fido definitely will adore you for this and you’ll make your self a more healthy‘you’ simply by carrying out it as well.Review Capsiplex by michelle, August 13, 2010on my 3rd week of running 6 mile (10km) every other day watching my calorie intake1500 a day, taking capsiplex on the days not at the gym, weighed myself and lost 4lb soexactly 10 stone, really pleased with myself but its been a slow process the weight isreally coming off my hips bum and tum toning up nicely now, booked a holiday in 6wkstime so got a goal set for then to see what i can achieve. love the results but not sure if itsbecause of the capsiplex or just my own hard work after all i”m running 24mile a weekmore than i did before taking the capsiplex, as i never did any running at all. will keepyou updated on my weight loss, altho i must admit that the capsiplex have worked for meas my resting heart rate is up by 10-20 beats per minute more than when i dont take them.Review Capsiplex by stella, August 13, 2010i have just received my first order and to those you have lost weight, i want to know whatyour diet now is like and the exercise you are currently doing. so far i dont have an
    • appetite but i dread tommorow since i never stick to my diets. i really need to supplementmy diet with these pills but if anyone could tell me what they actually eat to lose the extraweight. thanksReview Capsiplex by Carol, August 14, 2010Overall Rating Effectiveness Guarantee PriceI don’ t usually post on these forums but I felt that I had to this time. I’ve been taking thepills for a week and a half now and like many I was sceptical about them working. I donotice that I have higher energy levels and it seems to make me keener to get to the gymand do a really good workout whereas before I was half-hearted in doing them although Istill did. Now though I give twice as much effort so even if the pills don’t make you loseweight on their own maybe it works by giving you more energy to do a fuller workout orother exercise. I have found also that it has helped lower my bp but that could be becausecayenne pepper is meant to do that anyway so I am getting a double bargain. My mateshave said that they’ll chip in and buy my next lot because it has made me moreproductive at work as well… how rude! haha, I guess it isn’t going to work for everyonebut my experience of them has been nothing but positive so far.Review Capsiplex by Carol, August 14, 2010Oh yes, I forgot to mention, I have actually lost just under 3lbs in a week and a half. Notbad going in my opinion. I’m not eager to lose weight quickly, I am happy to lose itslowly but then I’m not too big anyway so that’s probably why it’s slower for me. ---> click here for YOUR OWN CAPSIPLEX <---Review Capsiplex by Moochie, August 15, 2010I’m trying to lose 3 stones of baby weight and I’m following Slimming World. I havestarted taking long walks every day and thought to boost my weight loss I’d givecapsiplex a try. I started it 5 days ago and I’ve lost 2lbs. Not sure if this is down to SW,walking or the pills though! I take my capsule halfway through lunch but after about 10mins I get a dreadful stomach ache which makes me want to throw up but this goes awayafter about 15 mins. Has anyone else experienced the stomach ache on capsiplex?Review Capsiplex by Sam, August 15, 2010i ordered today from advanced health ltd is this the right company or have i been conned?and reading these reviews is worrying that these wont work as they sound like a bit of acon anyway. any thoughts guys?Review Capsiplex by Tate Sands, August 16, 2010Overall Rating Effectiveness Guarantee PriceI’ve been taking Capsiplex for 6 week now, first couple of days I felt a hot sensation butthis is due to the chilli extract in the product, the feeling wore off after 3 days and I lost 4lbs in my first week, I have continued to lose 2-3 lbs per week which I am over the moonabout, I have tried probably every product available and Capsiplex is the only productthat has worked for me )
    • Review Capsiplex by Nicole, August 16, 2010Hi, I have these pills and have only taken 2 so far but I am a bit confused as to when Ishould take them. On the bottle it says to take half an hour before exercise but afterreading a lot of these threads it says to take them after breakfast? When would be the besttime to take them – after breakfast or 30 mins before exercise (which wouldnt be until theevening?)Review Capsiplex by claire miller, August 19, 2010Overall Rating Effectiveness Not RatedGuarantee Not RatedPrice Not Ratedive been taking these tablets for 10 days. Nothing, not an ounce. I have a big appetite buti usually stick between 1200 and 1400 cal a day. Im a bridesmaid in 4 months and i have10lbs to lose.I go to the gym between 2-5 times a week depending on what im doing that week and ivebeen taking the pills before or before breakfast on non gym days.They havent enhanced my performance they have done nothing at all!All they do is make my face go red for 1st hour after taking and for the first few days ifelt anxious. Im really disappointed as i work really hard in gym and i go on holiday in 2weeks so i hoped they would help me loose a few ibs before. ---> click here for YOUR OWN CAPSIPLEX <---Review Capsiplex by Sam, August 20, 2010im confused as to why everyone has ignored mm thread i ordered from the capsiplexwebsite and the invoice is from advanced health ltd the pills are red with a white powderinside please could someone tell me if ive been conned as ive not felt any warm effects oranything and im worried ive been conned please someone help me—–Editors reply: If you have ordered from Advanced Health at capsiplex dot com then youhave purchased the genuine article. Make sure to take Capsiplex as prescribed, with a fullglass of water.Review Capsiplex by India, August 20, 2010Overall Rating Effectiveness Guarantee PriceI love Capsiplex. I heard about it when I read the national papers around June. I decidedto give them a try. And they work!!! Buying these for my two fat sisters in SouthAfrica!!! Long Live Capsiplex!!!Review Capsiplex by Sami M, August 22, 2010Overall Rating Effectiveness Guarantee Price
