21st Century City: The Social Impact of Data & Technology


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  • Noelle Marcus – project manager at EDC –city’s engine for economic development and diversification. Fortune of running our BigApp’s program
  • BigApps was launched 2010 and the first 3 years, had a number of notable successes including: Generated240 diverse mobile/web apps Opened > 750 datasets from > 60 agenciesAttracted 300K site visitors Awarded winners $117.5K in prizesAll of this was really great (and we were proud of our winner’s. Like Make My Way, a replicated…) But we felt that BigApps had an even bigger potential, So for our fourth iteration we decided to push BigApps to the next level and drove developers to use open to data tackle the City’s biggest challenges.
  • Of which there are many.Our key BigIssue, or track, was Jobs and Economic Mobility. This track challenged developers to build apps that would connect underserved residents to workforce development and employment opportunities, and/or access to vital worker support services, such as child care, healthcare, education, and affordable housing.Since most underserved New Yorker’s do not have access to computer’s at home, but do have access to smart phones we saw an app competition as an incredible opportunity to reach a population who are sadly most often isolated from the resources--but who could most benefit from access to these economic mobility tools. We looked to other cities for inspiration, such as Austin, Texas who is the home of Aunt Bertha--- a ……. Brought the founder Erine Grey to our 2 day Jobs and Economic Mobility hackathon. At this hackathon we brought together over --- developers, dosens of advisors from…. and had 21 teams demo at the end of the weekend. Overall, BigApps 2014 hosted 13 events, 5 hackathons bringing together
  • We recreated the BigApps formula to better match our civically driven mission: Data + Advisors + Collaborative Platform + Hackathons/Events Restructured the whole competition to be focused on 4 BigIssuesalong with collabfinder we developed and launched a whole new platform to help entrants find teammates, share ideas and solicit public feedback. Thirdly, we opened up a whole host of new data, on the public side ---from NYC Open Data platform, to allowing state and fed data. Also collected data from … private and non-profits.
  • To fully realize the new vision for BigApps we found incredible thought partners who shared our mission: BR, RH and Coatue helped us shape the issues through BigIssue Problem briefs to provide context and direction for developers, organize events and provide dozens expert advisors to the developer teams.
  • At our two day JEM Hackathon on April 20-21, we brought in speakers and expert advisors from the City’s top organizations fighting poverty and solving key workforce development challenges—including but not limited to: Children’s Aid Society, Office of Financial Empowerment, NYCHA, RobinHoodCoatue and Blue Ridge Foundations, Center for an Urban Future, SingleStop USA, FEGS, Careerosity, Opportunities for a Better Tomorrow + many more, as well as top developer experts from places like Bit.ly and Digg. Fourteen teams demoed their projects to a distinguished panel of judges who then selected the top 4 teams, which ranged in projects that connect parents to affordable user and gov’t rated childcare services to helping youth find employment and or workforce training opportunities through their android phones.
  • 21st Century City: The Social Impact of Data & Technology

    1. 1. An open conversation about NYC’s future #TalkingTransition talkingtransitionnyc.com @TalkNYC2013
    2. 2. #InnovateNYC st 21 Century City: The Social Impact of Data & Technology #TalkingTransition
    3. 3. #InnovateNYC Agenda 6:15 – 6:45 6:45 – 7:15 7:15 – 7:45 7:45 – 8:00 Code for America Panel: 21st Century City GovLab @NYU Q+A #TalkingTransition
    4. 4. #InnovateNYC Curated by Noel Hidalgo @noneck Program Manager @codeforamerica #TalkingTransition
    5. 5. we are civic hackers.
    6. 6. we are building a civic hacking practice by the people, for the people, for the 21st Century...
    7. 7. we build safe spaces for dialogue. we are distributed & organized. in nyc, we are BetaNYC.
    8. 8. five pillars of a citizen’s digital city
    9. 9. #. Accessible Infrastructure #. Education & Lifelong Learning #. Industry, Employment, & Economic Mobility #. Effective & Open Government #. Wise and Smarter Communities
    10. 10. #. Tidepools / Red Hook’s Mesh Network #. Kansas City’s CfA Fellows #. NYCEDC / NYC BigApps #. NYC’s CfA Fellows #. Pediacities
    13. 13. THE NETWORK Figure  4-­ RHI  Distribution  Network Diagram courtesy of Open Technologies Institute
    14. 14. COMMUNITY PARTNERSHIPS Legend Businesses Non-Profits Schools Parks Existing/ Agreed to host Host routers, contribute to splash page, spread the word, come to community meetings and create uses for the network
    16. 16. RED HOOK INITIATIVE MISSION RHI believes that social change to overcome systemic inequities begins with empowered youth. We envision a Red Hook where all young people can pursue their dreams and grow into independent adults who contribute to their families and community.
