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Regeneration development group social media presentation

  1. 1. Customize Social Media Plan by Tamara Canady
  2. 2. The demographic of Regeneration Development Group is anactive, participating member of the social media communityallowing an opportunity to access citizens on a personal,informal level. By becoming a participating member of thesocial media community, Regeneration stands to improvetheir brand exposure by 12% over the next 6 months in theHalifax/Edgecombe counties communities.This strategy will include integrating into the social mediacommunity through Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn andWikipedia. The main goal of this strategy is introduceRegeneration Development Group to social media, increasetheir brand awareness and increase participation in trainingfacilities.
  3. 3. To create awareness and promotion ofRegeneration Development Group’s programsand events to surrounding Eastern NorthCarolina Counties and beyondTo develop a network of relationshipsthrough social media with other similar non-profits and activists for resources, supportand fundingTo interact personally with potential andformer participants through social mediacreating virtual support and outreach
  4. 4. Segment Description ObjectiveTarget #1 Potential & Former To create an informal, participants. This informational space for demographic is at-risk, low- this target to interact income families and with RDG individualsTarget #2 Local and statewide News To interact with and alert Media news media to events accomplishments and programsTarget #3 Community Outreach, To network with a organizations and activists community of others with similar organizations & mission will provide a network of support for events & programs
  5. 5. Channel Social integrationWebsite •Add a Twitter feed to homepage •Facebook Community Page (Likes, Comments & Articles) •LinkedIn Group Page Participate in group forums Answer questions Promote Events Interact with other organizations and usersEmail Add SM links to email signaturePrint Twitter handle and Facebook link at end of press releases, newsletters and in printed materials
  6. 6. Twitter and Facebook are great ways tointeract with the community’s individuals.Wall posts, tweets and status updates will begeared towards building an informalrelationships with participants both past andpresent.
  7. 7. Class updates, special events, news clippingswill be posted on all three outlets to increaseawareness, participants and communitysupport. An increase of up to 30%participation over the next six months inevent and training participants can beexpected.
  8. 8. Posts, tweets, and conversations will be aboutcommunity events, highlighting individuals,accomplishments and mention. By remainsemi-formal in conversation with individualsand other users, Regeneration DevelopmentGroup will maintain a personable and socialonline presense.
  9. 9. Twitter will follow back all accounts that areactive. With follow, community activists andoutreach organizations will similar missions,programs and events, local & statewide newsoutlets, reporters and publications.
  10. 10. Tool UseFacebook Facebook is the largest and most popular social media site in the world with 900 million users. 1/5 of Facebook users are between the ages 26-34 bracket of much of Regeneration Development Group participantsTwitter Twitter is the 2nd largest and popular site with 170 million active users. This micro-blogging site with allow 100’s of users to see the latest in Regeneration Development Group news, interaction with followers and more.LinkedIn Upgraded Account (19.99) LinkedIn is a professional social media networking site with 175 million users. This site will be used to target other non-profit organizations, activists, promote special events. Offering other users advice, resources, and support.
  11. 11. We will be using several different tools to measure thesuccess of daily social media use and campaigns:Klout is the de facto tool for measuring social media influence within thesocial media community by measuring mentions, retweets, reshares,comments, wall posts, friends, followers and repliesGoogle Analytics is help us measure the impact social media has onRegeneration Development Group’s business goals and conversions.Integrated web and social data provides a holistic view of Regeneration’scontent and community configured to measure web traffic.Social Mention is a real time search engine that monitors over 100 socialmedia properties.HootSuite is a social media management dashboard that will be used tomonitor all social media sites.
  12. 12. Month DescriptionsOne Set up all accounts Train Regeneration Development Group in social media on how-to Begin finding existing community of participants, organizations, and activists Create Wikipedia PageTwo Continue to build Regeneration Development Group’s social media story Establish highlight story for Facebook and Twitter of a participant (monthly) Interact on LinkedIn Develop hashtags and participate in #BetterNow hashtagThree Continue to develop Month II objectives Promote upcoming events and class on Facebook & LinkedInFour Continue to grow social media community and contacts Adjustments to plan and objectives where needed Update Wikipedia page where needed Develop an online promotion for Regeneration Development Group
  13. 13. Months Descriptions Five Continue to Monthly objectives End online Promotion Promote upcoming events Six Continue monthly objectives Evaluate the past 6 months of Social Media campaign Create new objectives Adjust Old objectives where needed
  14. 14. Daily Social Media Health Checklist• 6 check-ins with each social media page • Give thought of the day or an update• Reply & comment to all interaction • Like a fan’s shared content (picture, video or status)• Interact with followers, friends and • Share your favorite story of the day groups from your RSS reader on your Fan Page• Change pre-scheduled tweets each 24 • Promote a charitable act or inspired hour cycle (6 pre-scheduled tweets) thought• Participate in daily hashtag • Praise someone on their fan page• Thank new followers for following • Answer a question online• Retweet something interesting from Twitter
  15. 15. At this time, the social media sites are freethat will be used except for the upgradedLinkedIn account. The fees for social mediastrategist services are detailed in the contractbetween Regeneration Development Groupand Tamara Canady, social media specialistand stragretist.
  16. 16. Contact Tamara@336.549.8387 or just send an email