    • Hi, everyone, i’ve been taking capsiplex for over a month, didnt lose much weight butdefinately lost a couple of inches all over, so good idea to carry on to see how much i canlose.I also experienced tingling and itching sensation a few minutes after taking the pills, but iseeked help and apparently is called ‘NIACIN FLUSH’ its not an allergic reaction, itsapparently very good for your health although a bit unconfortable it lasts a few minutesthen its all gone, its your blood vessels expanding to increase blood flow and flush outtoxins, so its all good, i experience it from time to time, sometimes everyday sometimesnothing in a whole week, but i think it depends on the person, it doesnt mean the pill itsnot working,and nicole: I was confused to when to take them myself at first, but i take them beforebreakfast, because i dont exercise that much. i think the instructions mean that if you aregoing to the gym that day for example take it 30mins before you go. if you dont plan toexercise that day just take it before breakfast that allReview Capsiplex by Moochie, August 23, 2010Overall Rating Effectiveness Guarantee PriceI’ve been taking Capsiplex for almost 2 weeks now. The stomach aches have gone andI’ve lost 9lbs. I’m using the pills in combination with diet and exercise but I am verypleased with the results. I very much doubt I’d have lost that amount of weight withoutthem. ---> click here for YOUR OWN CAPSIPLEX <---Review Capsiplex by Satty, September 3, 2010I’ve been taking Capsiplex for two days now and have been experiencing a nauseousfeeling all day which can be quite unpleasant. Is this a common reaction when you firststart taking the tablets? Has anyone else experienced this? What did you do to stop thenauseous feeling?Review Capsiplex by dena, September 8, 2010im currently waiting for my capsiplex order to arrive, really hope they work for me, iweigh 15st an the moment and following slimming world diets, need to lose atleast 2stbefore xmas! i will be working out everyday for 1 hour so hopefully i see some results,will post again after a week of taking them.Review Capsiplex by karen, September 23, 2010I have been taking them just over a week. Lost 6lbs so far. Have combined it withexercise. Hope to loose 3 stones. Back to way I was prior to my kids. Has anyone beentaking it for a while and whats your weight loss. Something for me to work towards!!!Review Capsiplex by Antz, October 5, 2010Where in south africa can i get these?
    • Review Capsiplex by Alan, October 6, 2010This product is really effective for fat burning it contains thermogenic substances that acton fat.Review Capsiplex by Sam, October 10, 2010took it for two months with a strict fitness plan and didnt lose a thing. total waste of time,I took a months break then just did exercise and ate healthy and lost 2 stone. people dontwaste your money like i did.Review Capsiplex by phil, October 19, 2010i started capsiplex on monday and got the side effects i have read about slight dizzyness,a little nausia and a jittery sensation which i put down to the cafein ( i dont tend to havemuch caffien in my diet so not to use to it). i took an hour before i went the gym andfound i had loads of energy running for ages, i could put up with the side effects if itgives me that much energy.took my second pill today again an hour before the gym however never got any of theside effects and found my energy levels back to what i think was normal, does anyoneknow why my energy did not boost this time surley my body can not be use to the cafienafter just one dose? ---> click here for YOUR OWN CAPSIPLEX <---Review Capsiplex by vinayakumar, October 22, 2010Overall Rating Effectiveness Guarantee Priceis it available in india or not.Review Capsiplex by Emily, October 25, 2010I have finally found a diet pill that actually works.I put on almost a stone when i got with my boyfriend back in Jan 09, and have beendietiong and keeping active since the start jan 2010, and in 9 months did manage to losehalf a stone and look slimmer from eating healthy and dog walks and sit ups.in a week taking capsiplex, i have lost 4 pound already and have not changed anything, iam almost back to the weight i was when i was single.these are definately good pills if you eat sensible during the week. dont be fooled intothinking you can eat anything you want cause you’ll gain weight.i do find i get a bit of a red face some mornings when taking this, but it goes downquickly.Review Capsiplex by edward wilson, October 27, 2010
