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Talk fusion Presentation

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Video Email, Video Conference, Video Blog

Video Email, Video Conference, Video Blog

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  • 1. Prepared By: Willie Terrado
    Welcome to
    Presentation Seminar!
    Contact # 416.878.0736
    Register Here: www.talkfusion.com/1891077
    Speakers: Willie & Greg Terrado
    Founder & CEO
    Prepared By: Willie Terrado – Talk Fusion Canada
  • 2. Discover complete financial freedom & experience your ideal lifestyle!
    Join People From All Over The World Who
    Have ALREADY Achieved Their Dreams!
    • Simple Business Model
    • Breakthrough Products
    • Perfect Timing
    • Simple System That Anyone Can Do
    • Start Earning From Day 1
    Tour Talk Fusion Is Your Guide to Success!
  • 3. Prepared By: Willie Terrado
    Founded July 2007 in Tampa, Florida, USA.
    • Owns its own Technology
    • Customers & Associates
    in over 85 countries.
    • Member of the Direct
    Selling Association in USA
    & the Direct Selling
    Educational Institute,
    in Dubai.
    Founder & CEO
    Prepared By: Willie Terrado – Talk Fusion Canada
  • 4. Prepared By: Willie Terrado
    •November 2004 - Bob Reina, Talk
    Fusion Founder and CEO, wants to
    send a 5-second video in an email;
    AOL says it can’t be done.
    • July 2, 2007 - Bob Reina proves it
    can; launches Talk Fusion.
    • May 2, 2009 - More than 160 million
    Talk Fusion Video Emails sent to date.
    • January 18, 2010 - Now certified
    by 1.3 BILLION inboxes all over
    the World.
    Founder & CEO
    Prepared By: Willie Terrado – Talk Fusion Canada
  • 5. Positioned for success
    Online video is blazing hot! It is one of the fastest growing industries in the world.
    • The industry is predicted to grow ten-fold in the next 5 years!
    • 6. By 2013, video will account for approximately 2/3 of all global Internet traffic including mobile phones!
    • 7. We offer 7 breakthrough Video Communication Products for Personal, Business & Social Media Use!
    • 8. Over 40 billion emails are sent daily, yet less than 1% of Internet users have experienced Video Email.
  • Perfect timing
    • Imagine if you got involved with McDonalds
    when 99 out of 100 people still had never tasted a Big Mac?
    • Wouldn't you have loved to become involved in Microsoft when 99 out of 100 people didn’t know what Windows was?
    • 9. How different would your life be today if you had become involved with Wal-Mart when only 1 out of 100 people knew their name?
    You have a tremendous opportunity to take advantage of this rapidly growing industry in the early stages!
  • 10. What products does talk fusion offer?
    Talk Fusion Offer 7 Incredible Video Communication Products
    In Two Affordable Packages
    All For One Low Global Price Point!
    • Video Email– Don't type, talk - See Examples
    • Video Auto Responder– Automatically follow up with personalized Video Emails.
    • E-Subscription Form– Turn anonymous website visitors into Customers.
    • Fusion Wall– the world's first 3-D Social
    Network Site.
    • Video Conferencing– Meet face to face anywhere in the world.
    • Video Share– Share your videos with hundreds of social sites.
    • Video Blog– Show the world what's on your mind.
  • Prepared By: Willie Terrado
    Ready to Use Templates
    Personalized Templates
    Real-Time Reporting
    Video Library
    Post Video to Website
    Watch Videos on iPhones
    Clip Merge
    Founder & CEO
    Prepared By: Willie Terrado – Talk Fusion Canada
  • 11. Prepared By: Willie Terrado
    Example: Video Email: It’s As Easy As 1, 2, Click!
    1. Upload your Company Banner
    2. Select a Greeting
    3. Upload an Image, Company Logo or Photo from our Library
    4. Your Personal Profile
    5. Upload a Custom Link
    6. Upload video from your web or video camera, or simply a pre-recorded video
    Founder & CEO
    Prepared By: Willie Terrado – Talk Fusion Canada
  • 12. Prepared By: Willie Terrado
    Personal Uses
    No More
    “I wish you had been there.”
