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Web 2.0 link-building


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Link building and social media intereation guide from CreativeWRX

Link building and social media intereation guide from CreativeWRX

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  • 1. SEO is just about stuffs on your web page, right?
  • 2. On Page SEO Summary
    Be relevant
    Use the terms on your pages!
    Don’t Stuff
    Critical in competitive niches
  • 3. Links are similar to democratic votes
  • 4. Who Rank’s First?
    Brads Awesome Bookstore
  • 5. Algorithmic Ranking Factors
  • 6. Links are not treated equally
    Killer Link 1
    Super Website A
    Regular Link
    Search Results
    Regular Link
    Regular Link
    Super Website B
  • 7. How PageRank works
    All pages have a little bit of PageRank
    Pages gain PageRank from links that point to them
  • 8. Search Engines Do Not Count All Links
    Encrypted JavaScript
    In an iFrame
    Links on pages that they can’t crawl
    Can’t find
    Marked as NoCrawl in Robots.txt
    Links marked with NoFollow Attribute
  • 9. Why do People Link?
    Clean, simple navigation with great content
    Messy navigation, bad content and awful design
    Who should I link to??
  • 10. Link Building Methods
    The 5 Basic Kinds of Link Building
  • 11. #1 – Manual Requests
    Develop list of relevant sites
    Research who to contact (and how)
    Send an email (or call) requesting a link
  • 12. #2 – Competitive Research
    Use tools to see who links to your competition
    Pursue top targets manually
    Research competitor link building strategies
  • 13. #3 – Distribute cool tools
    Create a cool tool
    Allow other web sites to include it on their site
    Embed a link back to your site
  • 14. #4 – Linkbait and Viral Campaigns
    Create unique, killer content that every-one wants to link to
    Let market influencers know about it
    Watch the links roll in
  • 15. #5 – Content / Data Syndication
    Create content others may want to place on their sites
    Offer it to other sites
    Require links back in return
  • 16. Finding High PageRank Pages
  • 17. Google Directory
    Pulls from DMOZ
    Ordered by Google’s PageRank.
  • 18. Link Building Tools
  • 19. Yahoo! Site Explorer
    Directionally indicative
    within ~50%
    Not necessarily followed & in a somewhat random order
  • 20. SEOmozOpen Site Explorer
  • 21. Social Media Optimisation
    Leveraging Social Media
    to Create Buzz and Links
  • 22. Social Media Value
    PR Channel, much like TV and radio
    People use social sites to consume content
    Provide useful content and spread your message
    Customer service channel
    Market Testing / Feedback
    Oh, and links … 
  • 23. Value of Social Links
    Most do not pass PageRank
    However, PageRank is not “all”
    Regular social media placements could be a trust signal
    Feeds “query deserves freshness”
    However, fades with age
    The true SEO value is in the signal to influential humans that see you there
    And the links that they give you!
  • 24. Wikipedia
    If you can, obtain a profile page on Wikipedia
    Links to your site do not pass link juice
    Builds credibility with media and others
    Don’t go add it yourself!
    Against Wikipedia guidelines
    Become a contributor, add lots of value, make friends, establish credibility, then suggest it
    Must meet notability test
    Suggest relevant category tags
    Monitor article changes
  • 25. Digg / Social News
    An article that makes the Digg home page:
    Can get tens of thousands of visitors
    Can get hundreds, or thousands of links
    Getting there is the hard part
    Create great content
    Use Digg to research other articles on your topic area that have made it
    Target the audience (13 to 28 year old males)
    Befriend or hire a top Digger
  • 26. Digg Guidelines
    Strip away commercial links while promoting on Digg
    Friend popular Diggers. Better yet, get a popular Digger to submit your story.
    Craft a killer title using this formula from Muhammad Saleem: number + adjective + key phrase
    E.g. “13 Most Chilling Haunted Hotels” or “16 Incredibly Unconventional Hotel Rooms”
  • 27. StumbleUpon
    Build relationships / subscribers
    Use “Send to” function in toolbar
    Subscribers will view your stuff
    Always get some traffic
    If it becomes popular … Traffic will be immense 
  • 28. ...and if you need the proof
    Happy days for these pages 
  • 29. YouTube
    Post great videos on YouTube
    The videos on YouTube get most of the links
    Consider developing additional videos that you show on your own site
    Consider creating a microsite and making the microsite URL your username.
    Run a contest and recruit popular YouTube users to enter. Their submission will get pushed out to all their subscribers
  • 30.
  • 31. LinkedIn
    Add 3 links to your public profile
    Search for influencer’s LinkedIn profiles
    Use InMail to contact them
    Much higher open rate than e-mail
    Add a LION (LinkedIn Open Networker) or two to your network.
    Use the list. (
  • 32. Facebook
    Create a fan page or group or both
    Use fan pages to build long term relationships
    Fan pages get indexed
    Use Facebook ads to build audiences faster
    Use groups for quick discussions and viral activity
    Groups are limited to 5000 members
    Customize your fan page or group
    Update regularly!
  • 33. Twitter
    Pick a good account name (memorable)
    Customize your background
    Follow people with lots of followers
    Many will follow you back
    Now you have a channel for your tweets
    Cater to that channel!
    Use hash tags for Twitter search
    Include URLs and references where appropriate
    Contribute regularly
  • 34. Blogs
    Write unique and compelling stuff
    Interact with other bloggers.
    Comment on their blogs
    Link to their good stuff from your blog
    Get to know them
    DON’T SPAM them
    Build an audience through these relationships
    In time, people will link back to you
  • 35. Proceed with Care!
    Social communities do not like to be “used”
    People in the communities take action
    So do the social media properties themselves
    Play nice!
    Be a member of the community
    Contribute to the community
    And it will pay you back
  • 36. Thank You!
    01202 301043