    • my girlfriend tried this capsul and nothing no weight loss at all she also tried acai berrynot even a pound loss all these tabs do is cost you money go to the gym and stay on a lowcalorie diet better for your health than all these diet pills which will mess your body upbig time, STOP!!!!!!wasting your money and just cut down on what you eatReview Capsiplex by carol, October 30, 2010i just purchased my first batch of both capsiplex and the suppressor and took first dosethis morning. the pills were delivered on 30th oct after purchasing them online on 28thoctober from the official website. i didnt have any side effects today as sme people haveexperienced but i eat lots of chillied food anyway. i cycle to work at least four days aweek which is a 16 mile round trip, eat healthy but prone to snacking hence my downfall, my starting weight today was 9st10.8i will weigh mysely each day and keep all posted about what happensReview Capsiplex by Isabella, November 10, 2010Just purchased these pills yesterday and started them this morning, feel a bit tingly butnot a bad feeling. Ive dieted for years n now for last year im unable to lose anything andam maintaining. I have 10 pounds to a stone to lose and suffer from ME so my energylebels and metabolism are shot, my GP suggested taking this. I know i dnt hav a lot tolose but am so dwn that its not shifting!!! Ive tried so many diets and pills so am reallyhoping they work!!! Started them today and also started zumba dancing so here goes!!!Good luck to others trying these. Will get bk to this to let u know how it goes!!! ---> click here for YOUR OWN CAPSIPLEX <---Review Capsiplex by Heather, November 10, 2010I recieved my capsiplex slimming pills on monday there (8/11/10) today is the (10/11/10)and i have lost 4lbs in the space of 2 days, i do sit behind a desk but i do also do situps athome, my goal is to lose 21lbs, i researched the internet for days before i bought thisproduct and found out things about it before i started so i know of other effects it canhave on people, for instance it causes hot flushes for the first week, and obviouslybecause it contains caffine it will make you “shaky” if your drink redbull that will do thatto you too : so its not as if your bodys shutting down or ur going to die, the caffine isthere to make you more enegetic and awake, also i read if you take the tablet after yourbreakfast it wont make you feel sick.I have to admit i have been more awake and moreresponsive since taking it, I have ibs too and i have not had any problems with the tabletas yet.. i’ll keep you postedReview Capsiplex by Lucy, November 10, 2010Started the tablets last week, havent got on the scales yet. Bought capsiplex andsuppressor. They have not suppressed my appetite at all in fact I feel hungrier. Feelbloated to. At the moment not very impressed with the tablets probably another waste ofmoneyReview Capsiplex by Lucy, November 12, 2010
    • One week after taking the tablets not even a pound off!!!! another waste of money.Review Capsiplex by isabelle, November 18, 2010Overall Rating Effectiveness Guarantee PriceI started taking my capsiplex on the tenth of November. I have weighed in this morningafter a week of taking them, exercise and eating sensibly and I have lost 2 lb was hopingfor more, but if i can keep going at this rate, im not complaining!!!Review Capsiplex by Becky, November 26, 2010Hiyah..Im Really Struggling at the moment m 18 and in the past 3 years i have put on about 4stone some of that was becuase i stopped smoking last year.I was going to the gym alot i lost lyke 3 pounds in 3 days which i am quite pleased withbut i really want to try some slimming pills that will gie me a good push.i used to be a size 8-10 & now a size 16-18.. i really want to lose weight i would like tosee results fast can anyone help would really appreiciate itThanksReview Capsiplex by sandeesh, November 28, 2010Good luck Becky! I would recommend Capsiplex and getting a personal trainer at thegym, at least once a week to follow your progress.Also you might want to join a weight watchers group. ---> click here for YOUR OWN CAPSIPLEX <---I’ve been on Capsiplex for 2 months and this is the first year I’ve not taken on weightafter the summer holidays!Review Capsiplex by Kathleen, November 29, 2010Overall Rating Effectiveness Guarantee PriceMy personal trainer suggested using Capsiplex, and I’ve been taking it for a few weeks.Results are great, I’ve lost 5lbs so far! (I also go to the gym twice a week working out 30mins on the bike, and 30 min swimming).Review Capsiplex by Maggie1970, December 5, 2010Hi,I have just purchased my first batch of capsiplex. I have got mixed feelings reading allthe reviews but I am hoping it will work with the diet and excersise. One question thoughto everybody did you receive it from Advance Health Limited???Review Capsiplex by Slimming Pills, December 6, 2010@ Maggie Yes Advanced Health Limited is the company behind Capsiplex.Review Capsiplex by kelly, December 6, 2010
    • i used capsiplex today for the 1st time and felt a little dizzy after taking it and felt a littleweird, i just took it with water but never drank a full glass with it, just drank waterthroughout thew day… did anyone else feel like this? im a bit worried about takinganother tomorrow.Review Capsiplex by Abby, December 9, 2010It’s been a week since I am on Capsiplex. I experienced no side effects at all. Maybe it isbecause I am used to spicy foods? The only thing I notice is that I manage to eat less andwait longer before eating which is a good start! Anyway, I weighted myself the day Istarted and I was at 143 pounds and now I am at 139 pounds. BUT I have to mention thatI won’t consider it until I drop under 135 because it is common that the weight fluctuatesthrough the day, up to 5 pounds in fact. I’ve never seen myself at 135 pounds so if I godown to 135 and under then I will be able to certify it has something