    “You should have seen it.”
    • Happy Birthday
    • Weddings
    • Vacation Memories
    • Baby Moments
    • I Love You
    • Thank You
    • Holiday Greetings
    • Special Occasions
    Founder & CEO
    Prepared By: Willie Terrado – Talk Fusion Canada
  • 13. We all promote products and service every day but rarely do we get rewarded?
    Talk fusion rewards people for recommending great Products with tremendous value.
    When was the last time you:
    • Recommended a good movie you watched?
    • Recommended a new restaurant?
    • Recommended a real estate agent?
    Did any of these businesses reward you for helping build their customer base?
    Now, you can get paid to promote outstanding products!
  • 14. Earn rewards for marketing incredible products
    What if you were paid weekly forrecommending a business concept that can:
    • Help people generate new weekly income streams.
    • 15. Reconnect you with friends and family.
    • 16. Share memories and special moments, even when you can’t be there.
    • 17. Market your business.
    • 18. Live the lifestyle you have always wanted to live.
  • Why does talk fusion pay cash reward?
    • Talk Fusion does not use traditional marketing methods to introduce new Associates or sell the product.
    • 19. We use word of mouth marketing and
    the Internet.
    • Membership grows when Associates introduce new Associates.
    • 20. Talk Fusion pays over 50% of its sales back to its Associates as Cash Rewards.
  • Do you know at least
    2 people who want
    to earn extra income?
  • 21. At Talk Fusion, our Associates are our most important asset. And, we are proud to reward them with the most dynamic compensation plan in the industry.
    There are 6 Ways to earn income
    with Talk Fusion:
    1. Fast Start Bonuses
    2. Team Commissions
    3. Executive Bronze Maker Bonuses
    4. Mega Matching Bonuses
    5. Advancement Bonus
    6. Leadership Pool
  • 22. 1. Fast start Bonuses
    Are a great way to earn income quickly. Each time an Associate or Customer that you enroll purchases a Starter or Executive Package, you will earn a Fast Start Bonus. There is no limit to
    the number of Fast Start Bonuses you can earn.
    For every Starter (100 SV) you sell, you will earn $10 USD (PHIL450 or INR 450).
    For every Executive (200 SV) you sell, you will earn $50 USD (PHIL 2250 or INR 450)
  • 23. 2. Team commissions
    -- are the fundamental block of the Talk Fusion Compensation Plan.
    Binary StructureA Business Center has 2 empty positions below it. You make sales to Sue and Bob filling the two empty positions below you.(1 on the left team and 1 on the right team)
    In this example, you have 100 SV on the left and 100 SV
    on the right. So, you would earn based upon 1 cycle or
    $25 USD (Phil. 1,125 or INR 1,125).
    • For every personal sale, you will earn a Fast Start Bonus up to $50 USD (PHIL 2,250 or INR 2,250)
    • 24. Our system tracks your personal and team sales.
    • 25. View your progress in your Associate's Only Business Center
    Please Note: All countries pay a basic monthly Product subscription
    fee of $20 USD (10 SV), except for the following countries: India, Kuwait, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Nepal, Oman, the Philippines, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, the Ukraine and U.A.E., who pay a non-commissionable Annual Renewal Fee of $25 USD (Phil 1,125 or INR 1,125).
  • 26. Example of cycle potential income!
    Each time your team generates Sales Volume (SV) of 100 in both your left and right legs, you will earn a commission cycle of $25 USD (Phil 1,125). You can do this over and over again each day.
