Invensys Corporate Profile 2010


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Invensys Corporate Profile 2010

  1. 1. New technologiesNew marketsNew opportunitiesCorporate Profile 2010
  2. 2. ‘‘Our vision is to become the unquestioned leader in our markets by unlocking our potential so that we can in turn help our customers to unlock theirs.We believe that the key to maximising bothour customers’ and our own potential lies inan open approach. This belief shapes the waywe work, our mindset and approach, and thesolutions, technologies and products wedevelop with our customers.We respond to market demands and, as atechnology company, create new marketsand demand.We are committed to finding new waysto realise value for our customers usingtechnology, collaboration, responsiveness,and flawless execution.As an unquestioned leader in providingindustries with open thinking and opentechnologies, Invensys provides customerswith the ability to respond more quicklyto an ever-changing environment withincreased confidence.’’Ulf HenrikssonChief Executive01 Introducing Invensys02 Invensys in Numbers04 Our World06 Invensys Operations Management10 Invensys Rail14 Invensys Controls18 Invensys and Corporate Responsibility
  3. 3. Introducing Invensys In today’s world there is a major focus 1. Being a thought leader when we have a upon improving efficiency and reducing seat at the table where customers make environmental impact: more energy- decisions by giving them a different efficient manufacturing processes; point of view and solutions to enable increased capacity on rail transportation their success. networks with fewer trains; and appliances 2. Being a technology leader through that use less energy and less water, and the development of industry-leading are built using fewer raw materials. technologies for our customers that enable them to improve their Invensys develops and applies advanced businesses and operations with technologies that enable the world’s excellence in service, engineering manufacturing and energy generating and delivery. facilities, mainline and mass transit rail 3. Being focussed on achieving higher networks, and appliances to operate margins by targeting faster-growing safely and efficiently. Across all three countries and market segments with divisions and almost every industry, we a high return on operating capital measure variables, control processes, employed. These include countries like and enable our customers to optimise China, India and Brazil and industries their operations, thereby empowering like nuclear power generation, rail them to improve their performance. infrastructure expansion in emerging • Our operations management markets, and mid- and high-end technologies are in use in over 200,000 appliances. plants and around 180 countries. 4. Being global, diverse, open and agile in Invensys helps to generate 20% of the our approach, thinking and abilities so world’s electricity and 36% of its nuclear that we unlock the potential of our energy, to refine 17% of the world’s people, our large installed base, our crude oil, and to produce 62% of the technology, our long-term customer world’s liquefied natural gas. relationships and our customers’ need • Our rail signalling technologies enable for global support. more than 100 rail and mass transit 5. Being a value-driven company by living operators in over 30 countries to the Invensys Values. maximise freight and passenger capacity Each of our divisions applies these in a safe and cost-effective manner. principles to its own strategy. • Our appliance control technologies are used by the world’s top seven All this is supported by making bolt-on appliance manufacturers to produce acquisitions that deliver new technologies more efficient units with innovative or market access and by leveraging our user interfaces. global capabilities of research and development, global supply chain, Our strategy has remained broadly continuous improvement, legal, human unchanged for five years, though we resources and finance across our are agile in changing the way that we divisions. implement it to adapt to market conditions. As a Group, we have based our strategy upon five principles:Invensys plc | Corporate Profile 2010 01
  4. 4. Invensys in NumbersWe work with We enable We are2323 of the top 25 petroleum companies 23% 23% of the world’s chemical production 20,044 20,044 employees worldwide4747 of the top 50 chemical companies 20% 20% of the world’s electricity generation 3 Three divisions1919 of the top 20 pharmaceutical companies 36% 36% of the world’s nuclear energy generation 180 Our solutions are in use in around 180 countries7The world’s top seven appliance 17% 17% of the world’s oil refining £2.2bn £2.2 billion salesmanufacturers9Nine of the world’s 20 busiest metropolitan 62% 62% of the world’s liquefied natural gas £248m £248 million operating profitrail systems productionYear ended 31 March 20101 Sales Operating profit2 Employees (£m) (£m) (numbers)Invensys Operations Management 1,000 92 8,176Invensys Rail 700 141 3,857Invensys Controls 543 53 7,782Corporate – (38) 229Group 2,243 248 20,0441 All data relates to continuing operations.2 Operating profit is arrived at before exceptional items.02 Invensys plc | Corporate Profile 2010
