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21st Century Classroom
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21st Century Classroom


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Integrating social media and other tech tools into the classroom doesn't have to be as daunting as it seems. These are some simple ideas on how to us various tech tools in your classroom. This …

Integrating social media and other tech tools into the classroom doesn't have to be as daunting as it seems. These are some simple ideas on how to us various tech tools in your classroom. This presentation was presented at the 2013 Faculty Summer Institute. Other versions have been presented at the US Distance Learning Association 2013 conference and the International Travel and Tourism 2012 conference.

Published in: Education, Technology, Business

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  • 1. Dr. Nicole DavisSouthern Illinois University
  • 2. • Examine various academic uses of common socialmedia tools;• Discuss the use of social media in developing andmaintaining personal brands online … for you andyour students;• Discuss advantages and disadvantages of using socialmedia in the traditional and online classroom;• Select appropriate social media tools to use in theclassroom based upon course instructionalobjectives; and• Create a social media-related course assignment oractivity, including objectives, instructions, andassessment.
  • 3. • Talk to the person sittingclosest to you• Find out 2 things about yourneighbor• Find out something funny orunique• Find out your neighbor’sfavorite social media site• Let’s make introductions!
  • 4. Don’t use social media it existsMake sure it fits with your
  • 5. • Twitter backchannel– Use course number as hashtag– Students choose course hashtag– Course hashtag just kind of evolves#HTA400 #GoBigOrGoHome #Awesome #Awkward
  • 6. • TourismChat– If you host a Twitter chat, make sure you archivefor later use
  • 7. How could you usein your class?
  • 8. • Collaboration• Communication• Groups for– Courses– Student clubs– Study abroad– Programs and Alumni• Pages for– Students and alumni– Student clubs
  • 9. • Professional Branding and networking• Skills and recommendations• Join a group• Finding a job … or internship• Research a company– Glassdoor (also find salaries)
  • 10. • Communication• Research• Writing• Course objectives: Writing for an audience outsidethe classroom• Collaboration with industry
  • 11. How could you usein your class?
  • 12. For Students• Career advisement• Research• Pin project ideas• Reflection, photo journalstyle• Collaborate on classprojectsFor Teachers• Organize• Collect … infographics!• Collaborate with otherteachers
  • 13. • Research• Collaboration• Delicious• PearlTrees• LiveBinders with tabs insections;– tabs are learningmodules
  • 14. How could you usein your class?
  • 15. • Create video lectures– upload into LMS for students• Create lists/albums to collect videos for classes• Video assignments– Personal brands– Marketing, promotional, commercials– Reflection (on a class project, Foodservice example)Video sharing and creation
  • 16. • TedEd– Flipped YouTube videosVideo sharing and creation
  • 17. • Communication with students• Guest speakers from afar
  • 18. How could you usein your class?
  • 19. •• Google trends•• Google Apps and Google+• Jing•• Storify and current events
  • 20. • Twitter Handles• Twitter Apps– Tweetdeck– Hootsuite• In-class connectivity• Polls
  • 21. • How can you integrate SoMe into your class?• Think about your course objectives• Select at least one SoMe/tech tool that fits• Develop an activity with description,instructions, and assessment• Then … you get to share!
  • 22. What was your bigmoment this afternoon?Whatdo you still have?
  • 23. Nicole L. Davis,