to do with it.Keep up with the good work peopleReview Capsiplex by s, December 13, 2010i am waiting for my tabs, their website doesn’t mention moneyback guarantee if the pillsdon’t work, but i have bumped into moneyback guarantee on another site: so does anyoneknow if they actually do have money back guarantee if the tabs don’t work for somereason?S, ---> click here for YOUR OWN CAPSIPLEX <---Review Capsiplex by Slimming Pills, December 14, 2010@S There is no money back guarantee that I am aware of, but you are in good hands withCapsiplex.Review Capsiplex by maria, December 15, 2010do the capsiplex pills really work? i have like 10kg to lose before june. Please advicewhat i can use in combiation with healthy diet and excercise. Thanks,Review Capsiplex by S, December 15, 2010Thanks for the reply. I hope this will work for me, i really need to lose my babyweightfrom over the years.Review Capsiplex by Mary, December 16, 2010Is it possible to take 2 tablets a day instead of one to accelerate the weight-loss?Mary.Review Capsiplex by PAM, December 19, 2010I am 68years old and on thyroxine, and I am about 10lbs overweight. I have cut down onfood and eat a very healthy diet, but although I am fairly active I do not go to the gym or
    • do a lot of physical exercise. I have started to take Capsiplex. Do you think this will helpme to lose this weight without the excersise.Review Capsiplex by Shelly, December 30, 2010Hi all, I have been taking capsiplex for 4 days now and lost 4lb. However the past twodays I have been very constipated even after eating loads of high fibre foods. Is thisnormal?Review Capsiplex by Busy Lizzy, January 3, 2011Bought my first bottle today. I read most of the reviews but i am so desperate and thislooks promising. i aim to combine this with jogging or yoga.Wish me luckReview Capsiplex by Harmeet, January 6, 2011Heyguys. I received my order within a week ish I think. But am scared to try these. Havread the reviews n hate feeling unwell.Desp want to lose weight. Hav tried other tablets and no success expet slim n sexy. Butthe weight piled back on b4 I even had the time to appreciate the weight loss.I sometimes get very bad stomach pains after spicy food. So I’m really really hoping thtthese will not give me’ tht pain ! ---> click here for YOUR OWN CAPSIPLEX <---Enjoying the success stories tho. Plz keep updating. Want to start taking these over theweekend wen I don’t have to go work. So tht if I do feel u well. I’m at hone where I havethe freedom to pass out or squirmaround in pain. Hope for great results. N hopefully willkeep updating on here.Looking to lose about 35 pounds asap. N hopefully start gym to see results quicker!!Pray for me’ tht they work. Willchange me’ life if they do.Review Capsiplex by Harmeet, January 6, 2011P.s. Sorry for the spelling errors. iPhone has a mind of it’s own. But im sure u get whatI’m saying. Fingers crossed. N good luck to all who are in my boat !!Review Capsiplex by Harmeet, January 11, 2011Back again. Started takin capsiplus over weekend. I felt very dizzy n weak on the firstday. N slightly sick. But tht may also b cuz I was EXPECTING to due to other reviews ivread.Have been fine taking capsules. Was third day today n experienced some stomach painsfor acouple of hrs but feel ok now.
    • Have lost at least one kg. N hav been eating a LOT. i’n the past few days. !!Hopefully no further stomach pains. N more weight wil b lost !!!!Review Capsiplex by Kellie, January 12, 2011Hi, I bought the capsules today and haven’t tried them yet, going to start tomorrow. I ama little worried as i don’t like feeling ill or getting side effects from tablets. I am usuallyfine with spicy foods but I do have a thalesemia traite which makes me a little anemicand sometimes feel a little faint. Was a little worried this may happen!I bought my Capsiplex from H&B so I am hoping they are not fake. I will be doingexcercise dvds and just eating a healthy balanced diet, I am awful at dieting, I usuallydon’t last a month as i get bored easily. I am really hoping i works as I would like to getrid of around 10lbs. I will let you know the results!Good Luck everyone!Review Capsiplex by claireobelle, January 19, 2011been dying to get hold of these, my first bottle came today, yippee, cant wait to get to thegym later, hope am alright takin them on an empty stomach, keep you postedxxxxxxxxxxxx ---> click here for YOUR OWN CAPSIPLEX <---Review Capsiplex by claireobelle, January 21, 2011ok, so ive bin taking these for three days, i dont know about anyone else but i just dontfeel like eating after ive had one. I feel so full all the time, does that mean its working orwhat, am going to wait a week before i weigh myself, fingers crossedReview Capsiplex by Danny, January 24, 2011Overall Rating Effectiveness Guarantee PriceIt’s reviews and quotes like these “These pills are amazing, ive been on them for 5 daysand already shed 7lb’s” which do not help people expectations when taking these pills.Please people stop lying and exaggerating.To lose just 1lb you need to burn 3500 calories. Read through the reviews above and dothe math. All those complaining your haven’t lost anything after 1 week, this is normal.You need to give it much more time than 1 week to see results.I am not saying these pills don’t work, just don’t expect to lose so much weight soquickly. I have taken them since August and on average lose 3-4lb a month with littleexercise. I am happy with this because I know before taking these pills I was gaining 1-2lb a month.