    17. 17. Red Hook Digital Stewards “Building a community network, developing career tools”
    18. 18. DIGITAL STEWARDS: SKILL BUILDING -- INSTALLATION Cutting wire and wrapping it making sure things are neat and tidy. Moving carefully on the roof Creating an Ethernet chord to power the router. Attaching the J mount to the roof. Using a drill to make sure the node is secure and stable.
    19. 19. DIGITAL STEWARDS: MORE SKILLS -- MAINTENANCE Wireless mesh networking and troubleshooting HTML with www.codeacademy.com Designing community apps to see where the bus is as well to report stop & frisk.
    20. 20. OTHER SKILLS -- DIGITAL BOOT CAMP Editing with iMovie to create our local business commercials. Using the boom mike, to record audio. Getting ready to make our local advertisements. Capturing video
    21. 21. EVEN MORE SKILLS--PROMOTION Community Outreach Surveys
    22. 22. NEXT STEPS/FUTURE GOALS Jobs, Internships at tech companies Further technical training Entrepreneurship
    23. 23. SUPPORTS Professional Development, Funding, Neighborhood connections Training, support, Internet connection, internships Digital Steward Salaries Curriculum support, sharing tech network, technical support, media and other opportunities
    24. 24. STAY IN TOUCH! A ttention community focused technologists! We need your help. We often have to go outside our neighborhood for in depth technical support-how about coming to work for the Red Hook WiFi project? We are looking for a tech skilled person to: -Lead the Digital Stewards -Design and author local applications and solutions -Troubleshoot difficult networking problems -Have fun with us building technology that benefits our community! Email: redhookwifi@ rhicenter.org www.rhidigitalstewards.wordpress.com www.rhicenter.org/ redhookwifi
    25. 25. NYC BigApps is an annual open data software competition that incentivizes innovative, free mobile + web apps for New Yorkers while improving City transparency + access
    26. 26. Nearly 25 percent of New Yorkers live in a household where no one owns a computer. ~78% of New Yorkers own a smartphone
    27. 27. Prizes $150,000 in prizes. Win up to $60,000. NYC BigApps 2013 Grand Prize - $35,000 Best Jobs + Best Cleanweb Best Healthy Best Lifelong Best Economic App Living App Learning App Wildcard App Mobility Apps $20,000 $20,000 $20,000 1ST PRIZE: $25,000 $5,000 2ND PRIZE: $15,000 3RD PRIZE: $10,000 Plus many other in-kind prizes and membership in the Founders' Network
    28. 28. Exciting, New 2013 Features BigApps 2013 was run accelerator-style, providing intensive resources and feedback to teams creating technologies that solve major City problems Solve NYC’s most pressing BigIssues Find amazing partners + receive feedback on CollabFinder Transform newly released Public + Private Data Attend top open innovation Events Access top advisors, investors + city officials Win Big Prizes + join the exclusive Founder’s Network
    29. 29. JEM Strategic Partners With the help of our strategic partners, BigApps 2013 was able to bring together the public, private and non-profit sector.
    30. 30. JEM Events Over the 2.5 month competition, BigApps held 13+ events, including an evening meetup and weekend hackathon for Jobs and Economic Mobility Winners at the JEM Hackathon at New Work City April 20-21, 2013 JEM Meetup at Robinhood headquarters – April 10, 2013
    31. 31. JEM winning teams In addition to the cash prize, winning JEM teams can receive up to $20,000 in following-on funding + access to the BigApps Founder’s Network.
    32. 32. Criminal Justice
    33. 33. From Smart Cities to Smart Communities Using technology for civic innovation in local communities Nathan Storey: @npstorey PediaCities: @PediaCities nyc.PediaCities.com Wednesday, Nov 20, 2013
    34. 34. Know Your City Explore With Data!
    35. 35. 80,000 NYC Eighth Graders Choose from 400 Public High Schools to apply to
    36. 36. API Six new apps and websites to help NYC students and parents choose schools.
    37. 37. nycdoe.pediacities.com
    38. 38. Tools for Smart Communities provide feedback mechanisms.
    39. 39. Data for Smart Communities 1. High quality, curated data that addresses real needs. 2. 3. Validation from Continuous local experts. feedback loop.
    40. 40. Building solutions for Smarter Communities. Get in contact to discuss what kind of APIs your community needs. nathan.storey@pediacities.com @npstorey @PediaCities
    41. 41. Panel #InnovateNYC Andrew Raseij, Moderator Founder, Personal Democracy Media and Chairman, NY Tech Meetup Gale Brewer Manhattan Borough President Mark Headd Chief Data Officer, City of Philadelphia Carole Post EVP, New York Law School and Fmr. Commissioner, DoITT Andrew Nicklin Fmr. Director of R&D, DoITT #TalkingTransition
    42. 42. #InnovateNYC Presented by Shankar Prasad @ProfSPrasad Co-Founder @thegovlab #TalkingTransition
    43. 43. #InnovateNYC Thank You! #TalkingTransition
    44. 44. 21st Century City: The Social Impact of Data & Technology