Talis Aspire Digitised Content: Welcome and Overview (Open Day, 24th Oct 2013)


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Ian Corns (Account Sales Manager, Talis) - A whistlestop tour of the new Talis Aspire Digitised Content module, highlighting key benefits and providing the opportunity for a live demonstration.

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  • So, time. Time is something we found when we talked to users involved in the copyright clearance process is in short supply.
    That process starts with academics - when we talked to them, they explained how they spent time initially just finding where to send their request, form filling, ticking legal boxes, followup conversations, delay in decision, delay in delivery...
    Library - repetitive tasks that take time, complex processes and workflow, the dreaded rollover
    Students - time is precious/critical - just want the content, there and then, any device, any time.
  • Increased efficiency by saving time.
    Save time, to provide copyright teams / library ability to significantly scale service.
    That must maintain, or increase, the institutions confidence in copyright compliance
  • Academic raises request: Usually from TARL, but form can be placed anywhere. Auto-population of fields works best from TARL.
    Concierge assesses request: Concierge runs its checks, qualifies any queries/info it can with academic, and refers to TADC
    Librarian processes request referrals: Librarian use’s TADC to resolve any referrals and uploads a copy
    Packer builds/stores bundle: When copy uploaded, the packer builds a bundle (request+coversheet+pdf) which securely stores in the vault
    Student views bundle: When a student visits a list, the embedded TADC player checks any authentication details, before playign the bundle through the player at point of use (item page in a list, for example)
    Concierge “skips” the library: Final thing. Going back to start of process, don’t forget that if a pdf is already in the vault, the concierge will build a new bundle and deliver it to the list without involving the library at all.
  • Here’s another example where the academic has asked for a digitisation of a resource for which a later edition exists, which provides the added feature of guiding the academic to editions that are owned by the library
  • Firstly, Talis Aspire Copyright Clearance warns on duplicate requests. As with all warnings to the academic, it provides clear context and (where relevant) provides the academic the opportunity the option to provide other information - in this case, a pedagogical reason for the scan. For the library, we see here a good example of the contextual action box when the request is received, clearly guiding library staff on not just the scenario encountered but next outcomes.
  • Or here, where the academic has asked for a scan of a resource not available in the library, with a similar level of support.
  • Used by these institutions
    In Australia - Griffith University, Queensland University and Monash University will be trialing TADC over the next two months.
  • Talis Aspire Digitised Content: Welcome and Overview (Open Day, 24th Oct 2013)

    1. 1. Talis Aspire Digitised Content Welcome and Introduction 24 October 2013 Nottingham Open Day Ian Corns (Sales Account Manager) Wifi: nottinghamconferencecentre Twitter: #talisaspire
    2. 2. Agenda 9:30 Arrival and Coffee 10:00 Welcome, Introduction to Talis Aspire Digitised Content 10:30 Review of the new CLA HE Licence 11:00 Solving real problems with Talis Aspire Digitised Content 11:30 BLDSC: A changing service for a changing landscape Ian Corns, Talis Sarah Brear, CLA Ian Snowley, Lincoln Samantha Tillett, BL 12:00 Lunch /Networking 13:30 Assessing the impact, value of future of Digitised Content Dorothy Atherton, NTU 14:15 Continuing the journey with Talis Aspire Digitised Content Keji Adedeji, Talis 14:45 Panel Discussion All 15:30 Close
    3. 3. Talis Aspire Change Content Time For Digitised End-To-End Solution Increased Efficiency Improved Scalability Greater Confidence
    4. 4. Talis Aspire Digitised Content Demonstration
    5. 5. Later Edition Available Available
    6. 6. Copy limits exceeded
    7. 7. Not available in Library
    8. 8. Not available under CLA licence
    9. 9. Talis Aspire Digitised Content
    10. 10. Talis Aspire Digitised Content
    11. 11. Questions ?
    12. 12. Talis Aspire Digitised Content Find us on: Web: content.talisaspire.com Twitter: @talisaspire YouTube: youtube.com/user/TalisAspire Facebook: facebook.com/talisaspire Support: support.talisaspire.com