    • Review Capsiplex by Emma, January 25, 2011I took my first tablet yesterday and started to feel a little odd (light headed, flushed prettymuch straight away. A few hours later my eyes were in agony and had pretty muchclosed up and very tight throat/difficulty breathing. I always eat hot sicy food so I can’tsee how I would be allergic to them?The good news is I lost 2lbs in a day!Review Capsiplex by AMY, January 31, 2011Took my first tablet today before the gym! Felt fine had good workout and more energy!Quick question, I work out in the evening as its the only time I have to go to the gym! Igo around 6pm! Is that too late to take it? should I just take it in the morning? I would betaken it around 5, as instructions state 30-60 mins before workout. I would appreciate areply thanks x ---> click here for YOUR OWN CAPSIPLEX <---Review Capsiplex by ellen, February 4, 2011Overall Rating Effectiveness Guarantee PriceHi everyone…well i have just ordered my second bottle yesterday! i was very unsure ofbuying anything like these as i have never taken anything like them before. I weighed 9st5lb bafore taking tese tablets and i know that is not loads and in noway would i say i wasterribly over weight however you tend to know when you need to loose a bit of weightand if you have put weight on mostly in my case by the way your clothes feel…i havealways easily put weight on so tend to always watch what i eat and make sure that if ihave a week of eating junk or just being unhealthy then i will always try and be strict andeat good for the following week onwards until i next go for a meal or out drinking withmates etc….the first bottle of capsiplex i bought was just over 3wks ago now and withinthat 3wks i have lost 7lbs i feel much better for it and alot of people at work and whomay have not seen me for few weeks have commented on my weight loss. I wouldconfidently sday that these tablets are great and would recommend them to friends andanyone wanting to shift weight…i do however go to the gym as i love to do gym classessuch as step and spinning, but the last month i have to be hobest and say that due tohaving a busy schedule at work and one thing or another i have not been to the gym loadsand have still managed to loose the 7lbs!!…great you have to give them time though asthe comments from danny above dont expect miracles within the first few days, givethem chance! i would say though that you do need to still eat healthy or at least just try tocut out all junk food such as sweets choc crisps etc as like anything you have to make aneffort to contribute to the effect of the them and if you put a few pounds on after a night
    • out drinking dont let it dishearten you as you will soon loose it again given you eathealthy and cut the crap out. Well i could waffle on all day giving you good feedbackabout these so i shall wish you all good luck and update you on how my next batch goReview Capsiplex by anita, February 16, 2011Overall Rating Effectiveness Guarantee PriceI got red hot when i took my first pill, now i am a lot scared to take again.Review Capsiplex by Mango, February 17, 2011Hi all,I’ve been reading all of your reviews. I’ve recently gain a lot of weight and its all sittingon my waistline. I’m going on holiday in July and want to lose around a stone. I’ve juststarted exercising regularly. I had a look at the Capsiplex and I’m interested in order, butI’m not sure if I need the appetite suppressant as well. I don’t tend to snack that much…my big problem is portion control. I tend to clear my plate and don’t realise when I’mfull.Any advice on what I should be ordering?Thanks for your help guys and good luck to those already on the path to being slim! x ---> click here for YOUR OWN CAPSIPLEX <---Review Capsiplex by Bobs, March 1, 2011HiJust bought my first bottle of Capsiplex today from H&B.. Although I go gym 4-5 times aweek alongside a daily 1200 cal diet, I suffer from PCOS which made me gain weight sofelt I needed a added boost!I currently weigh 145lbs so I will let you know in a week how I’ve done. Feeling very50/50 after reading the comments but here’s hoping, fingers crossed…XReview Capsiplex by kim, March 4, 2011Overall Rating Effectiveness Guarantee PriceI’ve just received my 3rd capsiplex order. This is the only supplement which has workedso far for me, without me yo yo-ing back to my old weight.Review Capsiplex by andy, March 6, 2011If you look at people from poor countries they don’t suffer from over weight problems.The key to weight loss is EAT LESS FOOD. If you reckon your only eating 1100calories and still not loosing weight, just how accurate is your measurment! Unless youactually weigh the portions you are just guessing. Weight loss is simple just eat less food.Review Capsiplex by sasha, March 7, 2011
    • Overall Rating Effectiveness Guarantee PriceThere was a programme on telly which said we usually tend to underestimate our foodintake in a big way! This is also my problem, I have a stressful job and forget about thebiscuit breaks, snacks and other bits I eat. Thankfully with Capsiplex I’m able to getresults, after taking it for 2 months I’m 4 kg down and feel much more energetic.Review Capsiplex by Hayley, March 15, 2011Hi I took my first pill this morning, glad to report no side effects so far. I swim 5 times aweek and currently following weight watchers new plan. I have lost 10lbs in 6 weeks. Ineed to lose a further 1st 4lbs to get to goal. I am hoping capsiplex will help speed theweight lose up a bit. I’ll keep you posted!!Review Capsiplex by kay, March 30, 2011I just started my first of two bottles today. I weigh 11.7 stone and i am hoping capsiplexcan help me get to my goal of 10 stone by Wednesday 25th May. That gives me 8 weeks,feeling positive. I will keep you updated, wish me luck ---> click