  5. 5. Invensys shares knowledge and technology acrossits three divisions to offer customers increasedsafety, efficiency, profitability and environmentalperformance.Invensys Operations Management Invensys Rail Invensys ControlsInvensys Operations Management is a Invensys Rail is a multinational technology Invensys Controls designs, engineersleading global technology, software and leader, providing state-of-the-art software- and manufactures products, components,consulting business that creates and based signalling, communication and systems and services used in appliances,applies advanced technologies to enable control systems that enable the safe heating, air conditioning/cooling andthe safe and efficient operation of and efficient operation of trains in refrigeration products across a wideindustrial and commercial operations mainline and mass transit networks range of industries in residential andsuch as oil refineries, fossil fuel and across the world. commercial markets.nuclear power plants, petrochemicalworks and other manufacturing sites.Invensys plc | Corporate Profile 2010 03
  6. 6. Our World United Kingdom North America £320m £320 million of sales. 2,963 employees £665m £665 million of sales1. 7,703 employees2 South America £134m £134 million of sales. 2,177 employees1 Sales by destination.2 Employee numbers are as at year end.Some of our customersADIF ConocoPhillips GIS Calorex Metrolink PDVSA Spokane Water DepartmentAlmor CPTM Global Water Management MOKON Pemex Sub-Zero WolfAmcor PET CSX Transportation H&V Controls MTR Corporation Pepsi Bottling Ventures The Body ShopAnton Paar Criotec Haier Nabertherm Pernod The Venetian and PalazzoArçelik Daifuku Co. Hawaiian Commercial Nanjing Rail Petrobras Resort Hotels & CasinoBeam Global Spirits & Wine Davis-Standard & Sugar Company National Security Technologies Portland General Electric Las Vegas NVBEKUM Dynisco Home Retail Group Nespresso Puerto Rico Water & Travis PerkinsBP Echelon Corporation ISA Network Rail Sewage Authority Union Pacific RailroadBSS Group ECM Technologies Johnstone Supply New Belgium Brewing Qatar Petroleum Vacuum Furnace EngineeringBT EDF Energy KiwiRail Company Queensland Rail ValeroBurlington Northern Santa Fe Elbe Tunnel Lancer Getinge Norfolk Southern Railway R&D Carbon Watkins ManufacturingCanadian National Railways Eliwell Iberica Land Transport Authority Company Reliance WestNet RailCandy ENI Logica NSG Group RENFE WhirlpoolChevron ExxonMobil London Underground Nucor Steel Samsung WolseleyChina Ministry of Railways Fisher & Paykel Luminant Ontario Clean Water Agency Saudi Aramco YamatakeCity of Bremen Frigoglass Madrid Metro Orange Scottish & Southern Energy Yellow River ConservancyCodelco Gazprom Meteng Pty PATH Shell Commission04 Invensys plc | Corporate Profile 2010
  7. 7. Invensys brings advanced technologies to a globalcustomer base: Invensys® solutions are used inaround 180 countries worldwide, with offices inmore than 50 countries. Rest of Europe £630m £630 million of sales. 3,518 employees Asia Pacific Africa/Middle East £356m £138m £356 million of sales. 3,029 employees £138 million of sales. 654 employeesRevenue Employees By sector By geography By geography Rail transportation 31% UK 14% UK 15% Consumer cyclical 21% Rest of Europe 28% Rest of Europe 18% Oil and gas 12% North America 30% North America 38% General industries 12% South America 6% South America 11% Utilities and power 6% Asia Pacific 16% Asia Pacific 15% Discrete manufacturing 6% Africa/Middle East 6% Africa/Middle East 3% Petrochemicals 4% Basic materials 2% Pharmaceuticals 2% Other 4%Invensys plc | Corporate Profile 2010 05
  8. 8. Invensys Operations ManagementInvensys Operations Management is a leading globaltechnology, software and consulting business that creates andapplies advanced technologies to enable the safe and efficientoperation of industrial and commercial operations such as oilrefineries, fossil fuel and nuclear power plants, petrochemicalworks and other manufacturing sites. Our systems and solutions measure Advanced applications production variables within plants, control We have an advanced applications their operation and optimise production, business which enables the safe and empowering our clients to improve efficient operation of sophisticated their financial performance. At the manufacturing and infrastructure same time we maintain our absolute operations. This business uses industry- commitment to safety. leading software technology and engineering solutions to help our Our products and solutions can be customers to improve their performance. broadly divided into the following Our SimSci-EsscorTM simulation software categories: allows existing and new operators to