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Bike share is a region-wide program that allows the public to rent bicycles docked at self-service stations. You can access the bikes with a day pass or annual membership. Pick them up at one station and drop them off at another. Bike share serves both locals and visitors; a fun and healthy way to reach your destination. Bike share complements other forms of public transit and supports local businesses.

Bike share is rolling in 500 cities worldwide with over 500,000 bikes. By the end of next year, 75 cities in North America will have a program, including our region!

Coast Bike Share is Tampa’s community Bike Share Program. Residents and visitors will have access to 300 public bicycles distributed throughout downtown, Ybor City, and Hyde Park. Use the bikes to commute to work, do errands, visit friends, or just for fun!

Bike Share will enhance transportation options by making it possible to quickly access a public bicycle near places of employment, tourist destinations, educational institutions, and transit stops. The program seeks to encourage bicycle usage as an environmentally-friendly and congestion reducing transportation option.

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Coast Bike Share Sponsorship Opportunities

  1. 1. Request for Qualifications TAMPA BIKE SHARING PROGRAM: SPONSORSHIP & MARKETING OPPORTUNITIES issued by: 10.2014
  2. 2. TABLE OF CONTENTS Introduction to Bike Share  Overview p.1  Benefits of Bike Share p.2  Where is Bike Share p.3 Coast Bike Share  Program Overview p.6 TAMPA BIKE SHARE: SPONSORSHIP & MARKETING OPPORTUNITIES Bike Share Sponsorship  Promotional Assets p.8  Sponsorship Opportunities p.9  Advertising Assets p.10  Comparable Assets p.11  Consumer Reach p.12  Notable Sponsors p.13 Selection Process  Deadlines, Selection Criteria & Submittal Info p.14 Sponsor or Advertise on this bike, kiosks, docks, maps, and much more! An amazing opportunity.
  4. 4. INTRO TO BIKE SHARE Bicycle sharing is a healthy and sustainable form of public transportation in which bicycles are made available for shared use by individuals on a short term basis. The bicycles are geared primarily for transportation: to get to and from work, and for leisure and recreational trips. Proven to be incredibly successful in cities around the globe, bike share provides a fun and healthy way to commute to work, zip around town and explore the sites. The City of Tampa is preparing to launch a bike share program with a network of 300 bicycles and 30 stations to serve Tampa Bay area residents, workers and visitors. CycleHop is reaching out to local companies to gauge interest for supporting the new program through sponsorship, advertising and membership endeavors. Bike share is a genuine and rewarding way to connect with your customers and employees while energizing the community. With your help, bikes will start rolling soon and Tampa will become an even better place to live, work and visit. PROGRAM HISTORY Mayor Bob Buckhorn embraces the new bike share program as a cornerstone of Tampa’s investment in transportation infrastructure. The goal is to connect communities, attractions, and destinations; create green jobs; and attract companies and leading professionals to the region. This foundation will allow Tampa Bay’s economy to grow and prosper. In late 2012, Mayor Buckhorn and the City of Tampa requested proposals for a bike share system. “I was pleased to announce that a partnership between CycleHop and Social Bicycles won,” said Mayor Buckhorn. “While we join cities like London and Washington, D.C. in having a bike sharing system, we will be the first large city in the United States to implement a fourth generation program.” The city and other local partners have also committed to a vast expansion of bicycling infrastructure alongside the bike share program’s launch with a number of major projects in the coming years. This includes three mixed use trails. The Tampa Riverwalk will, once complete, run 2.3 miles along the east bank of the Hillsborough River; The Selmon Greenway, will