    USD Commission
    Phil. Commission
    INR Commission
    1 Sale Left
    1 Sale Right
    Phil – 1,125
    INR – 1,125
    $25 USD
    2 Sale Left
    2 Sale Right
    Phil – 2,250
    INR – 2,250
    $50 USD
    4 Sale Left
    4 Sale Right
    Phil – 4,500
    INR – 4,500
    $100 USD
    8 Sale Left
    8 Sale Right
    Phil – 9,000
    INR – 9,000
    $200 USD
    16 Sale Left
    16 Sale Right
    Phil – 18,000
    INR – 18,000
    $400 USD
    32 Sale Left
    32 Sale Right
    Phil – 36,000
    INR – 36,000
    $800 USD
    63 Sale Left
    63 Sale Right
    Phil – 70,875
    INR – 70,875
    $1,575 USD
    The examples, charts, diagrams and compensation elements in this document are intended for explanation purposes only and are not a guarantee of any income. Your success will be dependent upon how you exercise these qualities.
  • 27. Bronze Associate earn reward on team sales
    You now have two team sales – one of the left and one on the right.
    You are now a Bronze qualified Associate with personal sales to Sue and Bob.
    • Each time your team creates 2 NEW team sales with a 1:1 balance between each team, it is called a "Cycle“
    • 28. For each cycle, you are paid $25 USD (PHIL 1,125 or INR 1,125). You are paid for the number of cycles earned that week.
    • 29. Each Associate only has to develop 2 teams
    • 30. Earn up to $50,000 USD (PHIL 2,250,000
    • 31. or INR 2,250,000)
    The examples, charts, diagrams and compensation elements in this document are intended for explanation purposes only and are not a guarantee of any income. Your success will be dependent upon how you exercise these qualities.
  • 32. Extra sales are always carried forward to the next pay period
    In this example, your team made 3 sales on the Left and 5 on the Right during one week.
    Since you completed 3 cycles of a 1:1 ratio, 3 sales are deducted on the left and 3 sales are deducted on the right.
    You are paid $75 USD
    (PHIL 3,375
    or INR 3,375) for those 3 cycles.
    You start the new commission week with 0 sales
    on the left and 2 sales on the right
    You start the new commission week with 0 sales
    on the left and 2 sales on the right
    The examples, charts, diagrams and compensation elements in this document are intended for explanation purposes only and are not a guarantee of any income. Your success will be dependent upon how you exercise these qualities.
  • 33. 3. Executive bronze maker Bonus
    Active and Qualified Executive Associates will participate in our Executive Bronze Maker Bonus.
    Personally sponsor one Executive Associate on your right and one Executive Associate on your left and you become Bronze. When you help two personally sponsored Executive Associates, one on your left and one on your right become Bronze, you become an Executive Bronze Maker and will earn a $150 USD (PHIL 6,750 or INR 6,750) Bonus.
    Please note that new Associates will have
    60 days from date of registration to achieve
    Executive status in order to be eligible to
    receive this bonus.
  • 34. 4. Mega matching Bonuses
    To further reward our Associates, Talk Fusion Global has created the Mega Matching Bonus program. Personally introduce 2 New Associates, one on the left and one on the right, and you are now qualified to earn a 10% Matching Bonus on all cycle income earned on ALL of your personally sponsored Associates.
    For example, if you sponsored Bob and his Team Commissions were $300 USD (Phil 13,500 or INR 13,500), you, as his sponsor, would earn an extra $30 USD (Phil 1,350 or INR 1,350).
    There is no limit to the amount of Mega Matching Bonuses you can earn.
  • 35. 5. Advancement Bonus
    Be rewarded for your personal achievements as you progress through the Talk Fusion ranks. Advancement Bonuses are a onetime bonus that is paid when you reach a specified rank for the first time and maintain that rank for two consecutive weeks.
    Income Disclaimer: The earnings portrayed in this literature are not necessarily representative of the income, if any, that a Talk Fusion Associate can or will earn through his or her participation in the Talk Fusion Compensation Plan. These figures should not be considered as guarantees or projections of your actual earnings or profits. Any representation or guarantee of earnings would be misleading. Success with Talk Fusion results only from successful sales efforts, which require hard work, diligence and leadership. Your success will depend on how effectively you exercise these qualities.
  • 36. 6. Leadership pool
    The Leadership Pool is a revenue sharing bonus pool that is earned by qualified Blue Diamonds and above. Qualified Associates share in 1% of the total Sales Volume WORLDWIDE that is generated through Talk Fusion, not to exceed 25%.