practice dealing with different scenarios Equipment without affecting the plant, and our Invensys Operations Management sells Avantis® asset management software a broad range of equipment used in monitors equipment in a plant to enable industrial plants, including measurement predictive maintenance and replacement and instrumentation products from our to prevent unexpected downtime. A leading Foxboro® brand and our key factor of many of our advanced Eurotherm® recorders and controllers. applications is that they can operate within plants that use our competitors’ Control and safety core systems. We have a top three position in the world’s installed base of distributed Enterprise Control System control systems (DCS) based on the We are combining all our technologies strength of our core Foxboro® product into a single Enterprise Control System brand. Our Triconex® system is the (ECS). This industry-first system integrates world’s leading safety system and is used all aspects of plant operations, spanning extensively in nuclear power stations, distributed control, safety, decision petrochemical plants and oil refineries. support, execution and visibility, in much The Triconex system will automatically the same way that Enterprise Resource take over the plant in the event of a Planning (ERP) platforms have done for problem and bring it back quickly to back office systems. Our InFusionTM a safe state. ECS, based on our world-leading06 Invensys plc | Corporate Profile 2010
  9. 9. ‘‘With the Wonderware IntelaTrac™ system we’ve been able to deliver best practice-focussed advice to operators at every process step.’’ Mike Brooks Global Refining IT Adviser, Chevron Invensys plc | Corporate Profile 2010 07
  10. 10. Invensys Operations Management continued Wonderware® operations management to have field operators performing software, leverages an open architecture equipment checks. Field operators have to seamlessly integrate the Invensys traditionally used pencils and clipboards Operations Management portfolio, as well and later entered the data into a as third-party offerings provided by our spreadsheet. However, this is sometimes vast ecosystem of partners. too late to make changes that could reduce equipment failures or Our strategy environmental or safety incidents. Invensys Operations Management’s Chevron has found significant savings strategy is to expand its customer base, by using mobile workflow software and to broaden the geographic profile of the hand held devices powered by Windows division by focussing on high-growth Mobile® software to deliver decision economies, and to focus on high-margin support to field workers. The solution and faster-growing segments of the used our Wonderware IntelaTrac mobile market such as advanced applications workforce management and decision and our Enterprise Control System. support system. The IntelaTrac system is The development of world-class an enterprise software solution bringing technology and, increasingly, the intelligent workflow, automated asset provision of broader system-wide tracking and data collection to field solutions based on our open architecture operators, which integrates factory floor platform remain core to our strategy. data with corporate business systems. Our ecosystem of technology and Data entered by operators is transmitted distribution partners increases our ability into process historian systems when the to develop, scale and deliver value- device is docked in a cradle. The IntelaTrac adding technology to our customers. system data is combined with real-time process data from the control systems Case studies and viewed by operators and engineers. Chevron drives efficiency with Chevron tested the IntelaTrac system mobile decision support at one refinery, and then deployed Chevron is one of the world’s largest the solution to its eight wholly-owned energy companies, with a global refining refineries over an 18-month period. capacity of more than two million barrels With the IntelaTrac system, Chevron has of oil per day. increased refinery operating reliability, It wanted to improve refinery performance reduced maintenance costs, and and reliability, reduce maintenance costs, improved safety and environmental and simplify compliance. Like many other compliance. companies, it was also eager to preserve Chevron estimates that these process the knowledge of workers approaching improvements will save US$3-5 million retirement. annually. The IntelaTrac system also helps Over half of the assets in a typical refinery to capture knowledge before workers are not electronically monitored and need retire and speeds new workers’ education through mobile learning.08 Invensys plc | Corporate Profile 2010
