Cla presentation talis open day - march 14


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Cla presentation talis open day - march 14

  1. 1. Review of the new CLA Higher Education Licence Open Day - Talis Aspire Digitised Content 17 March 2014 Meghan Mazella Licence Auditor This presentation © 2014 by The Copyright Licensing Agency Ltd. All Rights Reserved. It is hoped that this presentation provides a helpful overview to the copyright and the use of copyright material. It is not intended to constitute legal advice and should not be relied on as such.
  2. 2. Summary  CLA refresher  New rights and repertoire  Why copy from Digital Material?  US scanning repertoire  Title Search  Managing and reporting Digital Copies  CLA HE website
  3. 3. About CLA  a licensing body as defined by the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988, with a legal mandate to perform collective licensing on behalf of copyright owners  owned by the Authors Licensing and Collecting Society (ALCS) and the Publishers Licensing Society (PLS)  agency agreement with the Design and Artists Copyright Society (DACS)  reciprocal agreements with 35 similar organisations overseas  global mandates with 20 publishers
  4. 4. … all of which mean that CLA is authorised to license still text and images from print and digital material published in the UK and many overseas territories.
  5. 5. New rights and repertoire Photocopying and scanning from print material As before Copying and re-use of paid-for digital material (NB ‘Comprehensive’ Licence) Now available to all HEIs Copying and re-use of free-to-view UK website content New!
  6. 6. About Digital Material Paid-for Digital Material  For example, e-books, e-journals  Includes content taken from aggregator platforms Free-to-view website material  Free-to-view, but may not be free to copy (check terms and conditions)
  7. 7. Why copy from Digital Material?  One set of terms and conditions applies across all of CLA’s repertoire – no need to check primary licence agreements each time  Removes any uncertainty around unstable links for future access  Where a primary licence agreement is held, users are free to choose whether to copy under this or the CLA Licence  Permits use for commercial research purposes  Permits the making of multiple printouts
  8. 8. US Scanning Repertoire  Change in CLA’s agreement with CCC (all sectors, not just HE)  Repertoire for scanning must now be opted in on a title level, rather than automatically included unless specifically excluded (as previously)
  9. 9. CLA Title Search If you need to check for licence coverage, we recommend using our Title Search copied/title-search/ BETA Title Search
  10. 10. Reporting Digital Copies  From print or paid-for digital – via digital copy record form on or around June 15  From free-to-view website content – if your HEI is selected for a Data Collection Exercise (survey), via our web-logging tool  New reporting and management procedures from 1 August 2014
  11. 11. Other things to note  Continued discussions with UUK/GuildHE on some points:  Collection of NCB data  Works that become excluded during a Course of Study  Overseas campus based students  Reporting of dis-embedded images  Extent limits of poems, plays, anthologies  Automatic RPI indexation
  12. 12.  User Guidelines  One-page notice  Guide to Managing and Reporting Digital Copies  Role-specific guidance
  13. 13. Contact Us! Shanti Shah Licensing and Data Administrator (Education) 020 7400 3122 General enquiries, invoicing, changes to account details, requests for support materials Joanne Crocker Data Collection Co-ordinator 020 7400 3181 Enquiries regarding Data Collection Exercises or the administration of any data recording Sarah Brear Development Manager – Higher and Further Education 020 7400 3133 Technical enquiries, requests for workshops and site visits
  14. 14. Thank you for listening. Any questions?