Transfer buying for a healthier life worksheet


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Transfer buying for a healthier life worksheet

  1. 1. Essential Oils for a Healthier Life WorksheetWed like to show you how to take the $100 youre already spending at the drugstore and transfer those dollars to buy pure, chemical-free products from YoungLiving. We call this "transfer buying." You may be surprised how easy it is tochoose $100 of products youll use in EVERY ROOM OF YOUR HOUSE, everymonth. Whats more, Young Living offers rebates and credit towards FREEproducts! Does your drug store do that?Activity: Set-up Your Essential Rewards Autoship Order;Supplies: Transfer Buying Worksheet (below); Product Price List;Pencil, Highlighter, Notebook Paper;Time: 30-60 minutes;Step 1: Go through each room in your house. Write down a list of what youalready own in the categories of first aid, nutritional supplements, personal care,home care, childrens personal care, and pet care.Step 2: Look at the first column below, and highlight any item that you currentlyuse in your home.Step 3: Find the corresponding items in the second column, and highlight thoseitems in the product price list.Step 4: Select at least $100.00 from your highlighted list of products (use thepersonal volume (or PV) column). These products become this months EssentialRewards Auto Ship Order.Step 5: Call Order Entry, 800-371-2928 and ask to set-up your EssentialRewards Auto Ship. You get to choose any day of the month to have yourproducts shipped. You get to choose your method of payment AND you canchange your order every month!Step 6: Review the Essential Rewards Auto Ship program that came in yourStarter Kit. You will learn how up to 20% of your Essential Rewards Auto Shipcan be used to earn FREE products.What You Use Now:What You Could Use With Young Living:FIRST AID:Headache/Migraine Relief Tablet
  2. 2. Peppermint, , Frankincense, Marjoram,M-Grain, PanAway, Aroma Siez, RC, Peace & Calming, MultiGreens, Omega Blue,Longevity, AlkaLimeFever Reduction TabletLemon, Peppermint, Lavender. Wintergreen, R.C.Burns / Cuts / Scrapes OintmentLavender, Melrose, Thieves, LavaDerm Mist, Rose OintmentBites / Stings / Rash OintmentPurification, Melrose, Tranquil, Wintergreen, Rose OintmentSore Throat Lozenges(Thieves/Exodus ll /Christmas Spirit/paint throat with Q-tip doused in one of the3), ImmuPower. Thieves Lozenges, (gargle NingXia Red,) Fresh Essence PlusMouthwashSinus / Allergy / Cough SyrupRC, Raven, ImmuPower, Exodus II, Thieves, Breathe Again Roll-On, myrtle,peppermint, Eucalyptus Blue, Super C, ImmuneTune, Super B, Exodus, ThievesSpray, Thieves Hard and Soft Lozenges, Inner Defense, Longivity, NingXia RedAntibiotic Formula (Dr. Friedmann)12 drops Thieves6 drops Oregano2 drops Frankincenseput into a "00" gel capsuleGarys Antibiotic Formula10 drops Lemon,4 drops Clove,4 drops frankincense3 drops Oregano.3 times a day in a capsuleOrHere is the natural antibiotic enhancement
  3. 3. 10 drops Lemon,8 drops Mountain Savory,3 drops Oregano1 drop Cinnamon Bark.Digestive TabletsDiGize, Peppermint, AlkaLime, Life 5, Enzymes, Cleansing TrioNatural Sleep Aid / Stress Relief TabletsPeace & Calming, Lavender, RutaVaLa, Valerian, AlkaLime , ImmuPro,DetoxyzmeSunburn Relief OintmentLavender, LavaDerm Mist, Rose OintmentCold Sore OintmentMelissa, Melrose, Marjoram, Lavender, LavaDerm Mist, Rose OintmentNUTRITIONAL SUPPLEMENTS:Multi Vitamin SupplementMaster Formula His/Hers, NingXia Red, True Source, Core EssentialsMineral SupplementMineral Essence, NingXia RedVitamin C SupplementSuper C, Super C Chewable, NingXia RedVitamin B SupplementSuper BCalcium SupplementSuper Cal, Mega CalDigestive Support /Enzymes / Probiotics, AlkaLime,Cleansing Trio, Carobozyme, Essentialzyme, Detoxzyme, Lipozyme, Polyzyme,