  11. 11. Duke Power upgrades nuclear power We also provided Duke Power with our To meet their goal and respond to thestation turbine with our digital control Wonderware InTouch Human-Machine pressures of a changing global economy,system Interface (HMI) software. Previously, Petro Rabigh wanted a system that wouldDuke Power operates three nuclear power operators viewed the control system unite planning, scheduling, operationsstations and has provided power to the through a hard panel interface, but the management, production accounting andCarolinas for a century. Oconee, Duke new system’s graphical user interface other tasks.Power’s nuclear station in South Carolina, provides much more information. The Our InFusion Enterprise Control Systemhas a capacity of 2,538MW. software enables operators to execute (ECS) was a natural fit. Designed on open, start-up and valve tests more efficiently,Safety and reliability are the top concerns industry-standard technologies, our and the new system automatically runsof nuclear plants. Over 30 years ago, solution would be able to synchronise specific tests and reports on the results.when most of the United States’ nuclear information from multiple systems andplants were commissioned, analogue Duke Power is now among the small applications. It was also proven to unite thecontrol systems were the state of the art group of nuclear plant operators systems and applications within a singleand ensured reliability. However, effectively using digital turbine controls, environment, providing consolidated andanalogue systems present constraints: although all are considering doing so as contextualised real-time data.if a single component fails, the entire their analogue controls continue to age. Our solution now covers the entiresystem shuts down. This adds risk and complex of 23 plants. Best-in-classcosts in downtime. Invensys Operations Management applications from several vendors, supports the growth of a SaudiMarlon Dempsey, Instruments and including SAP, have been integrated refinery and petrochemical complexControls Engineer, said, “We found that through the InFusion ECS. Setup, The PetroRabigh complex in Saudi Arabiaour analogue turbine control system was configuration and testing of the is one of the largest fully integrated oilone of the top three causes of trips and applications and key performance refinery and petrochemical productiontransients, primarily because its indicators went smoothly, due to the facilities in the region, and the largestcomponents presented a single point of flexibility of the InFusion environment. integrated refinery in the world builtfailure. We knew that introducing more as a single project. The enterprise receives continuous,redundancy at key points would enhance accurate performance feedback, whichreliability considerably and found that When management decided to is driving consistent execution of thedigital technology could provide that expand its facilities, they set a goal of business processes. Operators view andredundancy while at the same time commissioning the plants with integrated control all the applications within thereducing the cost of downtime.” operations management and business performance management system via systems.Duke Power began implementing our a web-based interface.Triconex fault-tolerant safety system. The objective was to implement a plantBased on Triple-Modular Redundant information management system fullyarchitecture, it uses three isolated, integrated with SAP and other applications,parallel-control systems and extensive and to improve performance managementdiagnostics. The system uses ‘two-out-of- by tightly integrating control systems withthree’ voting to provide high-integrity, production and corporate businesserror-free, uninterrupted process functions. At the same time, Petro Rabighoperation without a single point of failure. wanted to maintain system safety and to optimise production quantity and quality at a competitive cost.Invensys plc | Corporate Profile 2010 09
  12. 12. Invensys RailInvensys Rail is a multinational technology leader,providing state-of-the-art software-basedsignalling, communication and control systemsthat enable the safe and efficient operation oftrains in mainline and mass transit networksacross the world. The demand for rail services is increasing, Our broad systems offering ranges from driven by urbanisation, population growth highly complex integrated control centres and an increasing need for environmentally that supervise and control complete favourable transport solutions. Our systems railways, to leading-edge systems for and solutions enable our customers to Communication Based Train Control control rail networks safely, increasing (CBTC) and European Rail Traffic capacity at the same time as lowering Management System (ERTMS) that their cost of ownership. Our customers automate train operation and protection, include train operators, civil developers, along with the latest generation infrastructure owners and national railways. interlockings that ensure safe running across a network. We also provide a During the past 100 years, our businesses complete range of trackside products, have grown a large installed base in over including crossings, point machines, 30 