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Helping Clients in Today's Market



Webinar:Hot Topic for California Association of REALTORS

Webinar:Hot Topic for California Association of REALTORS



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  • Tam at desk – NAR Video Bio
  • Read in buyers Manual Getting an Offer from recognizing buying signals through to closing. Trainer refer students to this slide as they complete in their workbook ‘CREATE’ Activity Move students into groups of 3 or pairs for activity. Allocate roles – buyers and consultant. T. Hand out “Frequently asked questions buyers ask when making an offer“ cards to buyers and “ Best practice responses to buyer questions” to consultants. Students role play.
  • Trainer Demonstration Students read in buyer manual ‘When a buyer wishes to make a lower offer’. T. Demonstrate getting buyer up on price. ( Write the low offer on the contract. Check all signatures. Stand up / so will the buyers. Explain that if their offer is accepted they will have entered into a legally binding agreement to purchase the property. Ask them “Do you want me to come back to you if your offer is declined?” Yes? “Would you consider raising your offer?” “Take a seat for a moment” Sit down. “I think both you and I know that this offer is not going to buy the home and I understand you wanting to have a go but I would not be doing my job if I did not explain to you the risks you are taking in doing so.” Explain the dangers of offering too low as per the manual. ) Alter initial offer and get signatures. Ask the class why is this offer more likely to succeed now? It is higher More respectful Shows serious intent It shows how hard you the agent have already worked to get the buyer up on their initial offer so less likely to be countered or dismissed as a “first offer having a go” Activity Students have a go at the role play to increase the offer.      
  •   Students read in Buyers manual “Negotiating between parties” Draw their attention to section on staying impartial T. White board The sellers have 3 Options – Accept – Reject – Counter Trainer explain that just as a buyer risks offending a seller with a low offer so too does a seller risk offending the buyer if they reject their offer or counter back at full price. We can explain the risk but it is the seller’s decision
  •  HANDOUT – Negotiating Style Self Assessment Ask if all have completed their Negotiating Style Self Assessment. (Allow a few minutes for those who have not while others begin task below.    ACTIVITY - PAIRS Interpret each others results. Allow a few people to share with class   Mini Lecture Trainer read points on slide then ask who are the best negotiators in everyday life?   Comments may include; Children or teenagers  
  • Uncover Read aloud this slide and ask the class for the solution “ Cut the orange in half and share” It is tempting to assume compromise is the best solution i.e. half an orange each. However what if one wanted the juice of the orange and the other needed the grated rind of the orange to bake a cake. It would have been better if they first found out each other’s needs before they decided upon a solution. In this case their needs were complimentary and they could have both gotten what they wanted.  
  •   T. mini lecture on memorising the details of the contract. Using this slide Trainer demonstrate how to present the contract correctly .
  • Video – Meet the Great Neighbor Video

Helping Clients in Today's Market Helping Clients in Today's Market Presentation Transcript

  • MOST COMMON MISTAKES beachrealestategal.com  1. All Leads Are Not Created Equal  2. “What can I get’cha?”  3. Oracle vs Messenger  4. No Trust = No Relationship
  • All Leads are NOT Created = REFERRAL INTERNET LEAD
  • “What Can I Get’cha?”
  • Oracle vs Messenger? ORACLE THE MESSENGER
  • No Trust = No Relationship
  • beachrealestategal.com WORKING WITH BUYERS
  • BUYER CONSULTATION  Buyers Packet  Good Qualifying Questions  … A,B,C  Lending Pre-Approval  Current Market Climate  Websites  Review Properties  Follow-Up every day
  • Showing Property 1. Organized & Prepared 2. Relaxed & Fun 3. Good Dialogue, talk about Process: 4. Reminders about Zillow, CMAs, changes in wants/needs. Expectations about market.
  • OFFERS • Create confidence • Reopen the mind • Evidence • Arouse Desire • Trigger Urgency • Effect Closure
  • LOW Offers • Write their first offer onto the contract • Explain legally binding contract if accepted • Ask if unsuccessful would they pay more • Explain risks; the sellers could. . . – Take offense and reject the offer and the people outright – Dismiss them as not serious and become difficult to negotiate with
  • STAYING IMPARTIAL 1. OPINION is not FACT- it is not your decision nor risk to run 2. CREDIBILITY– you risk being wrong 3. PRESENT THE FACTS– does the offer allow them to move on? 4. EXPLAIN OPTIONS – accept, reject, counter 5. ASK FOR INSTRUCTION– being aware of any risks taken
  • IT’S WHAT WE DO  Negotiation is part of what we do every day at every stage of our life  Negotiation is the alternative to conflict  Negotiation needs knowledge to be effective
  • UNDERSTAND WHAT IS HAPPENING Two people are in a kitchen. There is only one orange left and both of them want it. What should they do?
  • OFFER PRESENTATION 1. POSITIVE ATTITUDE - Good news we have an offer and I’m great to work with! 2. HUMANIZE – The buyer and why they want the home 3. AGENT COVER LETTER, HIGHLIGHTS OF OFFER 5. BUYER LOVE LETTER 6. PREAPPROVAL LETTER (DU), FICO & PROOF OF FUNDS 7. OFFER PACKAGE w/ several copies 8. THANK YOU NOTE w/ Starbucks Card 9. COMPLETE RPA, DISCLOSURES, ETC.
  • WORKING FOR SELLERS  CONSULTATIVE – Determining Needs  Written Guarantee of Service  Marketing Timeline  Planned Communication  Showing Feedback  Weekly Written Reports  Review Meetings  All Offers in Writing  Daily Phone Calls
  • GETTING BACK TO BASICS Hi-Touch Hi - Tech  Handwritten Notes – 5 per day  Phone Calls – 5 per day  Systems- Buyer, Seller  Communication Plan  FAQ Sheets  Homebuyer/Seller Resources
  • Bombbomb.com/TS  Streaming Video  Knowledge Base  Video Email Temp  Video Analytics  Video Email Temp  Auto Responders
  • FACE-TO-FACE | New Listing Campaign JUST LISTED CAMPAIGN: Broker Caravan Distribute Flyers & Exclusive Open Door-Knock 50+ Homes Twilight Open House Open House