  • 37. Talk fusion advance rank
  • 38. Corporate Team
    Allison Roberts
    V.P of Training & Development
    Jeanne Dickson
    V.P of Global Business Operation
    Bob Reina
    Founder & CEO
    SVP Marketing
    President of Talk Fusion
    Dr. Jonathan Cheng
    Director of Information Tech.
  • 39. A Company created for long-term success
    Our Management Team has over 150 years of combined experience in Marketing, Management and Direct Selling.
    • We develop and own all of our own video and Internet technology.
    • 40. We provide you free world-class marketing and technical support!
    • 41. Acclaimed artists andprogrammers who create user friendly solutions
  • The highest ethical business standards
    • Out of thousands of MLM companies, we are
    one of only 200 to be granted membership into the prestigious Direct Selling Association (DSA).
    • We are also honored to be members of the Direct Selling Educational Institute in Dubai (DSEI).
    The DSA & DSEI are dedicated to enforcing ethical practices and professionalism in Direct Selling.
  • 42. Follow a strategic plan for success
    Step 1: Make 2 Personal sales to get qualified and go Bronze.
    Step 2: Teach your Personally sponsored Associate to do the same.
    Step 3: Teach your Team to duplicate blocks of 2 team sales.
  • 43. How do I get paid?
    • All Independent Associates are given a free Global Cash Card once they earn a commission.
    • 44. Pay week ends at midnight Saturday night.
    • 45. Commissions are paid every week and directly deposited onto your Global Cash Card. They can be withdrawn from ATMs in your own currency.
    • 46. In India and Philippines, Associates are paid weekly via check, couriered to their residence.
    • 47. For $25 USD, you can also purchase a Talk Fusion       Debit MasterCard      (US and Canada only)
  • How to join?
    • Click on Buy Now and completethe online application.
    • 48. Make the payment for your product and start accessing your Business and Video Communication Centers
    • 49. Start earning Commissions and create a new lifestyle immediately!
    • 50. Start using your products immediately!
    • 51. Your Tour Talk Fusion website is automatically set up for you.
  • How to join?
    A Lifetime of Benefits:
    • No long term contracts!
    • No inventory!
    • All benefits are available once your purchase is approved!
    • If you recommend these benefits to others, you can earn and receive huge weekly cash rewards!
    • You can start earning from Day One.
    *There is no monthly fee for the following countries:India, Kuwait, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Nepal, Oman, the Philippines, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Ukraine and the U.A.E.
  • 52.
    • Every Associate receives a comprehensive Marketing and Business Center.
    • Personal websites for promoting Talk Fusion.
    • Associate’s Only Back Office packed full of marketing and training materials.
    • Live reports of your commissions earned to date.
    • Live reports of your team structure and status.
    • Regular updates and tips.
  • How to join?
    No Comparison. No Competition. No Better Value.
    Unparalleled Video Communication Products. Incredible Marketing Tools. Easy to promote, simple to use.
    Automated Online Opportunity
    > Low risk, great rewards
    > Truly Global Opportunity
    > No inventory required
    > Online enrollment
    Get Paid
    > Start earning from Day One
    > Great cash rewards and bonuses
    > Timing is perfect
    Incredible Support
    > Your own www.talkfusion.com and www.tourtalkfusion.com websites
    > Essential Marketing Tools
    > Global Support Services (IT, Customer > Service and Field Support)
    > University of Talk Fusion Online Video Training Series
  • 53. Is this program for you?
    There are 3 simple questions to ask yourself:
    1. Are you concerned that your present job, business or profession alone won't provide the lifetime income you need or want?
    2. While your present income is coming in, would it be beneficial to set aside a few hours each week to build a home-based business of your own to supplement your current income?
    3. Do you know at least 2 other people who would answer yes to questions 1 and 2?
    If you answered "YES" to these 3 questions,
    then I invite you to take action and get started today.
  • 54. Become part of one of the fastest growing industries in the world – ONLINE VIDEO!
    The secret of success is to find out where people are going and get there first.Get your Positioned Now! Login here: www.talkfusion.com/1891077