create a linear park below a current expressway tying Ybor City to the river; and the Green Spine will allow for a seamless connection from Ybor City to Hyde Park through the heart of downtown. Ultimately, bike share it is about creating community, making it easier to get around town to visit business, restaurants, parks, and events. It is about the serendipitous stop at the shop you've never noticed, because you took a route you had never imagined. Mayor Buckhorn stated it best, “Intellectual capital is mobile. Young, educated employees can work anywhere. Through programs like bike share, we are transforming Tampa into a more livable, connected city.“ 2X THE US DOUBLED ITS BIKE SHARE FLEET IN 2013. AND WILL DO SO AGAIN IN 2014. TAMPA BIKE SHARE: SPONSORSHIP & MARKETING OPPORTUNITIES 1
  5. 5. BENEFITS OF BIKE SHARE Planet Bike share is the most environmentally friendly form of transit – no pollution, just fresh air and big smiles. Health Riding a bike is good for you: people who cycle for 30 minutes, 5X a week, take half as many sick days as those who don’t. Economy Bike share has a positive impact on the local economy. Every bike share trip produces $7 in local economic activity. Transit Bike share complements existing forms of public transportation, working to create a comprehensive network of transit options. 50% 3 hours of biking per week can reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke by 50%! .82 .82 fewer pounds of CO2 enters the atmosphere for every mile pedaled rather than driven. Why consumers love bike share fun Turns commuting into a daily adventure easy Quick & convenient way to get around town green Promotes clean & sustainable transit engaging Fosters pride in community 40% Percentage of bike share users who reported driving less due to biking. healthy social local friendly 66% 66% of riders use bike share to travel to destinations where they will spend money. Improves vitality and fitness Shared experiences with friends Stop & shop: drives local commerce Ideal way for visitors to explore TAMPA BIKE SHARE: SPONSORSHIP & MARKETING OPPORTUNITIES 2
  6. 6. WHERE IS BIKE SHARE? Bike share is the fastest growing form of public transportation in the world. First popularized in Europe, bike sharing has quickly blossomed around the world. To date, there are over 700 cities with bike share programs, and 1 million bikes rolling on streets worldwide. 700+ WORLDWIDE BIKE SHARE PROGRAMS ARE CURRENTLY ACTIVE OR IN DEVELOPMENT Explosive Growth in the United States Bike share has blossomed in under a decade in the US, with 100 systems active or in development in 2014. 1 2007 100 2 2008 15 2 2009 7 2010 490 14 1 2011 21 2012 90 40 2013 100 2014 4 TAMPA BIKE SHARE: SPONSORSHIP & MARKETING OPPORTUNITIES 3
  7. 7. WHERE IS BIKE SHARE? Bike Share Systems in the United States ACTIVE CITIES PLANNED CITIES Alexandria, VA Arlington, VA Aspen, CO Austin, TX Boston, MA Boulder, CO Brookline, MA Broward County, FL Buffalo, NY Cambridge, MA Charlotte, NC Chattanooga, TN Chicago, IL Cincinnati, OH College Park, MD Columbus, OH Denver, CO Des Moines, IA Fort Worth, TX Greenville ,SC Houston, TX Indianapolis, IN Kailua, Oahu, HI Kansas City, MO Madison, WI Miami Beach, FL Milwaukee, WI Minneapolis, MN Nashville, TN New York City, NY Oklahoma City, OK Omaha, NE Rockville, MD Salt Lake City, UT San Antonio, TX San Francisco, CA Santa Clara Cty, CA Savannah, GA Somerville, MA Spartanburg, SC Tulsa, OK Washington, DC Anaheim, CA Atlanta, GA Baltimore, MD Boise, ID Bridgeport, CT Cleveland, OH Dayton, OH Detroit, MI El Paso, TX Hoboken, NJ King County, WA Long Beach, CA Long Beach, NY Louisville, KY Miami, FL Norfolk, VA Orlando, FL Philadelphia, PA Phoenix, AZ Pittsburgh, PA Portland, ME Portland, OR Providence, RI Richmond, VA San Diego, CA Sacramento, CA Santa Monica, CA Tampa Bay, FL TAMPA BIKE SHARE: SPONSORSHIP & MARKETING OPPORTUNITIES 4
