From The Edge of Disaster


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From The Edge of Disaster

  1. 1. From the Edge of Disaster How Activists and Insiders Can Use the Lessons of Hurricane Sandy to Make the City Safer Talking Transitions NYC November 13, 2013
  2. 2. Jeremy Saunders Lead Organizer VOCAL - NY
  3. 3. Jill Eisenhard Executive Director Red Hook Initiative
  4. 4. Joseph McKellar Executive Director Faith in New York
  5. 5. What did Sandy teach us about the growing racial and economic inequality in NYC?
  6. 6. “Reviving Our City” Mayoral Candidates Summit: June 13, 2013: 1,400 people
  7. 7. “11 Months After Sandy” Mayoral Candidate Tour of Rockaways with Bill de Blasio: September 29, 2013
  8. 8. 18-mile “Sandy Sojourn” from Far Rockaway to City Hall for “Equity Standards” in Sandy rebuilding funds
  9. 9. Gonzalo Mercado Executive Director El Centro del Immigrante
  10. 10. Michael Premo Occupy Sandy Sandy Storyline
  11. 11. Ligia Guallpa Executive Director Workers Justice Project
  12. 12. South Brooklyn: Immigrant Workers, Day Laborers, First Responders In South Brooklyn, Day Laborers were among the first to respond to the Hurricane Sandy clean up / reconstruction, earning the poorest wages and under dangerous working conditions
  13. 13. Rebuilding Bay Parkway Community Job Center After Hurricane Sandy Bay Parkway Community Job Center is a work center in South Brooklyn that ensure that Sandy recovery and rebuilding dollars create job security with fair wages, dignified working conditions and skill-building training opportunities for low-wage immigrant workers. “
  14. 14. Worker Center Role: After Hurricane Sandy Improving Working Conditions Bay Parkway Community Job Center Worker’s Rate SKILL HOU RLY General Labor $120/130 $15/2 0 Sheet Rock Taper $ 160 $2025 Painter $160 $20 Carpenter $180 $22.5 -25 Tile The Center facilitates fair, living wage jobs between employers and workers, offers trainings and workshops, and connects workers with community resources. In less than six months, the Center facilitated a total of 678 jobs, resulting in over $270,000 in salaries with fair wages and dignified conditions. RATE (8 Hours per Day) $180 $22.5 -25 Cement/Brick $200 $2530
  15. 15. Worker Center Role: After Hurricane Sandy Building Bridges of Solidarity Immediately after the storm, workers formed volunteer brigades to assist New Yorkers with rescue and clean up efforts in neighborhoods around the city. “We are proud that we were there for New York when it needed us most.” said Filiberto Altamirano, Bay Parwaky Day Laborer
  16. 16. Worker Center Role After Sandy Worker’s Rights Clinic / Training
  17. 17. Workers Center Role After Hurricane Sandy • Organizing For Change: workers become safety liaisons to help enforce safety regulations on the job site. • Workforce Development: Over 500 day laborers have been trained in OSHA 10, Scaffold 4 Hour user, Mold remediation and Basic Protective Equipment
  18. 18. THANK YOU!