AMY ADAMS, a mother "can't be tough"


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AMY ADAMS, a mother "can't be tough"

  1. 1. AMY ADAMS, a mother "cant be tough"As a new mom, Amy Adams would be celebrating her third Mother’s Day this year, and shecouldn’t be happier. She said that daughter Aviana has brought out the softer side in her: “I can’tbe tough. There’s no truth to it. I love her. I need her in my life. I can’t pretend otherwise.” Who is Amy Adams? Ever since her acclaimed performance in Junebug -- for which the previously unknown Amy Adams was nominated for a Best Supporting Actress Oscar -- and her star-making turn in Enchanted, the bubbly ginger has been Hollywood’s go-to nice girl, a role she’s embraced wholeheartedly (until now). After Leap Year flopped at the box office, Adams role in The Fighter, David O. Russell’s boxing-movie-slash-awards-magnet, couldn’t have come at a more crucial time. As Mark Wahlberg’s rough-around-the-edges girlfriend, the role is Adams’ most searing, grittiest performance to date, and it earned her an Oscar nomination for Best Supporting Actress. As if that wasnt enoughto solidify a career, Adams was just cast as Lois Lane in Zack Snyders upcoming (for 2012)Superman reboot.Amy Adams Quote" I dont intentionally try to find the scripts with unattractive characters, but I think that if acharacter is described in a script as heart-stoppingly beautiful, and theres nothing else said abouther, it just doesnt hold a lot of interest for me."But shes still a gorgeous woman, here concluded 2 scenes where she waswearing beautiful dresses. And PERSUN also suggests you to consider those costumes before andafter pregnance.Scene 1:Amy Adams Channels Veronica Lake and Looks Fabulous DoingIt
  2. 2. Amy Adams totally channeled Veronica Lake and she looked fabulous doing it. The movie starand mom was spotted at the Vanity Fair and Juicy Couture “Vanities” 20th Anniversary Party inHollywood.Amy wore a simple yet totally chic black prom dress, a pair of nude hued heels, and wore her hairoff to one side in a very retro yet glam way. One thing about Amy Adams, she can look so sweetand yet also very sultry.Scene 2:Amy Adams Embraces Post-Pregnancy PoundsThe majority of celebrity moms are rushing to get back into size zero shape as soon as possibleafter giving birth, but actress Amy Adams doesn’t seem too concerned about carrying a few extra pounds since she had her daughter, Aviana. Shes in a red pen robe and beige top, wearing a quite shinning smile. Not all the mothers-to-be can wear this prom look. Amy wholeheartedly embraces her post-pregnancy body, and said, “I read about these actresses who get on a stationary bike two weeks after giving birth and I’m like, ‘What? Where did you push your baby out of? Since having Aviana, I have a muffin top, and that’s okay right now.” Don’t you think that more new moms should shout that phrase out loud and be proud of it? “I have a muffin top, and that’s okay right now!” PERSUN would like to give Amy a huge round of applause for speaking out for moms everywhere who wonder if their favorite pair of jeans are ever going to fit again. Amy definitely has her priorities straight and admits that having a
  3. 3. child has turned her life upside down a bit. She said, “I’m definitely not one of those women whomake it look easy. I’m always running late — and look, there’s guacamole on my purse! But I’mmore patient than I ever thought I would be, and I’m not so hard on myself anymore.”Amy really sounds like a celeb mom who regular moms can relate to. And even though she thinksshe has a muffin top, she looks pretty amazing to us!