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  1. 1. VIBEBy Tamera Lall
  2. 2. VIBE - Research• It was founded by Quincy Jones, who was partnered with Times Inc.• Founded in 1993.• Vibe mainly focuses on R&B and Hip Hop and the artists/actors in that genre.• It is a music and entertainment magazine.
  3. 3. VIBE - Publishers• VIBE first started when it was partnered with Times Inc.• Then Miller Publishing bought Vibe in 1996.• Then a private equity firm, called The Wicks Group, bought the magazine in 2006.• On June 30 2009, it was announced that VIBE was no longer going to be published, but instead it would keep going online.• After shutting down, InterMedia Partners bought VIBE.
  4. 4. VIBE – target audience• The target audience of VIBE are listeners of the hip hop and R&B genre.• 55% of the readers are men whereas 45% are females.• Most of the target audience are aged 18-34, and the median age is 30 years old.• Also 65% of their readers are employed.
  5. 5. Examples of Front CoversThe front covers of VIBE are fairly similar with their layouts. Most of the covers feature the signaturered masthead that says VIBE. This is classic and simple which makes it recognisable and memorable tothe target audience. All the examples of VIBE magazine front covers have the main image centredwith the text around it. The images feature well known artists of the hip hop and R&B genre that arecurrent and contemporary with recent music. These are good as many people will be able to identifywho they are which could persuade them to buy the magazine. The colour schemes for the covers aremainly red, black and white. This is good as it is simple as it doesn’t look to chaotic on the page so thereaders will be able to easily understand it.
  6. 6. Examples of Contents PagesThe contents pages for VIBE are fairly simple and minimalistic. They mainly use contrasting colours,such as black and white and the text is kept to one side. The images dominate the pages and are usedas the backgrounds as well. The images also feature popular, well-known famous artists of the hiphop and R&B genre which helps to appeal to the target audience. The title on the pages is veryunique which separates the magazine from other ones.
  7. 7. Examples of ArticlesThe double page spreads are mainly dominated by a large image of a famous artist and thenfollowed by a lot of text. The colour schemes are mainly black and white with random pops ofcolour on the images. This is good as you focus mainly on the images so you know who thearticles are about. The text is also separated into columns which make it easier to read and followso it is better for the reader.
  8. 8. My magazine ideas.• Possible names for my magazine could be Hip Hop, Revelation or a mix of the two.• The musical genre I think that I want to do is hip hop as it is a genre that I am familiar with.• My articles could be about an upcoming hip hop artists or an interview with that particular person.