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Taller dictado por Francisco Yemail.

Taller dictado por Francisco Yemail.



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So da report class 5 So da report class 5 Presentation Transcript

  • SoDA report
  • Agenda Figures Trends Platforms Evolution of digital strategy
  • Figures Fuente: SoDA. Two Thousand and Ten Digital Marketing Outlook
  • Figures Fuente: SoDA. Two Thousand and Ten Digital Marketing Outlook
  • Figures Fuente: SoDA. Two Thousand and Ten Digital Marketing Outlook
  • Trends User Experience • Rich branding experiences, user centered design. • While the user primarily visits to accomplish tasks, each of those visits is an opportunity to sink the brand hook deeper. • Make It Effortless or Don’t Make It: 67% of online customers said their opinion of a brand was affected by their ability to accomplish tasks on their website. (
  • Trends Evolution of Online Storytelling • Flash allowed studios to build immersive online stories for brands and companies around the world. • It’d be easy to say that the rise of Google killed the experiential microsite. • Social media and searchability rule the day. HTML is back. Flash plays a different, more refined role. • Three predictions: • Location • Speed • Emotion
  • Trends The End of Banner Ads •  Ten years ago, a 5% click percentage was achievable. However, today we have moved to a performance of around 0.05%. http://www. •  The InCase and Gowalla case
  • Trends Next Technology Trends •  Cloud Computing: no need for software. •  Mobile Computing. •  Shift to Non-iPhone: iPhones represent less than one percent of all mobile devices worldwide. •  Mobile phone portability, location-awareness and ubiquitous internet connectivity makes it ideal for lifestyle enhancing tools, services, entertainment and content. •  Consumption of Information: information and applications will become platform agnostic and code- unified. (e.g. Adobe Air) •  HTML 5 will address many of the deficiencies of previous versions.
  • Trends Digital Branded Content Syndication •  The audience is the medium: new demographic is doing so much of the content sharing (a.k.a syndication) themselves, they have become virtual content publishers. •  Content Syndication Programs vs. Paid Media Spending. •  Boutique Content Creation and Syndication vs. Global Advertising & Media Agencies. •  Digital Content Syndication & Measurement Service Providers (e.g. Wave Metrix).
  • Trends Digital content Dan Brown’s latest book was scanned and on Bittorrent within 15 minutes of release. •  How do we tackle this?, give content for free?. •  Total freedom of choice that digital distribution offers + on-line phenomenon of ‘long tail marketing’ = more efficient and longer-lasting exploitation cycle. •  Content creators who understand their consumer and have identified the correct channels and appropriate content will maximize their investment.
  • Evolving platforms Digital to change the way consumers interact with Brands Use digital platforms in new ways to make brands an integral and integrated part of their customers’ everyday lives
  • Evolving platforms Principles of gaming changing the conversation •  Success will have less to do with simply getting noticed and everything to do with driving participation. •  Gaming has quickly become the most prevalent activity on the web today. •  The principles of a game empower the desire of its players to participate and be rewarded… with that comes the enviable opportunity to rethink our approach to consumers. •
  • Evolving platforms Changing the way consumers experience brands through true "Interaction” •  The first typewriter received its patent in 1868, and the mouse was invented by Douglas Engelbart in 1968. •  Through applied computer vision we are able to provide new inputs to the computer (Wii, Natal, AR +Webcam). •  There’s also advances in output technology, such as powerful projectors, holographic displays, multi- touch touch screens, large scale LED displays and mobile apps. •  Conclusion: Design for Next Generation Interaction.
  • Evolving platforms AR •  With widespread integration of AR into trusted brands, this convergent technology promises to merge the online and offline experiences for both individual brands and retail stores. • •
  • Evolution of digital strategy 40% of Your Opportunity is Shifting to Mobile •  Location awareness allows content to be extremely relevant, directing users to nearby stores, offering coupons, even providing on the spot customer service. The Social Landscape in 2010 •  Social Media is Mobile. •  Measurement is Critical (KCIsSM) •  Transparency is Not Optional •  Change is Inevitable
  • Evolution of digital strategy Stop Spreading Viruses & Start Giving Gifts •  People share things for their own reasons, not ours. •  When people share, it impacts their reputation and relationships. •  When people give gifts, they don’t ask for favors in return •  It’s time to focus on creating value that consumers will have a personal stake in sharing with each other.
  • Evolution of digital strategy Evolving Roles of Producer, Advertiser, and Audience •  Audiences, producers, and advertisers are accustomed to a television landscape of certain fixed entities. •  In the world of dynamically assembled content, the audience can edit and distribute while watching. •  We’ll have to start thinking of our audience not just as passive viewers but also as co-creators of our messaging.
  • INTRO PAGE Digital - Colombia