  4. 4. ParaFree,Life 5Heart & CardiovascularProtectionCardiaCare, HRT, Rhemogen, NingXia RedAroma Life, Omega BlueAntioxidantsNingXia Detoxyzme, Longivity, Super C, AlkaLimeFiber/ColonHealth Cleansing Trio, Comfortone, ICP, Essential Zyme, Detoxzyme, Digest &CleanseEssential Fatty AcidsOmega Blue, Lipozymes, Detoxzyme, LongivityMenopausal SupportLady Sclareol, SclarEssence, Dragon Time, EndoFlex, FemiGen, Prenolone,Prenolone+, Progessence, NingXia Red , Master Hers, Mister, ProGen ProtecWeight LossThermaBurn, Be-Fit, EndoGize,Thyromin, Ultra Young, PD 80/20, BalanceComplete, Power Meal, Progessence+, ComFortone, ICP, Valor, RutaVaLa,Tranquil , EndoFlex, Sclaressence,Power BarPower Meal, MultiGreens, NingXia Red, YL Manna Bar Apple-Cinnamon, YLManna Bar Apricot, Wolfberry Crisp BarEnergy / Performance /VitalitySexual Vitality / Prostate HealthNingXia Red, Power Meal, MultiGreens, Omega Blue, EndoGize, , NingXia Red,Sensation Oil, Sensation Massage Oil, Prenolone + Body Cream, Goldenrod,ProGen, Protec, Mister, Sclaressence, Goldenrod, Clary sage, Patchouli
  5. 5. Muscle Building / ProteinGoldenrod, ProGen, Protec, Power Meal, BeFit, Pure Protein, SulfurzymeBone / Joint Health BLM, Sulfurzyme,BLM, Sulfurzyme, MegaCal, Pure Protein, NingXia Red, Idaho Balsam Fir,Wintergreen, PanAway, Deep Relief Roll-onPeppermint, NureoGen CreamSkin/Hair/Nail SupplementSulfurzymeEndocrine SupportEndoFlex, Dragon Time, Mister, Thyromin, Estro, Ultra Young, Femalin, ProGen,CortiStop, Clariderm Spray, PD 80/20, EndoGizeBladder / Kidney SupportK&B Tincture, EndoFlex,For infection:Hot compress of. 5 drops juniper. 5 drops tangerine. 3 drops geranium. 1 drop helichrysumMyrrh in cap and EndoFlex over kidneys.Strengthen the kidneysJuniper and LemongrassKidney Stones: 15 drops frankincense-15 drops lemon every hourLiver SupportJuvatone, JuvaPower, JuvaSpice, RE-JUVA-NATE Kit, GLF, JuvaCleanse,Lemon
  6. 6. Anti-Aging / LongevityNingXia Red, Longevity Soft Gels, Detoxyzme, Ultra Young, Ultra Young+, BrainPower, ClarityAddiction RecoveryCleansing Trio, JuvaTone, NingXia Red Peace & Calming, peppermintNatural Sweeteners / SugarAlternativesBlue Agave, Stevia ExtractRefreshing Drink / SodaReplacementNingXia Red, Lemon-Grapefruit, Orange, Tangerine, Peppermint Oils. Lemon oilwith Agave.Vision SupportNingXia Red, Dried Wolfberries, Omega Blue, Frankincense, Wolfberry eyecreamEmotional SupportJoy, Rose, Palo Santo, Bergamot, Balsam fir, lavender, Frankincense, RutaVala,Tranquil, Peace & Calming, Harmony, White Angelica, Believe, Gold of the Gods,Valor, NingXia RedPERSONAL CARE:DeodorantAromaGuard Meadow Mist Deodorant,AromaGuard Mountain Mint Deodorant,Believe Oil, lavenderToothpasteDentarome, Dentarome Plus, Dentarome Ultra, Mouthwash Fresh Essence PlusMoisturizing SoapsLavender-Rosewood, Melaleuca-Geranium, Morning Start, Peppermint-Cedarwood, Sacred Mountain, Valor, Lavender Foaming hand soap
