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A New Hope or Phantom Menace? Making your collection management workflows Aspire-aware (Helen Adey, Nottingham Trent University)
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A New Hope or Phantom Menace? Making your collection management workflows Aspire-aware (Helen Adey, Nottingham Trent University)


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A New Hope or Phantom Menace? Making your collection management workflows Aspire-aware (Helen Adey, Nottingham Trent University) …

A New Hope or Phantom Menace? Making your collection management workflows Aspire-aware (Helen Adey, Nottingham Trent University)
Nottingham Trent University was a very early adopter of Talis Aspire and quickly became aware that new collection management workflows were required to ensure that previously routine tasks took account of items on Resource Lists. This session will cover the challenges faced in dealing with a variety of collection management tasks, including:
- routine withdrawals
- missing books
- bulk stock review exercises
- Patron Driven Acquisitions
- changes in aggregator packages
- annual serials review exercises
It will also consider some suggested methodologies for dealing with these challenges, tools which can help, and the challenges still to be addressed and resolved.

Published in: Education

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  • 1. 25 June 20131Helen Adey,Resource Acquisitions and Supply Team ManagerNottingham Trent UniversityA New Hope or Phantom Menace?Making your collectionmanagement workflowsAspire-aware
  • 2. Agenda• Collection Management before Aspire• Aggregator packages (1)• Missing, damaged and lost items• Annual stock reviews and bulk stock withdrawals• Patron Driven Acquisitions• Serials reviews• Aggregator packages (2)25 June 20132
  • 3. Collection Management before Aspire25 June 20133Walk in the park…? Or getting lost in the woods?
  • 4. Aggregator packages (1)• The cautionary tale of an NTU Academic Aspire Champion,American Literary History, Oxford University Press and LiteratureOnline25 June 20134
  • 5. Missing, damaged and lost items• Do we need to replace?• How do we know if it’s on a resource list?25 June 20135
  • 6. Annual stock reviews andbulk stock withdrawals• Use Aleph to report low use items• Send to Talis for resource list checking• Returns a list of items on current and previous academic year’s lists• Identified RLMS items are removed from spreadsheet, which arethen passed to the stock team for processing• NTU has paid for Talis consultancy time to produce regular updatesof stock on lists that can be uploaded into Aleph catalogue recordsIn very near future….• Presence of an item on a list will be both human-readable andmachine-readable• All Aleph low use reports will be pre-screened for RLMS hits25 June 20136
  • 7. Patron Driven Acquisitions• Need to think through workflows for acquisitions and metadatamanagement• We used fix routines to identify and update PDA records• Either need to trigger purchase at the point of Library Review, orRLMS check for any non purchased PDA items prior to removal• Usual approach of PDA vendors to bulk load, bulk remove and thenreload purchased records won’t work, as all your PDA eBook linkswill break25 June 20137
  • 8. Serials reviews / cancellations /cessations• Every year, Academic Liaison Team review serials subscriptions andsuggest new titles for purchase and lists of potential cancellations• What RLMS checking is appropriate?• Does existence on a Resource List mean it can’t be cancelled?• Licence check for access to in perpetuity / archival rights• We now need a new version of Relic to include an ISSN lookup• What happens if the resource list link is to the article and not theparent journal - would we spot this?• Underlines the importance of rich metadata and robust links toelectronic journal content25 June 20138
  • 9. Aggregator packages (2) – this time it’sserious!• In late 2012, Taylor & Francis pulled 394 of their titles fromAcademic Search Complete• ISSN check in Relic would held help but still a long manual job• Huge issues for libraries regarding timeliness of prior warning andaccurate records from publisher and host• Metadata for article level records needs to contain ISSN to have anyhope of checking25 June 20139
  • 10. • Reports in new release of Aspire– The improved All Journal Article Items report will give us a way toreport out more straightforwardly on the impact of aggregatorpackage changes– The new ‘Link-books-to-LCN batch-job’ and the Books not linkedto catalogue report would also offer a new way to manageincremental monograph additions outside of Library Review• Combining Aleph and Aspire data to inform additional purchase ofhigh demand items and more accurately predict levels of demand• Confidence that we are buying the right things - only possiblesince we had Aspire25 June 201310New Hope or Phantom Menace?New Hope!
  • 11. Any Questions…………..?• Collection Management before Aspire?• Aggregator Packages?• Missing, Damaged and lost items?• Annual Stock reviews & Bulk stock withdrawals?• Patron Drive Acquisitions?• Serials reviews?• June 201311