Building A Successful Following: NECINA Presentation


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Building A Successful Following: NECINA Presentation

  1. 1. CONFIDENTIAL Copyright © 2013 MarketMeSuite, LTD 1
  2. 2. Building a Successful Following Tammy Kahn Fennell CEO MarketMeSuite
  3. 3. Agenda Intro Initiate Execute • Social Media Engagement Problem • Key Elements • Engagement • Measure Effectiveness • Key Takeaways Measure
  4. 4. The Social Media Engagement Problem • How do I build a targeted following? • How do I find people who need my product or service? • How do I get attention from the media, influencers and potential partners?
  5. 5. Why Did We Build MarketMeSuite? In our own businesses, we needed a better way to find quality conversations, influencers, and convert followers into paying customers…
  6. 6. Setting up a campaign CONFIDENTIAL Copyright © 2013 MarketMeSuite, LTD 6
  7. 7. There are Social Marketing Rules Understanding the basics. • The same rules apply to social media situations as real life ones. Be real, be relevant, be useful, and people will want to talk to you. • Don’t be a Social Media streaker. If you're the crazy person shouting randomness at no one in particular, you aren't going to get a lot of traction in offline situations (or at least not the right attention!). • The same holds true for online situations: Find your customers, talk to them, find out what they want, and interact.
  8. 8. 4 Key Elements For Social Marketing Take a 4-step approach: Manage Measure Curate Engage
  9. 9. Get Organized! Management Filters out the noise • Separate accounts o One “Main” account o One Help account o Personal account o Team members • Pull all your social marketing into one place o Cross posting o Load sharing across team • Focus on actionable content o @Replies o DMs o Relevant Searches
  10. 10. Do You Know Your Audience? Let’s stop and think for a moment. The more you know about your niche, the greater the impact of Social Media Marketing. Write it down. • What is your niche? • List 10 keywords and phrases related to your business • Who are your customers? Where are they located? • What can you offer to HELP the customer •Advice •Support •Discounts •Recommendations Knowledge = effectiveness
  11. 11. Campaign Execution CONFIDENTIAL Copyright © 2013 MarketMeSuite, LTD 11
  12. 12. Put Yourself Out There Set-up your profile. • • • It’s the first impression people get of you Include an appropriate pictures in each allotted area Your description = your message Express Yourself • Display your handle anywhere you can • Business cards • Storefront • Twitter button on your website • Embedded “follow” button in emails Content is King • • • • Schedule and share Repurpose content Comment on relevant news Retweet
  13. 13. It Doesn’t Take All Day! You can’t be there 24/7 We’ve established that you: • Need a real presence (your SMB secret weapon) • Cannot completely automate There are some tricks! • Scheduling o • Auto DM o o • Florist who gets the Twitter handle of all customers, and schedules up tweets leading up to, on, and just after the wedding, ensuring maximum engagement all organized in advance (Great for birthdays too) Can be controversial, but great way to welcome new followers “Thanks for following me, use this code at checkout and get 10% off” RSS o o Have a blog? Automatically hook it up to your social media accounts Tweet out industry posts as well, but give them credit
  14. 14. How Chris Brogan Got Us In This Book You have something that larger companies wish they had (and pay a lot to emulate). Realness and ability to react quickly. Engagement = business. How Chris Brogan Landed us in this book… • • • • • Someone tweeted “Chris Brogan is at the CIC” I tweeted him saying “hey, if you’re on the 9th floor, you need to pass the 5th on your way out” He came to see our space He tweeted that he was “Checking out @MarketMeSuite at the CIC” Aliza Sherman, author of this book, saw it, and included us in a list of the best engagement tools!
  15. 15. Staying the Course • It's rare to catch a 5 pound fish just after you've dipped your pole in the water • Like SEO, it needs time • Stay the course
  16. 16. Measure CONFIDENTIAL Copyright © 2013 MarketMeSuite, LTD 16
  17. 17. What Should I Measure? • Engagement • Likes and favorites • Retweets and shares • Replies and comments • Clicks • Time • When time do you get the most engagement? • Where engagement occurs • Response • Support? • Promotions? • Suggestions? • Content (clicks, shares, insights)
  18. 18. People Will Speak Their Minds! • Don’t be surprised to hear strong opinions – it’s a good measurement metric! • Engaging is important for both negative and positive comments • Engage with people who make suggestions .
  19. 19. Did It Work? The top reason businesses stop using Social Media Marketing? They can’t figure out if it’s working. A few things you have to accept about Social Marketing: • It isn’t an exact science • There is going to be trial and error • You can’t put it on complete auto pilot (more on that in a second) There are tools to help! • MarketMeSuite shows you what you’ve done and who has done it, so you can start to track what is working best
  20. 20. What’s Harder To Track Generals • “engagement” • “reach” • “impressions” Individuals •“a segment of one” Word of mouth •“I heard from a friend”….you saw on social media…. Get your hands dirty and stay as close as possible to what’s going on in your market
  21. 21. Let’s Review! CONFIDENTIAL Copyright © 2013 MarketMeSuite, LTD 21
  22. 22. Key Takeaways It can be done! Today you’re expected to navigate through the social sphere looking, hoping, you can find people willing to pay you money for your product or service… With these 3 steps, you can! • • • Initiate o Strong management helps you cut through the noise you can be effective Execute o Don’t suffer from social content overload, filter for the stuff that really matters o Convert leads by engaging, leveraging that “realness” you can provide Measure o Use tools to figure out what’s working and keep going! Then, set it in motion and save time using automation tricks
  23. 23. MarketMeSuite Can Help Our Inbox For Social gives our customers the tools they need to Organize, Prioritize, Engage and Grow! Go to for a free trial!
  24. 24. Let’s Connect! Connect with me: Tammy Kahn Fennell @tammykfennell @marketmesuite @marketmehelp