here for YOUR OWN CAPSIPLEX <---Review Capsiplex by Minnie, April 9, 2011Hi My sister told me about these as she has tried loads of supplements and she said thesewere the only ones that have ever worked – she lost half a stone without changing herdiet or routine (she only weighs 7.5 stone so that is a lot). My Husband took them and helost a stone in a month he had previously been going to the gym to try and lose weightbut wasn’t having much success so tried these. I am now trying them took my first onethis morning hoping to lose about half a stone. Fingers crossed they work for me – aswith any medication I suppose they have varying levels of effectiveness in differentpeople. I bought them from Holland & Barratt.Review Capsiplex by Harmeet, April 16, 2011Hey has anyone been taking these tablets. Lost weight n reached goal. N then stoppedtakin the tablets? Please advise if weight piles back on very quickly?Took these tablets for a week n had stomach pains. Which I get after chilli anyway. Butstopped taking tablets.While I was taking these I felt more hungry then usual and ate a LOT!!Anyone els exp this?Review Capsiplex by nick, April 21, 2011Overall Rating Effectiveness Guarantee Pricebeen using capsiplex for a month now,lost 10kilos with an hour exercise per day.Imreally surprised in reading through most of the comments,some of the people who are on
    • a diet etc. dont really lose that much weight compared to the ones that aren’t. Well, iguess it just depends on US?Review Capsiplex by Nia, April 28, 2011Received mine today. Very excited! Took it an hour before hitting the gym…felt a warmsensation in my stomach so that concerned me but after reading reviews it seems that it’sa common thing so feel slightly reassured…I’m going to do regular gym sessions andwill weigh myself in 4 days time so I will post an update then…Good luck fellow capsiplex consumers!Review Capsiplex by Nia, May 7, 2011Hey all! Update after first week….the first day was the worst, felt sick, dizzy andbreathless! But after day one I feel great and lost 2.5llbs!!! So I’m happy with it at themoment!!Review Capsiplex by indie, May 7, 2011been using capsiplex for 3 days now, first day i took it 30 minutes before exercise andhad loads of energy! but by the evening i was feeling shaky, going hot and cold, andfeeling sick, just as others have described. however since then, haven’t had any other sideaffects, apart from having so much more energy than usual. doing aerobics for double thetime i could before, and not feeling as groggy in the mornings. no acknowledged weightloss as of yet, but i think they’re great! good luck everyone, much love! ---> click here for YOUR OWN CAPSIPLEX <---Review Capsiplex by Victoria, May 16, 2011Tabs arrived at weekend, going to start them today, will keep updated and let you allknow how they go!!Wish me luck (hope they work)Review Capsiplex by Nia, May 18, 2011Hey just an update. I’ve now lost 6llbs!! I am now going to order my next batch as I onlyhave one week supply left. It has really curbed my appetite and find myself getting fullvery quickly. I can now fit my back in my work trousers which is fab! I give anotherupdate in the next 3 weeks..Review Capsiplex by Pixie Lix, May 20, 2011Hi all,I’m amazed at the overwhelming pro comments for Capsiplex on here. There are a fewnegative ones and i’m just wondering if those who have seen no positive results got theirtabs from Ebay? Maybe they were fakes? Hence the negative experiences. Just athought…..I haven’t personally tried them yet but after seeing such good reviews, I thinkI will now. I have tried a chilli based slimming pill before (Chilli Burn) but saw no results
    • after a month! I was surprised to see they are much more expensive here than in the USthough. They are a British product (Scottish) so should be cheaper here, not dearer! :-/Review Capsiplex by sandra b, May 21, 2011Overall Rating Effectiveness Not RatedGuarantee Not RatedPrice Not RatedHi there! I have been using Capsiplex for almost 3 weeks now. I have been combining itwith diet, and cavitation slimming treatment. And I have been doing amazingly well sofor. I don’t know how much I have lost but I have almost lost a dress size. My trousersare now baggy on me.Review Capsiplex by Pixie Lix, May 27, 2011Hi again,After reading all the positive reviews, I rushed out and got a bottle of Capsiplex. I tookmy first tab Saturday (20th May). I take it in the morning after eating an Activia yogurtfor brekkie so as not to get any of the stomach discomfort some suffer from. Yogurt andmilk line the stomach and all has been well so far. For the first 5 days I never noticed anyweightloss, infact I felt a bit bloated and my jeans felt tighter than usual. I weighedmyself wednesday (5th day) and I hadn’t lost a bean, I was disappointed but thought Imay aswell carry on and finish the bottle. This morning (7th day)when I got out of bed, Ifelt slimmer, the bloated feeling had gone and my stomach felt really flat. My jimjamswere slipping down my hips too lol..My hips felt smaller, the little puffy fat bits (muffinroll) on the top of my hips at the back had gone, as I was pinching my skin there washardly any to grab. I felt really uplifted and looked in the mirror, I definitely looked morestreamlined, it is really noticable. Sooooo I jumped on the scales and to my astonishment, ---> click here for YOUR OWN CAPSIPLEX <---I’d lost 9lbs. That’s 9lbs lighter than when I weighed myself 2 days ago. It just seemed tovanish overnight. All the time I thought it wasn’t doing anything in the first 6 days, itobviously was! I only had about a stone to lose so i’m really happy with the 9lbs, it’smade a big difference already. I feel much more comfortable. I’ve not been dieting assuch. I’m not a massive eater concerning ‘proper food’ and I don’t like junk food. I am achocoholic though and it really is my weakness. I can’t just have a small bar, I have towolf down a family bar lol. I have cut down on the choc this week, I’ve replaced my bigbar for a smaller one but i’ve indulged in a cornetto or two lol. I often have a bar ofGalaxy instead of a meal but sugar is the worse for adding fat to the stomach. Sugarmakes fat collect specifically around the middle and that’s where I had a problem. I hatedthat spare tyre and it’s decidedly smaller now thanx to Capsiplex! So anyone thinking itisn’t working right away? Keep the faith and carry on and you may get a really pleasantsurprise like I did..Good luck!Review Capsiplex by Amanda, May 31, 2011What is the best website to buy these from to ensure i dont purchase fakesReview Capsiplex by Helen, June 1, 2011