countries. relays and track circuits. We operate in a highly regional rail Our core strengths lie in the breadth and industry, where different geographies sophistication of our technology and our frequently have their own operational and record for commissioning and delivery signalling requirements. Within our core of projects. markets of the UK, Iberia, North America and Australia we are the major supplier of Our strategy rail signalling systems. In recent years, we Invensys Rail has established a leadership have successfully expanded our business position through sustained investment into new markets including South America in the research and development of and Asia Pacific. state-of-the-art technology solutions and a commitment to the highest standards of project execution. This dual approach remains at the heart of our strategy. At the same time we will seek to increase our exposure outside of our core markets.10 Invensys plc | Corporate Profile 2010
  13. 13. Invensys plc | Corporate Profile 2010 11
  14. 14. Invensys Rail continued ‘‘This is our first major Case studies Invensys Rail wins milestone Brazilian project award in Brazil and Metro contract is yet another success for In October 2009, Invensys Rail, the our Communication Based Brazilian engineering company Train Control system, after Montagens e Projetos Especiais (MPE), and the Spanish telecoms specialists winning the signalling Infoglobal signed a milestone £255 contract for Singapore’s million contract to upgrade the signalling new Downtown Line.’’ and Automatic Train Control (ATC) system on three lines of São Paulo’s rapidly James Drummond developing metropolitan rail system. Invensys Rail CEO and President Invensys Rail will install its Sirius™ Communication Based Train Control (CBTC) system on all three lines and their trains along with WESTRACE® interlockings, point machines and LED signals, totalling a 60% share within the consortium. To minimise disruption during the upgrade, the new system will be installed and designed to operate alongside the existing signalling system until the project is completed. This approach has been successfully used by Invensys Rail around the world and has proved highly successful in delivering complex projects on time and on budget with the minimum disruption to passengers. This contract marks Invensys Rail’s biggest success to date in Brazil, and will provide a platform for expansion in this important and growing market. The three lines are owned and operated by Companhia Paulista de Trens Metropolitanos (CPTM). Line 8 is 35km long with 20 stations, Line 10 is 37km with 15 stations and Line 11 is 37km long with 12 stations. In total, 136 trains and maintenance vehicles operate on the three lines to transport over one million passengers per working day.12 Invensys plc | Corporate Profile 2010
  15. 15. Invensys Rail enables new trains to Invensys Rail plays key role in Invensys Rail installs ERTMS onenter passenger service on the infrastructure for the 2010 Winter Spain’s high-speed networkMetropolitan Line Olympics Invensys Rail is involved in all ongoingOver the past two years, Invensys Rail Invensys Rail designed, installed and high-speed rail projects in Spain. Wehas been engaged in an extensive commissioned the Integrated Control have successfully commissioned ERTMSprogramme of signalling upgrades and Communication System (ICCS) for Level 1 on Spain’s high-speed line betweenon the Sub-Surface Lines for London the Canada Line Rapid Transit Project Malaga and Cordoba. The line is now inUnderground. in Vancouver. commercial service with trains operating at speeds in excess of 300 km/hour. TestsIn a programme lasting three years, the The line links downtown Vancouver with are currently underway for ERTMS Level 2project will see the replacement of track Richmond and the airport, and played a which, when commissioned, will allowcircuits at 34 locations, which will key part in the transport infrastructure for trains to operate at speeds of up toultimately allow London Underground’s the 2010 Winter Olympics. 350 km/ S-Stock trains to enter passenger At the heart of the ICCS was ourservice on the Metropolitan Line in 2010, The scope of our work included the SystematICS® control system. Thisfollowed by the Hammersmith and City, installation of lineside electrical units managed the integration of each ofCircle and District lines. (LEUs) for ERTMS Level 1 operation and the power, tunnel ventilation and radio block centres for ERTMS Level 2Invensys Rail recently successfully communications sub-systems, which operation. We have also installed thecommissioned the twentieth and final site come together in a single operator Spanish national automatic trainon the Metropolitan Line, which paves the interface. From this point, the operator protection system and equipped theway for the new trains to commence a controlled and monitored these functions line’s control centre at Antequera withperiod of testing along the full length of for the entire