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Social Media Proposal

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Regeneration development group social media presentation

  1. 1. Regeneration Development Group Customize Social Media Plan by Tamara Canady Strategy Overview The demographic of Regeneration Development Group is an active, participating member of the social media community allowing an opportunity to access citizens on a personal, informal level. By becoming a participating member of the social media community, Regeneration stands to improve their brand exposure by 12% over the next 6 months in the Halifax/Edgecombe
  2. 2. counties communities. This strategy will include integrating into the social media community through Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Wikipedia. The main goal of this strategy is introduce Regeneration Development Group to social media, increase their brand awareness and increase participation in training facilities. Objectives To create awareness and promotion of Regeneration Development Group’s programs and events to surrounding Eastern North Carolina Counties and beyond To develop a network of relationships through social media
  3. 3. with other similar non-profits and activists for resources, support and funding  To interact personally with potential and former participants through social media creating virtual support and outreach Audience Content IntegrationSocial strategy:
  4. 4. Engagement  Twitter and Facebook are great ways to interact with the community’s individuals. Wall posts, tweets and status updates will be geared towards building an informal relationships with participants both past and present. Social strategy: Promoting  Class updates, special events, news clippings will be posted on all three outlets to increase awareness, participants and community support.
  5. 5. An increase of up to 30% participation over the next six months in event and training participants can be expected. Social strategy: Social content Posts, tweets, and conversations will be about community events, highlighting individuals, accomplishments and mention. By remain semi-formal in conversation with individuals and other users, Regeneration Development Group will maintain a personable and social online presense.
  6. 6. Social strategy: Network Building  Twitter will follow back all accounts that are active. With follow, community activists and outreach organizations will similar missions, programs and events, local & statewide news outlets, reporters and publications.Tool selection and rationale Success MeasurementFirst 6 months Social
  7. 7. Media strategy timelineFirst 6 months Social Media strategy timeline Day To Day Social Media maintenanceBudget  At this time, the social media sites are free that will be used except for the upgraded LinkedIn account. The
  8. 8. fees for social media strategist services are detailed in the contract between Regeneration Development Group and Tamara Canady, social media specialist and stragretist.Got More Questions?  Contact Tamara@336.549.8387 or justsend an email