  9. 9. PROGRAM OVERVIEW PROGRAM MANAGEMENT • Program Oversight: City of Tampa, FL • Bike Share Operator: CycleHop, LLC ( • Bike Share Equipment: Social Bicycles ( PROJECTED USAGE • Annual number of users: 50,000 • Annual number of trips: 500,000 BUDGET • Investment in Bike Share Equipment and Setup: $1,600,000 • Annual Operating Costs: $650,000 • Revenue Sources: User Fees and Sponsorship SYSTEM COVERAGE AREA The system will cover downtown Tampa and the surrounding neighborhoods including Hyde Park, Ybor City, Davis Island, Channel District and Tampa Heights. 300 THE NUMBER OF BICYCLES IN THE TAMPA BIKE SHARE PROGRAM 30 THE NUMBER OF BICYCLE STATIONS IN THE TAMPA BIKE SHARE PROGRAM 300 BIKES TAMPA BIKE SHARE: SPONSORSHIP & MARKETING OPPORTUNITIES 6
  11. 11. PROMOTIONAL ASSETS As cities from coast to coast search for healthier, less expensive ways to help locals and tourists get around, bike share has been adopted as a highly effective and hugely popular mode of transit. Early adopters are reaping the benefits of getting in at the ground floor, as the popularity of bike share is exploding and sponsors/ advertisers can capture mindshare with a growing audience. PRESENTING SPONSOR • National exposure in conjunction with highly publicized program launch • System naming rights • Brand inclusion on bikes • Brand inclusion on station kiosks • Brand inclusion in collateral materials and system maps • Brand inclusion on system website and social media outlets, plus locations-based promotions • Complementary and discounted program memberships STATION SPONSORS • Brand inclusion on station kiosk • Station location promoted in marketing materials, plus locations-based promotions • Station location promoted on website, social media, and system maps • Discounted program memberships • First option to lease ad assets at your location ADVERTISING & MARKETING OPPORTUNITIES • Advertising on bicycle baskets, station ad panels and bicycle racks • Event sponsorship: monthly rides and bicycle safety programs • Digital promotions on mobile app, website, and social media platforms • Corporate memberships • Membership subsidies for low income populations • Redistribution vehicle sponsorship • Media partnerships (TV & Radio broadcasters only) • Co-marketing programs BIKE SHARE 14M NUMBER OF ANNUAL VISITORS TO TAMPA $20B ANNUAL VISITOR SPENDING IN TAMPA KIOSKS BIKES RACKS MOBILE WEB PRINT PR OPS TAMPA BIKE SHARE: SPONSORSHIP & MARKETING OPPORTUNITIES 8
  12. 12. SPONSORSHIP OPPORTUNITIES PRESENTING SPONSOR A high visibility opportunity to forge a dynamic brand presence while having a meaningful effect on the daily life of your community. System Naming Presenting naming rights for bike share system, plus promotion as primary sponsor Bicycle Branding Chosen brand identity on bicycle Logo on Station Chosen brand identity on station base Print Brand integration on collateral materials, including brochures, station maps, merchandise, and promotional goods Promotions Promotion of your brand at launch, community events and membership drives throughout the year, plus PR outreach efforts Memberships Complementary and discounted bike share memberships Digital & Social Media Brand placement and promotions on system website and social media outlets, plus locations-based promotions sent to riders STATION SPONSOR Host a bike share station on your property, an amazing amenity for employees/tenants that also drives casual traffic to your location. Station Branding Business / property owner brand on station kiosk Promotions Station location and name promoted in marketing materials, plus locations-based promotions sent to riders upon lock-up Memberships Complementary and discounted bike share memberships Digital & Social Media Station location and name promoted on website, social media, and system maps Advertising First option to lease advertising assets at your location TAMPA BIKE SHARE: SPONSORSHIP & MARKETING OPPORTUNITIES 9
