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  1. 1. VenezuelaBy Thinula De SilvaGr. 7-1
  2. 2. LocationUnder the equator, in thecontinent of SouthAmerica, there liesVenezuela. To its north isthe Caribbean Sea. On theeast side is Guyana, whileto the west side isColombia. In its southernside lies Brazil. Thispictures shows Venezuelawith its borders.
  3. 3. Geographic FeaturesThere are many variationsin Venezuela’s landscape.Andes mountains lie in thenortheast of the country.Towards the south, thereare highlands. It is alsohome to the Angel Falls,the tallest waterfall in theworld. In the central area,there are plains such asLos Llanos.
  4. 4. ClimateIn Venezuela, the temperature isalways about 30o Celsius. Themain factor to this heat ishumidity. Venezuela has beendivided into 4 temperature zonesthat are measured by the altitudeof the land. Less than 800mabove sea level, the temperaturemeasures 26-28oC. 800-2000mabove sea level has a temperatureof 12-25oC. When the ground is2000-3000m above sea level, thetemperature measures 9-11oC.And when the altitude is morethan 3000m, it is below 8oC.
  5. 5. Venezuela vs. Canada If Venezuela were your home instead of Canada, you would…- Have 4.2 higher chances of dying in infancy- Have 97.37% more siblings- Use 80.8% less electricity- Make 65.89% less money- Consume 58.83% less oil- Die 7.52 years sooner
  6. 6. People There is a population of 27675 740 people inVenezuela as of 2011 thusit’s the 45th most populouscountry. Their officiallanguage is Spanish, butsome inhabitants use otherlanguages. 96% of thepeople there are RomanCatholics, 2% areProtestants and theremaining 2% follow otherreligions. In 2006, thepopulation of the capital,Caracas was 1 and now it is8.3 million.
  7. 7. EnvironmentVenezuela is the mostbiodiverse country in theworld. Yet, most of the animalin this country are originallyfrom Asia. When there was aland bridge connecting Asiaand North America, newspecies came travelledthrough this land bridge,down North and CentralAmerica and filtered in SouthAmerica. Some of the animalsin Venezuela include jaguars,giant anteaters, eagles,anacondas, monkeys, big cats,vampire bats, etc.
  8. 8. History In 1499, Christopher Columbuslanded in Venezuela in the year.The Spanish began to colonizeVenezuela in 1535. In 1550,African slaves were sent toVenezuela to work. Spaincombined Venezuela and itsborders, to form one largecolony, in the 1700s. In 1810,Napoleon overthrew the king ofSpain. On July 5th, 1811 Venezueladeclared its independence. Therewas a war in 1812 where Spaintried to take back Venezuela’sindependence, but Simon Bolivarand his troops defeated Spain.
  9. 9. GovernmentVenezuela uses a federal republicgovernment with 5 branches:executive, legislative, judiciary,electoral and citizen. HugoChavez has been Venezuela’spresident since 1999 and forth.If you’re the president, you’re incharge of the federal, provincialand municipal problems. There’sno provincial and municipalgovernments there. InVenezuela, they choose theirleader by voting. Their electionshappen every 6 years. The nextelection is going to be onOctober 7th, 2012.
  10. 10. Economy Venezuela produces corn,rice, bananas, coffee, bee,pork, milk, eggs, etc. Theyhave many kinds ofindustries, namelypetroleum, foodprocessing, iron ore mining,steel, aluminum, and muchmore. For currency, theyuse Bolivars. They exportmainly oils, gases andagricultural products. Thepicture in the right is 100Bolivars.
  11. 11. TourismVenezuela offers you alarge amount of tourism.The number of touriststhat visited Venezuela thisyear increased by 49.5%.This country providesplaces such as Caracas,The Andes, The Amazon,Margarita Island, as wellas museums in Caracas.
  12. 12. Interesting FactsVenezuela is 912 050 squarefeet, making it twice as big asCalifornia and the 33rd largestcountry by size. It is one ofthe oldest democracies inSouth America. It’sgeographical location are 8oN,66oW.The highest point isBolivar Peak, at a height of 5007 meters. The people’s lifeexpectancy is 73. The AngelsFalls, located in the Amazon, isthe world’s tallest waterfall,with a height of 979m.
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