rail network. centralised traffic and LEU controllers.the Metropolitan Line. Systems integrated include: The complexity of this project led toThe scope of our work includes all the • traction power supply Invensys Rail developing a powerfuldesign, approvals, installation, testing • tunnel ventilation simulator, which provided the simulationand commissioning works. In the last 16 • electrical and mechanical monitoring and testing environment for ERTMS.months alone, the team has completed • CCTV ERTMS systems require significant testing18 separate commissionings without a • public address and validation of all application data.single overrun. • passenger information display Our simulator saved many hours ofWith this work on the Metropolitan Line • passenger counting manual checking and on-site complete, the team is embarking on • voice communications We are now employing our expertise ina series of 14 commissionings on the • passenger alarm ERTMS and high-speed rail in winningDistrict Line, with the programme due to • fibre optic transmission systems projects around the world, such as ourbe fully completed in November 2010. contract in Turkey. Many countries are considering investing in environmentally favourable high-speed rail for inter-city passenger transportation in direct competition to air travel.Invensys plc | Corporate Profile 2010 13
  16. 16. Invensys ControlsInvensys Controls is a leading global provider of controldevices for products in residential homes and commercialapplications, with strong positions in the markets it serves.Invensys Controls has been providing customers withleading technology and engineering since the early 1900s. Our products measure variables including and sense temperature and humidity temperature and pressure, and control in residential and light commercial the operation and optimisation of the applications. performance of our customers’ appliances, and thereby empower our customers Aftermarket to impress consumers. In the aftermarket segment, we distribute a vast array of residential products Invensys Controls’ customers are principally and replacement products for OEM comprised of global residential and equipment, encompassing thermostats, commercial appliance manufacturers, but valves, zone controls, timers, electronic also include wholesalers and distributors components and ambient controls that of HVACR controls and services. improve air quality. Appliance Our strategy We design, engineer and manufacture At the heart of our strategy is the design components and systems that control the of quality products that are innovative and operation of kitchen and other appliances deliver value to our customers, enabling including cooking, refrigeration, laundry us to provide engineering value that and dishwashing in both the commercial differentiates our solutions against product and residential sectors. commoditisation. We help our customers to delight Our focus will also be on fast-growing consumers by enhancing the features regions, including Asia Pacific, South of their appliances while also exceeding America, Africa and the Middle East, which the energy-saving standards set by the are set to continue to experience above- regulating agencies and reducing the average GDP growth, which will drive raw material content of their products. increased demand for more sophisticated appliances. Commercial We develop products used in commercial Our successful restructuring and refrigeration, cooking, heating, ventilation, productivity programme has enabled us air conditioning, water heating and to price competitively by creating scale, transportation. We are a leading designer increasing our efficiency and lowering cost. and manufacturer of products that control14 Invensys plc | Corporate Profile 2010
  17. 17. Invensys plc | Corporate Profile 2010 15
  18. 18. Invensys Controls continued ‘‘Invensys Controls has Case studies Pressure sensors for BSH provided us with a strong BSH (Bosch und Siemens Hausgeräte engineering solution and GmbH) is one of the world’s leading we are pleased that our companies in the home appliance partnership with them is industry. enabling us to reach our BSH has been focussed on improving shared goal of increasing energy efficiency for many years. Its stated aim is to set the standard in the sector the energy efficiency of with innovative product solutions that our appliances.’’ reduce resource consumption and help to combat climate change. Bosch und Siemens Hausgeräte GmbH BSH’s research has revealed that an appliance’s environmental impact is largely determined by its performance during the usage phase: 90% of its environmental impact occurs during this stage of a product’s lifecycle. With this in mind, BSH was seeking an energy- efficient and water-saving solution to replace the existing generation of pressure switches used in its washing machines. The new solution needed to optimise the use of water during the wash cycle, which in turn would reduce the amount of energy the appliance used. Invensys Controls deployed its engineering expertise to develop a replacement for the pressure switch — the F3 Linear pressure sensor. The F3 uses a combination of mechanical technology and electronics. A key competitive advantage of the new pressure sensor is a special system of double calibration, offering strong immunity from all external magnetic field interference.16 Invensys plc | Corporate Profile 2010