    • Hello everyone! I am completely new to this and read through this forum before Ipurchased the Capsiplex.I ordered mine directly from Holland and Barrats UK website (Iam based in the UK and the main website for Capsiplex would have taken far longer todeliver to me otherwise) I am just about to take them after a healthy homemade chickenbreast sandwiche, with a large glass of water as advised at around 5pm before I go to thegym.I am currently 8 stone 7 and want to get down to my goal of 8 stone. I am not overweightby any means but my frame is very petite (at 5’4) and I have excess weight around mymiddle, thighs and bum that I would like to shift (I put on weight quite easily and have towatch what I eat). I am realistic though about my weightloss and wont take it too far.Since the summer of 2010 I lost nearly a stone just by going to the gym 2-3 times a week,working on the crosstrainer for an hour each time approx (great for women in particularas it works out many areas of the body- My weight last year ws 9 stone 6). I also cutdown on snacks etc, although it was hard. It took me about 8-10 months to loose thestone I would say as I did it slowly, which is why its stayed off! I wasnt on ANY dietpills, and capsiplex is the first one I have ever tried (I am 26, female). So as ive tried theexercise route I am very keen to see if these help even more so.I still go to the gym 2-3 times a week and regularly eat alot of spicey food (I cook alot ofmy own Thai food homemade! I dont eat takeaways or fast food etc) So i am hoping thatthe chilli aspect of it will agree with me. However I think i would advise anyone to firstline their stomach with food as from what ive heard of the chilli ingredient, it is quitestrong and even as a regular chilli eater (!) it can give me stomach upsets after a spiceymeal. ---> click here for YOUR OWN CAPSIPLEX <---I have found this forum really useful so would like to thank everyone for their reviews!The negative reviews I have read, perhaps I can shed some light on:a) Make sure you are buying the real product (perhaps this is why it hasnt worked withyou?) Buy from the main website or from Holland and Baratt which are a respectablecompany. I was previously going to buy from ebay but thanks to this forum didnt, as Ididnt consider that the product could be fake. I dont want to take the chance as anythingcould be in it! For saving a bit of money it isnt worth it and you know if the tablets areridiculously cheap that its dodgy!b) People may feel sick due to having fake tablets? OR it could obviousley be a reactionto chillis, especialley if they arnt used to them.c) Whilst some people may loose weight whilst not exercising, this doesnt mean this iswhat everyone shoud do. Every body is different and everybody will react to theingredients slightly differently. It depends on so many factors and I dont expect to see
    • results in a few days or even a week. (Although it would be nice!! )You will helpyourself if you exercise and obviousley cut out crap. Snack on fruit instead.Right enough gabbering! I will update in a week or sos time to see if ive noticed anychange. Good luck everyone!Helen xReview Capsiplex by Helen, June 2, 2011My diary of beginning Capsiplex!Started on: 1st June 2011-Took my first pill at 5:37pm.Ok here is my diary of my first experience with Capsiplex!Symptoms: Felt a bit hot for the first couple of minutes immediately after swallowing thepill. Perhaps as I was nervous but it subsided quite quickly and suddenly, like a big“relief” after 2 minutes! Not very uncomfortable. But it wasn’t unpleasant, just a bitweird!The pills are medium in length and probably the biggest I could personally* swallow(although I’m usually useless at swallowing pills, I didn’t have a problem with these andswallowed them in one take with a lot of water). They didn’t taste of anything for me andI didn’t have an aftertaste, but perhaps this is as I was eating. (I also ate cucumber aftertaking them which is very good at cooling your mouth down) so perhaps this is why I ---> click here for YOUR OWN CAPSIPLEX <---didn’t experience an aftertaste as some people reported? I didn’t get this at any point inthe day.I had also made sure I had eaten a sandwich an hour before to line the stomach and Imade sure I drank a large glass of water.I could feel an elevated heart rate to start with for 5 minutes or so straight after taking thepill but again it could be nerves as I was biased as I have read the reviews thoroughlybefore taking the product. However throughout the day my heartrate was a little higherthan usual which must have been the pill.7.30pm-9pm*I went to my local gym at 7.30pm (I went from 7.30-9pm) and felt AMAZING. I felt fullof energy, happy (on a natural high!!) motivated and as I have been a gym user for thepast year (without diet pills) I could see the difference in endurance immediately- I wasable to sustain working out on the higher levels on the cross trainer thn usual and forlonger periods!
