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Tadc open day kv middlesex 17 mar 141 Tadc open day kv middlesex 17 mar 141 Presentation Transcript

  • Talis Aspire Digitised Content at Middlesex: The story so far Kate Vasili Copyright Officer Talis Aspire Digitised Content Open Day British Library, 17th March 2014
  • Background • Pre CLA Scanning Licence - No Service • Since CLA Scanning Licence - No Service Devolved system i.e. Academics uploaded content independently with advice and guidance only. Academics:- – Required to check copyright and licence compliance – Required to attach CLA Copyright Notice to PDF – Required to report scanning to Copyright Officer
  • Issues • Apprehension and very few scans. Of those that braved the copyright & licence maze. • No confidence in compliance and copyright checking – checking process either inconsistent or non-existent entirely. • CLA Copyright Notice or permissions info. not always attached • Reporting, from - No scanning reported to - Not all scanning reported or - Absolutely any kind of upload reported including excluded and unlicensed content. Result = continuous auditing of VLE as much as possible.
  • Why did we continue? • Academic freedom • Finances • Lack of understanding of risks • Lack of complaints i.e. “If it ain’t broke…………”
  • Why the change? • NSS scores and student expectations More efficient provision and delivery of online resources required. • Acknowledgement of litigation risk Finally some real examples of Institutions paying huge sums for copyright infringement. (Scare-mongering?.....…maybe a little)
  • Result = All change • MyUnihub – Single sign-on Learning Space • Talis Aspire Reading List • LSS Digitisation Service • Migration from Blackboard to Moodle • Talis Aspire Digital Content • Classic Athens to Athens LA • CLA Licence • Free student printing
  • Why TADC? • CLA had promised a copyright checking tool for a while • Talis was one contender • Attended Talis Aspire Open Day, November 2012 where TADC was showcased • Impressed by the potential, storage solution and NTU’s endorsement • Equally cautious if it could handle the vagaries of copyright law and the CLA licence. • Decided to trial TADC from March 2013.
  • 1 month Trial ran March to June • Testing it to the max • All kinds of requests were raised by Library staff and a few handpicked academics • Many referrals generated
  • First Impressions – Initial access and authentication issues • Access given to all existing Talis users • Wrong version of Athens – Concerns with items not being identified • as existing (OCLC etc) • on our catalogue (print and e-resources) despite source being from Talis Aspire Bookmark • CLA API – Concerns with CLA licence compliance & reporting
  • Problems Reasons & solutions Concerns with items not being identified •as existing (OCLC, xISBN, CrossRef etc) •on our catalogue (print and e-resources) •In CLA API •Request metadata inconsistent or rogue ISBN’s •Catalogue data missing - Link Resolver issues =Screen scrape of all CLA lists not included in API – Title Search Tool Concierge decision not always correct (mainly licensing issues) = Concierge override option for a) Direct publisher permissions b) Incorrect CLA decisions i.e. Departmental copy used Global edition covered Print/Download available to all Moodle widget designed and implemented CLA Copyright Notice not completed correctly Details still missing or incorrect CLA Report not completed correctly Override items not included Multiple ISBNs per item Since corrected Item previously requested/uploaded, not picked up from the vault or wrong item uploaded Still being investigated
  • Since adopting TADC July 2013 528 Live - 41 Referred - 172 Rejected - 13 Withdrawn
  • Usage Stats over Year
  • Usage stats in the last month
  • Satisfaction? • Academics Impressed with: – Speed of turnaround – Quality of Scans – Being kept informed where not automatic – Not having to worry about copyright and licensing – Students are actually reading items because of easier accessibility Concerns: – Turnaround time of BL requests not fulfilled – Turnaround time of rejected requests where direct permissions sought – Students have to create a profile to access their readings – Not yet rolled out to all subjects and modules
  • Satisfaction? • Students: Impressed with: – Essential readings instantly available online – Readings accessible with University disability software as standard Concerns: – Why they need to create a profile to access readings – Why all reading material isn’t available online – Why all my modules don’t provide this
  • Satisfaction • Digitisation Team Impressed with: – automatic checking and processing of majority of requests – simplicity in using the product – Professionalism and efficiency of TADC support team Concerns: – amount of referrals generated – time it takes to investigate why referred – time it takes to raise tickets and explain errors – Vault operation needs attention
  • Overall Impression So Far • Time saving on the whole with majority of requests and generating reports (Debate as to whether time saved is counter-balanced by time taken resolving issues and overriding) • Confidence that items going live are fully compliant • Potential to be much better with further developments constantly being investigated and added
  • Wish List for the Future • Remove/resolve Student Profile requirement • Better integration and consistency with Talis Aspire terms • Reduce referrals – Better integration with external API’s and databases identifying item or licensing e.g. xISBN, Crossref, OCLC, CLA – Better integration with LMS and E-resources/databases • More information/columns on ‘all request’ report • BL Integration to redirect on failure to supply, to other holding Libraries able to provide CFP copies e.g. National Libraries of Wales, Scotland etc.
  • Thank you for listening ?