  19. 19. Through in-house testing, Invensys When developing the groundbreaking Touch controls for Sub-ZeroControls estimates that in comparison to Ecocool range, Frigoglass worked with Sub-Zero, a leading manufacturer ofthe old pressure switch the F3 can save Invensys Controls to ensure that the ICM premium residential refrigerators andend users around two litres of water per control system was best in class. The freezers, has a reputation for providingwashing cycle and up to 70W of energy. control system is critically important in their customers with innovative andWith over 3,000 washing cycles in an ensuring the efficient operation and functional designs that set industryaverage product lifetime, this can lead regulation of any refrigeration solution. standards. When Sub-Zero needed ato potential energy savings of over futuristic control panel for their new From the outset the Frigoglass and200,000W and water savings of built-in refrigerator, Invensys Controls Invensys Controls technical teams worked6,000 litres1. delivered an elegant solution that closely to specify, develop and test the exceeded their expectations.These savings are testament to Invensys solution. Invensys Controls used itsControls’ commitment to developing engineering expertise to successfully Our engineers designed a sophisticatedenergy-efficient solutions that benefit deliver a customised version of its class- touch control with a crystal clear panelhouseholds and end users. leading ID971 control. featuring capacitive touch technology – an industry first. The solution provided by InvensysControls for Frigoglass Controls has delivered considerable Behind the panel, we engineered touchFrigoglass is the world’s leading benefits to Frigoglass. The optimised control features that reinforce Sub-Zero’smanufacturer of commercial refrigeration temperature regulation provided by the reputation for quality and known as ice cold customised ID971 reduces energy These features include precise water flowmerchandisers (ICMs). ICMs are the consumption by 10% and extends the management for consistent ice cube sizecabinets and displays used by beverage operating life of the compressor by 10%. and filtration monitoring, quietercompanies to chill drinks and attract The Invensys Controls solution also operation of water and ice dispensing,customers in retail locations. Frigoglass reduces the servicing and maintenance improved energy management and totalhas operations in 15 countries across overheads of the Ecocool product range. system control of peripheral accessories.four continents. The company’s globalcustomer base includes Coca-Cola, To reinforce the Sub-Zero consumerHeineken and Nestlé. experience further, we developed integrated self-diagnostic and totalOver the last few years Frigoglass has monitoring systems, so customers knowworked closely with its key customers on when to change filters or make otherthe increasingly important requirement adjustments to keep their food fresh.for energy-efficient ICM solutions. Energyefficiency is at the core of the company’s Just as Sub-Zero has redefined built-inbusiness, and it has focussed on refrigeration, Invensys Controls isdelivering ICMs that have the lowest dedicated to designing, engineeringpossible impact on the environment. and manufacturing innovative controlAs a result of this commitment, in 2009 solutions for its business partners aroundFrigoglass was able to launch Ecocool™, the globe.the first complete product range ofenvironmentally friendly ICMs.Invensys estimates1Invensys plc | Corporate Profile 2010 17
  20. 20. Invensys and Corporate ResponsibilityInvensys is committed to supporting the principlesof economic success, environmental stewardship,diversity and social responsibility. We believe thatby acting as a responsible global citizen, we willnot only minimise business risk but also enhanceour reputation as a business partner.The Invensys Code of Conduct • Improved our employee safety their work. Invensys fosters an inclusiveThe Invensys Code of Conduct performance: culture where anyone with the skills andboth describes and represents our – Reduced the Lost Workday Case abilities to perform is treated fairly. Wecommitment to responsible business Incident Rate (LWCIR) by 47% embrace the diversity of our employees,and is the foundation of our broader compared with the previous year. and the greater effectiveness a diverseCompliance Programme. Under the terms – Reduced the Total Recordable Case workforce allows us to offer ourof the Code of Conduct, our employees Incident Rate (TRCIR) by 