    • 9pm onwards…and still not feeling hungry on my return!! Usually I am hungry after the gym so this isVERY unusual for me! I drank a little more water than usual but this may be from thegym.12pm onwardsStarted to feel “hunger pangs” but hadn’t felt hungry since my last meal at 5pm! (Shouldhave taken the pill earlier in the day!!) I think the slightly nauseating feeling some peoplemay be feeling is due to the appetite suppressant of it and because you arnt hungry that“sick” feeling you get on an empty stomach. I didn’t get these hunger pangs for 8 hoursthough since my last meal which is extremely good for me! I will just remember to take itearlier in the day which is very important. It certainly seems to work with me havingsuppressed my hunger for 8 hours!!The only other natural thing that’s supressed my appetite usually is porridge but it doesn’tlast half as long, so I’m very impressed! Since dieting I have never experienced thisbefore!!!The only thing is I feel I took the pill far too late (at nearly 6pm) as I then couldnt sleepuntil 3.30am!! . So that’s 9.5 hours it seems it took MY* body to wear off (I say MYbody in capitals as everyone will obviously be different and needs to keep their own*diary for the first week or so! Its so usful doing this as you can keep a releastic view onthings as they occur!) ---> click here for YOUR OWN CAPSIPLEX <---June 2nd 2011*I have just weighed myself this morning (June 2nd) and appear to be a pound lighter aftera day! However this could be water retention, but I will know at the end of the week.I know at this rate of exercising AND using this product because its such a great naturalappetite suppressor for me that I should easily loose the weight!! So far I’m extremely***impressed with this product!I will update as I progress!Helen xReview Capsiplex by Kelly, June 13, 2011I have been taking these tablets for nearly 3weeks now and I only have a stone to lose. Ihave been following a slimming world plan and doing 6hours of intensive exercise a
    • week and iv only lost 1 pound which is absolutely shockin!! god knows how everyonecan lose 6pounds and so on and I lose 1 pound in 3 weeks. Very disappointed.Review Capsiplex by Jodie, June 14, 2011Overall Rating Effectiveness Guarantee PriceI have been taking capsiplex for what will be the third week and in 2 weeks have lost 7lb,The first 2 days felt a little hot in the stomach but that was it! Feel like have more energyand just about to buy my second bottle! I take mine fist thing in the morning as onlyexercise once a week and on workout day i take 30 mins before the workout. I am alsoeating healthier, cutting out bread, pasta and most junk foods.These are great pills if you want to boost weight loss and increase energy levels.Review Capsiplex by Kaye, July 5, 2011Ordered my bottle of Capsiplex yesterday – could be a waste of £30 but will keep anupdate for the first bottle and post the results.Review Capsiplex by Daisy, July 6, 2011Overall Rating Effectiveness Guarantee PriceI have been taking these for 3 weeks and have lost 8lb unto now since been on them,although I have also been dieting since feb and lost a total of 1st 11lb. I did notice thedizzy jittery spells on first day but more unusually I have become constipated. Hasanyone else experience this as with chilli I would expect the opposite affect. ---> click here for YOUR OWN CAPSIPLEX <---Review Capsiplex by Louise, July 10, 2011Overall Rating Effectiveness Guarantee PriceI have only been taking them for 4 days with a balanced diet and not eating after 6.30pm,I’m quite an active person who goes to gym 5 times a week. 3lb down so far after anuncontrollable hormone imbalance causing a weight gain of 2.5st and finding itextremely difficult to loose. I took my first pill 40 mins before a morning exercise classand found i had more energy but did sweat loads more than normal. other than that noother side effects. think I have found my match ---> click here for YOUR OWN CAPSIPLEX <---