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Harnessing Disruptive Innovation
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Harnessing Disruptive Innovation


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Published in: Technology, Business
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  • Sesame Workshop’s mission is what sparked the creation of Sesame Street and continues to be central to everything we do. All the content we create ties back to this mission of helping children reach their highest potential.
  • In addition to health and nutrition, our local co-production in India, GalliGalliSimSim, has a curriculum that addresses literacy and joyful learning. And as you saw in the video, to further the reach of the show to children who need it most, we provide vans equipped with televisions for special screenings in urban slums. We also distribute educational materials.
  • And perhaps most important, is our proven impact! Sesame Street is the most researched show in television. Numerous studies confirm our impact — on a wide range of cognitive outcomes, across many countries and cultures. An often sited longitudinal study by the University of Kansas showed that American children who frequently viewed Sesame Street as preschoolers had high school grade point averages that are almost 16% higher than those who don’t. A 2011 meta-analysis conducted by a leading research group concludes that children who watch one of our international versions of Sesame Street gain an average of 11.6% on learning outcomes compared to those who don’t.
  • Total Community Engagement impressions: 73,096,181Avg Outreach impressions per month: 1,210,393Kits produced: 17,961,350Kits distributed: 17,207,519Event participants: 381,530Partner organizations: 3,000
  • Here is a link to the best practices:
  • Transcript

    • 1. HARNESSING THE POWER OF DISRUPTIVE INNOVATION OPPORTUNITIES FOR A BETTER NEW YORK CITY Presented by Craig Hatkoff, Rabbi Irwin Kula, Anne Christensen and Melvin Ming
    • 2. Introduction • Craig Hatkoff • Co-founder, Tribeca Film Festival • Co-founder, Disruptor Foundation
    • 3. Some things are right in front of our eyes but we just don’t see them
    • 4. Play Video One (security cam)
    • 5. What exactly is DISRUPTIVE INNOVATION? • Disruption is not a dirty word • Invention versus Innovation • Disruptive versus Sustaining Innovation • Its all about the economic or social “business model”
    • 6. Invention versus Innovation
    • 7. Harnessing Disruptive Innovation • Rabbi Irwin Kula • President, Center for learning and Leadership • Co-founder, Disruptor Foundation
    • 8. DISRUPTIVE INNOVATION 101 • Anne Christensen • President, Clayton Christensen Institute for Disruptive Innovation
    • 9. Disruptive How Disruption Changes the Innovation An Introduction to World Ann Christensen | | Twitter: @christenseninst
    • 10. What is disruptive innovation? @christenseninst
    • 11. Performance Disruptive Innovation 101 Incumbents nearly always win Entrants nearly always win Time @christenseninst
    • 12. Performance Disruption in the Automotive Industry Avalon Camry Corolla Corona Time @christenseninst 13
    • 13. General Process of Becoming Affordable and Accessible Mainframe Minicomputers Desktops 1. Bring the problem to the solution 2. Then bring the solution to the problem Laptops Smartphones Slide rule
    • 14. Decentralization Follows Centralization Health care is beginning to show this pattern Imaging: High-speed multichannel testers MRI, CT, PET Scanners Specialist physicians Clinics Personal physicians Homes Surgical suites Offices Nurse practitioners Pharmacists 1. Bring the problem to the solution 2. Then bring the solution to the problem
    • 15. In Industry After Industry… …disruptive innovations are transforming our world.
    • 16. Will New York City Disrupt Next?
    • 17. Huge Impact, Zero Cost • When Elmo sneezes kids listen • Run video 2 (the big sneeze)
    • 18. An Epic Disruptive Innovation: Sesame Street! • Melvin Ming • President and CEO, Sesame Workshop
    • 19. Harnessing Disruptive Innovation Talking Transitions November 19, 2013
    • 20. Our mission is to help children everywhere reach their highest potential.
    • 21. COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT INITIATIVES Emotional/Social Wellbeing Health & Wellness Early Learning Language to Literacy Learning is Everywhere 28
    • 22. Thank You!