  7. 7. Cleansing / Antibacterial SoapsBar Soaps: Lemon-Sandlewood, Thieves, Melaleuca-Geranium MoisturingizngSoap, Thieves foaming hand soap, Thieves hand Purifer,ShampooShampoo: Lavender Volume, Lemon Sage Clarifying, Rosewood Moisturizing,ConditionerConditioner Lavender Volume, Lemon Sage Clarifying, Rosewood MoisturizingInsect RepellentPeppermint, Purification, Lemongrass, ThievesMuscles & Joints Pain (Topical)PanAway, Idaho Balsam Fir, Peppermint, NeuroGen, Regenolone, Wintergreen,Deep Relief Roll OnHand Moisturizing LotionSatin Hand & Body Lotion, Sensation Hand & Body Lotion, Genesis, KidsScentsLotion,Lavender Hand & Body LotionBody Cleanser, Bath & Shower Gels:Evening Peace, Morning Start, Dragon Time, Sensation Bath & Shower gel,Lavender Bath & Shower, Make your own fragrance with Bath & Shower Gel BaseFacial Wash / CleanserA.R.T. Gentle Foaming Cleanser, Orange Blossom Facial WashDaytime MoisturizerA.R.T. Day Activator, Sandlewood Moisture Cream, Wolfberry eye cream,Boswella Wrinkle Cream, Essential Beauty Serums(for dry skin)Skin ExfoliatorSatin Facial Scrub MintNightime MoisturizerART Night Reconstructor, Sandalwood Moisture CreamSkin TonerA.R.T. Purifying Toner
  8. 8. Wrinkle CreamBoswelia Wrinkle Cream, Wolfberry Eye CreamCellulite ReductionCel-Lite Magic, Grapefruit Oil, lemon, orange, tangerine, Citrus FreshLip BalmCinnamint Lip Balm, Lavender Lip BalmMassage OilDragon Time, Ortho Sport, Ortho Ease, Cel-lite Magic, Relaxation, Sensation, V-6Vegetable Oil ComplexAcne, oil, dry skinEssential Beauty Serums: Dry skin, Oily skin, Acne-Prone skin, lavender,geraniumMoles, warts, skin tagsFrankincense, Palo Santo, Oregano, lemonHand SoapThieves Foaming Hand Soap,Thieves Hand Purifer, Lavender Foaming Hand SoapCHILDRENS SUPPORT:Childrens VitaminKidScents: MightyVites Chewable, MightyMist Oral Spray, NingXia RedChildrens DigestiveEnzymesKidScents: MightyZyme ChewableChildrens Bath GelKidScents Bath Gel, Morning Start Bath Gel, Evening Peace Bath Gel,Childrens Lotion
  9. 9. KidScents Lotion, Lavender Hand & Body lotionChildrens ShampooKidScents Shampoo, Lavender ShampooChildrens Diaper CreamKidScents Tender Tush Ointment, Gentle Baby Oil, Rose OintmentChildrens ToothpasteKidScents Toothpaste, Dentarome Ultra,Thieves Dental Floss, Thieves Fresh Essence mouth washPET CARE:Pet ShampooAnimal Scents ShampooPet SkinAnimal Scents Ointment, lavender, geranium, MelrosePet Health SupportPeace & Calming, Lavender, Valor, Melrose, SulfurzymeChildrens Teething ReliefClove Oil, PanAway Oil, Thieves OilHOME CARE:All Purpose/Floor CleanerThieves Household CleanerBasin/Tub/Tile/Toilet BowlThieves Household CleanerWindow CleanerThieves Household CleanerAir Freshener/ DeodorizeThieves Spray. Lemon Oil, Lavender OilAntiseptic Hand Wipes, Waterless Hand SanitizerThieves Wipes, Thieves Hand PurifierLaundry FreshenerPurification Oil, Joy, Lavender Oil Peppermint Oil, Put on wash cloth and thenadd to dryer, Thieves Cleaner
  10. 10. Carpet DeodorizerPurification, Melrose, Thieves oil, Thieves CleanerCookwareTitanium Cookware: High Rim Frying Pan, Frying Pan, Sauce Pan,Glass lids,Steamer.HOLIDAY & PERSONAL GIFTS:PerfumeJoy, White Angelica, Rose, Jasmine, Hope, Believe ,Lady Sclareol, , Valor,Christmas Spirit, Citrus Fresh, FrankincenseCologne (for Men)Valor, Highest Potential, Believe, Citrus Fresh, Christmas, Spirit, Abundance,Inspiration, Sacred Mountain, Live with Passion, Frankincense, Eucalyptus Blue,Tender Tush, Dorado azulKitsEssence of the Season, Feelings, Essential 7, Golden Touch 1, RaindropTechnique, Twelve Oils of Ancient Scripture, Everyday Oils Essential RewardPack,Aroma Complete Kit 125 bottles of oil 5 ml eachBooksEssential Oils Cookbook,Essential Oils Desk ReferenceBrochures, DVD’s, Essential Success Magazine, Essential Lifestyle magazine,Product Catalog and price sheet