Recruitment Best Practice Forum 05/09/2013
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Recruitment Best Practice Forum 05/09/2013



TalentPuzzle hosted the Recruitment Best Practice Forum on September 5th. ...

TalentPuzzle hosted the Recruitment Best Practice Forum on September 5th.
Optimise your Recruitment Processes to Deliver Quality Hires Faster and Cheaper.

The recruitment landscape is changing rapidly as various trends converge. The modern recruitment department needs to:
-Reduce costs
-Prove they are adding value and thinking strategically
-Use new technologies and social media to improve their processes and candidate attraction
-Help create and manage a employer brand and candidate proposition
-Reduce dependence on agencies

TalentPuzzle presents the slides used during the presentations.
4 Amazing speakers were present on the day:
Roger Philby*, The Chemistry Group
Nick Townend,LV= Liverpool Victoria
John O'Brien, Brook Street
Matt Alder, Metashift

*Roger Philby's slide will be uploaded shortly.



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  • £24,375,000£1,706,250$7000
  • £8,125,000 reduction in 66%£2,706,250Saving = £16,250,000$7000
  • RSA – decreased the Hiring managers time by 85% But increased the quality of hireValues based hiring does not mean increasing the cost per hire
  • It becomes so important when you realize that the mobile internet is becoming people’s preferred access point even in their own homes

Recruitment Best Practice Forum 05/09/2013 Recruitment Best Practice Forum 05/09/2013 Presentation Transcript

