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Registration Forms - EventFox Registration solution
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Registration Forms - EventFox Registration solution


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Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. EventFox - Registration Solution Registration Forms
  • 2. Access the registration forms from the left menu “Registration Forms”.
  • 3. One default form labelled ‘Registration’ is available. You can add additional fields to this form, or create your own by clicking the ‘Add Profile’ button.
  • 4. To create your own form, choose a name, and add any instructional text in the ‘pre form help’ field. This will show up at the top of the form. If you’d rather display the instructions below the form, add it to the ‘post form help’.
  • 5. In the Advanced Settings you can configure the additional options for organizing contacts and updating duplicates. Additional options Add contacts to a Group: When this form is filled out, the new contacts can be added to a group to keep them organized or send out mailings. Notify when profile is submitted: An email address can be added to send an alert when the form is filled out. If you are using this form for an event, it might send duplicate alerts if both the profile is set to send an alert, and if the event confirmation is set to the managers. Redirect URL: When the form is completed or cancelled, a redirect URL can be configured to link them back to your main website or a thank you page (This will be disabled automatically if the form is used for event registrations). Duplicate matching: To keep your contacts organized, it’s recommended that potential duplicates are set to update.
  • 6. There are 4 types of fields which are used when creating registration forms. • Contacts • Individual • Event Attendee • Formatting Types of Fields Contacts: Contains basic contact information such as addresses, email preferences, phone numbers and groups. Individual: Contacts the individual’s information such as name, employment data, birth dates, gender etc. Event Attendee: This contacts default fields related to event registration. If you create any custom fields specific to your events, they would show up here as well. Formatting: A free HTML field which can be used to create sections within the profile form or to group together related information.
  • 7. Once the type is selected, a second drop down with the individual fields will appear. Fill in the rest of the optional information and save. If you want to continue adding fields use the option ‘save and new’. Additional options Field Label: The field label can be changed to display whatever text you like on the registration form. This will not affect the field label in the manager back end, only how it appears on the public form. Required: The primary registration fields can be marked as public, with other additional information left optional. Field help: Additional instructions can be added here. To display it above the field, fill in the ‘field pre help’. To display it after, fill in the ‘field post help’. For a short tutorial on creating custom fields, click here.
  • 8. In the overview, you can reorder, and rename the fields by mousing over the Field Name. To view your public form click on the button ‘Use’.
  • 9. Registration forms can be used on their own to collect abstracts, newsletter sign ups or other applications. The form can be linked to your website, marketing mailings or any other communications.
  • 10. Registration forms can also be used for event registrations. It will show up with all the custom fields and formatting options.
  • 11. Congratulations! For more information: Check out our Support Library Or contact us for your own EventFox