  13. 13. ADVERTISING ASSETS 1 Bike Baskets Print advertising on high visibility basket ad panels (inside & outside) 2 Kiosk Ad Panels Display advertising on backlit advertising panels 3 Freestanding Ad Panels Display advertising on dedicated advertising panels 4 Bike Docks Print advertising wrapped on bicycle docks 5 Digital & Social Media Digital advertising on system website, mobile applications, and social media channels 6 Print Materials Print advertising in various collateral, including maps, brochures, membership cards and promotional goods ∞ Creative for advertisers to be created/submitted by advertiser. Our marketing team can perform design work for an additional fee. ∞ Generic asset examples shown below are for illustrative purposes only, and may not reflect actual shape/size of equipment used by system. Large/Small Ad Panels Kiosk Bike Baskets STATION NAME STATION NAME 3 2 3 Docks full wrap around inside and outside of bike basket 4 1 Digital 5 Print 6 TAMPA BIKE SHARE: SPONSORSHIP & MARKETING OPPORTUNITIES 10
  14. 14. COMPARABLE ASSETS Bike share goes beyond Out of Home Advertising (OOH) Naming Rights (Bike Share) is comparable to Naming Rights (Stadiums) CITIBIKE | $6.8M / Year CITIFIELD | $20M / Year Tampa Title Sponsor | $1M / Year (projected) RAYMOND JAMES STADIUM | $3.1M / Year Bike Share Station Branding is comparable to Bus Shelter Wraps Bike Station Kiosk Ad Panels are comparable to Bus Shelted Ads Bicycle Basket/Rack Ads are comparable to Taxi Top Media TAMPA BIKE SHARE: SPONSORSHIP & MARKETING OPPORTUNITIES 11
  15. 15. CONSUMER REACH Bike share generates millions of impressions RIDER TYPES EXPOSURE IMPRESSIONS DEMOGRAPHICS 20% ANNUAL MEMBERS CASUAL USERS 80% 1 BICYCLE IS SHARED BY 1,000 PEOPLE Large employers and public service businesses for commuters 500 BICYCLES PRODUCE OVER 360M IMPRESSIONS/YEAR KEY BIKE SHARE TRIP GENERATORS Local hotels, popular attractions, convention centers, sports venues Extending transit systems and using cycling infrastructure 47% 30-40 YRS 37% 20-30 YRS 60% 40% Proximity to large, active college student populations and staff members MALE FEMALE Dense residential areas and commercial developments TAMPA BIKE SHARE: SPONSORSHIP & MARKETING OPPORTUNITIES 12
  16. 16. NOTABLE SPONSORS Companies sponsoring bike share around the country TAMPA BIKE SHARE: SPONSORSHIP & MARKETING OPPORTUNITIES 13
  17. 17. DEADLINES & CRITERIA Please download and fill out the Submittal of Interest Form. Bids are due by November 30th, 2014. You must submit electronically to the following address: CycleHop may extend the submittal deadline and/or cancel this RFQ at any time without notice. For questions related to this RFQ please contact: Michael Belli National Director, Sponsorship & Media Sales CycleHop, LLC (714) 313.1942 • SELECTION CRITERIA CycleHop, LLC and City of Tampa will select a title sponsor, station sponsors and advertising partners based on considerations including, but not limited to, those listed below. The highest monetary offer does not guarantee the selection outcome. • Bid price, quantity, and term • Brand fit • Company reputation • Local presence in Tampa • Involvement in the community • Companies that bid on multiple assets will receive higher consideration than others, as the City of Tampa prefers to have 1-5 sponsors for system-wide sponsorship and for advertising on the stations and bicycles. ADDITIONAL TERMS • This RFQ in no manner obligates CycleHop or the City of Tampa to accept offers until a valid written agreement is executed by CycleHop and selected sponsor(s). • Submitting a bid is not considered a commitment by the bidder. Only after the bidder is selected and a final agreement is negotiated/signed between the parties will the bidder be obligated to the agreed upon terms. • Bidder may withdraw their bid at any time and for any reason following written notification to CycleHop. • Agencies representing a company/brand are required to include in their bid a letter of representation from the company/brand they are representing. • CycleHop may request that bidders supply additional information following the initial submittal. • CycleHop, LLC and the City of Tampa reserve the right to reject any bid for any reason without explanation. • CycleHop and the City of Tampa are not responsible for any costs associated with preparation and submittal of responses to this RFQ. TAMPA BIKE SHARE: SPONSORSHIP & MARKETING OPPORTUNITIES 14
  18. 18. CYCLEHOP.COM