32% customers.undertake to work with integrity as compared with the previous year. We continue to respect and support therepresentatives of Invensys and in • Reduced our environmental footprint principles of the European Convention onaccordance with both local law and our and exceeded our 5% reduction targets Human Rights and the UNGC by ensuringown standards of ethical behaviour: for each of our environmental key we comply with the labour laws of thewhere the Code of Conduct is more performance indicators (KPIs) across countries in which we operate and byexacting than local laws or standards, the Group: creating an inclusive and respectfulthe Code of Conduct must be followed. – Reduced our energy consumption by culture for our diverse workforce. 13% from 2009 to 2010 within our The Group seeks to ensure that fairEnvironment, health, safety & manufacturing locations. consideration is given to applicationssustainability – Reduced our CO2 emissions by 10% for employment received from peopleOur commitment to sustainability is from 2009 to 2010 within our with disabilities and we offer continuedfundamental to achieving our long-term manufacturing locations. employment, training and advancementbusiness goals. – Reduced our CO2 emissions by 8% where possible to employees who are or from 2009 to 2010 within ourIn the last reported year we have: become temporarily or permanently non-manufacturing locations. disabled.• Renewed our participation in the United – Water reduction of 10% from 2009 Nations Global Compact (UNGC) and to 2010 within our manufacturing Community and charitable investment the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP). locations. We continue to encourage our divisions• Been listed again on the FTSE4Good More detail can be found in our and employees to build relationships in Index Series which lists companies that Sustainability Report, which is available the community and enhance workplace meet recognised standards of on our website. morale and cohesiveness. Our divisions corporate responsibility. provide a variety of programmes such as• Been named as a component of the Diversity matching gifts, sponsorships of activities Dow Jones Sustainability Indexes. The As a global company with employees and paid volunteer time to allow our Dow Jones Sustainability Indexes track across the world, Invensys seeks to recruit employees to participate actively in sustainability leaders among the top the best individual for every position community events. 10% of the world’s top 2,500 regardless of gender, ethnic or national companies. origin, religion, sexual orientation or any personal characteristic not relevant to18 Invensys plc | Corporate Profile 2010
  21. 21. Invensys plc | Corporate Profile 2010 19
  22. 22. Invensys and Corporate Responsibility continuedCycling for charity Repairing hurricane damage Supporting local schools17 £15,000A team of 17 cyclists representing Invensys Operations Management Invensys Operations Management inInvensys Rail participated in the ‘Around employees in Houston, US donated Worthing, UK received a £15,000 donationthe Bay in a Day’ charity cycling event in money to Trees for Houston,and for use of their car park by a local utilityMelbourne, Australia. They raised money volunteered time to plant the trees company. Invensys chose to allocate thisfor The Smith Family charity which in response to several devastating money to three local schools to supportprovides educational and learning hurricanes in the Houston area. the UK National Healthy Schoolssupport to disadvantaged Australian Programme and Eco-Schools Programme.children.National health Charity lunch Rural development$5,000Invensys Controls employees in Invensys Controls employees in Caxias Employees at the Invensys OperationsMatamoros, Mexico raised approximately do Sul, Brazil promoted a charity lunch to Management facility in ThailandUS$5,000 by collecting 298,000 raise funds for DOMUS, a house of refuge organised a charity event to help out thealuminium cans for the Down Syndrome for children and teenagers with cancer. Baan Wangree School in rural Thailand.Institute, Multiple Education Institute and Invensys employees contributed theirMultiple Rehabilitation Centre. labour, stationery and sports equipment, and also provided five scholarships and a cash donation to the school.20 Invensys plc | Corporate Profile 2010
  23. 23. Invensys plcPortland HouseBressenden PlaceLondon SW1E 5BFUnited KingdomTel: +44 (0)20 7834 3848www.invensys.comInvensys plc office from 28 June 201040 Grosvenor PlaceLondon SW1X 7AWUnited Kingdomwww.invensys.comInvensys Operations Management5601 Granite Parkway III Suite 1000PlanoTX 75024United StatesTel: +1 469 365 6400www.iom.invensys.comInvensys RailPO Box 85Foundry LaneChippenhamWiltshire SN15 1RTUnited KingdomTel: +44 (0)1249 441 441www.invensysrail.comInvensys Controls191 East North AvenueCarol StreamIL 60188United StatesTel: +1 630 260
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