  • The Recruitment Best Practice Forum September 5th 2013. London #RecBP @TalentPuzzle
  • The Recruitment Best Practice Forum Ben Fletcher, TalentPuzzle @benfletch #RecBP @TalentPuzzle
  • The Recruitment Best Practice Forum #RecBP @TalentPuzzle View slide
  • Hello… Business Enabler of the Year View slide
  • What’s The Plan? Quick Introduction First Bit… Where‟s the value? Examples Second Bit… What can you do?
  • £24bn a year is spent on managing poor performers Source: Future Foundation project – Getting the Edge in the New People Economy
  • 65% of FTSE 100 HR Directors would not rehire their current workforce Source: Chemistry Survey 2011
  • “3 out of 4 hires for business are wrong!” Source: Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) Report
  • Value Based Hiring Here’s Something You Can Use… A single mishire costs UK Plc 4-14x the base salary…
  • Value Based Hiring Now put it with this… % Accuracy predicting future success in role Selection Methodology CV & Interview 25% Behavioural / Competency Interview 40% BEI/Psychometrics/Assessment Centre 75% BEI/Psychometrics/ Assessment Centre and shadowing 95% Source: British Psychological Society
  • Value Based Hiring At Nortel It Meant This Before… Cost of mishire The Budget
  • Value Based Hiring At Nortel It Meant This After… Cost of mishire The Budget Cost Saving
  • Pre-Chemistry Post-Chemistry Pre-Chemistry Post-Chemistry Pre-Chemistry Post-Chemistry Value Outcomes
  • The Lexis Nexis Story Data Gather 30% Attrition 1 in 3 new starters failed probation Low Performance in sales team Happy Place Create a sales team capable of selling multi-product, new product and multi-year solutions Value Statement £1,000,000 increased revenue from new product and multi year deals HR Finance Business Sponsor Measurement Multi year: £700K to £1,600K New products: £700K to £2,500K Business Case By investing £100,000 in building a more accurate recruitment process, we will deliver £1m of value Sales Director HR Sales Director CEO CFO Describing the Value
  • Projected £5.5m saving (3 yrs) What does “Great” look like for Advisor and Guru roles? Values Motivations Behaviours Identify Resourcing Challenges high volume labour intense measured experience, not „fit‟ New hires delivering FAN scores of over 91% Value Outcomes
  • 9 Box Grid Potential Capability
  • Most Businesses Energis Value Outcomes
  • Values Motivations Behaviours Intellect Experience Hard To Change Easy To Change Start here… 75% Accurate 25% Accurate
  • Values Motivations Intellect Behaviours Experience Start here…
  • It’s Not Just External Hiring That Creates Value!
  • Value Based Hiring You need to change the conversation! How quickly do YOU need them? How many hires do YOU need? What EXPERIENCE do they need? What budget do YOU have?
  • Value Based Hiring You need to change the conversation! What would happen if WE hired the wrong people? What would truly great hires do for OUR business? What would hiring the right people do to OUR market share/revenue… What would WE be able to do that WE can‟t do now when we hire the right people?
  • Here’s The Opportunity… 1. With the business, define the employee value measurement 2. Define the WGLL that supports this, objectively measure it 3. Decide to do it, it‟s a choice!
  • Chemistry T: 01344 418300 Follow us on Twitter: Thanks…
  • The Recruitment Best Practice Forum #RecBP @TalentPuzzle
  • Creating and maintaining a strong employer brand through Resourcing Nick Townend Resourcing Partner - General Insurance LV=
  • What I`m Going To Cover Today…. Creating and maintaining a strong employer brand through Resourcing • How can the employer brand give you a competitive edge • How do you create and communicate the brand
  • What I`m Going To Cover Today….
  • What was the challenge ahead of us? Employer brand didn`t feel fresh
  • First… A Few Numbers…. 1893 2.5%5704 2009 Headcount 2012 Headcount 2008 Agency Reliance 2012 Agency Reliance Average Applications PCM Offer Acceptance Ratio 2012 Hires 2012 12 month CSR Attrition Reduction
  • What did we do? Back to the drawing board What worked and didn`t work? What does the brand stand for? Why might people want to work with us? What would cause people to engage? How “wacky” could we go? Our people are at the heart of our employer brand Increasing awareness of our locations
  • So what did we consider?
  • This developed into…
  • We commissioned the LV= Seat……
  • Challenges…. So – how DO we choose the people?
  • Faces of LV= was born…..
  • Faces of LV= started to take off…… 400+ photos were emailed to us 886 snaps in the photo booth 533 people in the photo booth pictures 57,000 hits across the microsite since launch 99.9% of the business visited the site
  • Challenges…. Under performers….
  • And so it began… One heart-shaped chair One gigantic beanbag 60 LV= people Five photo shoots Six film shoots 100 hours of editing
  • The refreshed LV= Employer Brand was born…
  • Challenges…. Under performers….
  • Leveraging with technology…..
  • Leveraging with social media…..
  • How we keep people engaged…..
  • How we ensure we live and breathe the brand…..
  • Challenges…. Did we miss an opportunity with our faces?
  • Measuring our effectiveness
  • Questions? Questions
  • The Recruitment Best Practice Forum #RecBP @TalentPuzzle
  • Brook Street working in partnership with RWE npower The Candidate Experience
  • Introduction Attendees John O‟Brien – Account Director Points Covered:  What Defines a great candidate experience?  What are the most common factors that give a negative experience and how do we mitigate them?  Changing process and technology to improve the candidate Journey  Impact of Social Media
  • The Importance of the Candidate Experience “A positive candidate experience can do wonders for an employer brand” “On the other hand, a negative experience can really do some damage”
  • What Defines a Great Candidate Experience?  Strong Communication – Expectation management  Brand Positioning – Do candidates know who you are?  How do I take my positions to market?- First impression touch points  Defined recruitment process – Highly visible to candidates  Clearly defined on-boarding strategy – Positive first impression experience
  • What are the most common factors that give a negative experience and how can we mitigate them ? Common Factors:  Market Representation – How you go to market  Poorly written job specifications – Misinterpretation  Poor communication - Candidate not sure of where they are in the process  Long drawn out process – Turn‟s candidates away Mitigation:  Firstly put yourself in the candidates position!  When was the last time you applied for one of your jobs?  What are the candidates impressions of their journey?  What is your candidate experience Strategy?
  • Changing Process and Technology To improve the candidate Journey  Improve on the social recruiting tools and platforms you are using  Optimise your companies mobile recruitment procedures  Establish a candidate care strategy  Enhanced candidate experience combing website and ATS  Enhance the candidates online experience  Is your brand clearly visible everywhere  Candidates expectations are of a seamless journey
  • Impact Of Social Media On Recruitment Social Media on the whole is becoming a media for work as well as play and plays a major part in online brand perception negative and positive Pro‟s: - Cost Effective - Employer Branding and retention - Speed Con‟s - Lack of control
  • RWE npower and Brook Street Enhancing the Candidate Experience  Streamlined the entry into RWE npower – Ensuring consistency and speed of hire  All candidates are briefed on what to expect and the timescales it will take – Resulting in 100% take up of positions  All job profiles are clear and reflect the position in full  Introduced a hiring managers tool kit – Giving consistency of on-boarding  Transition services – Gave all incumbent workers confidence and better experience of engagement
  • Questions
  • The Recruitment Best Practice Forum #RecBP @TalentPuzzle
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  • metashift limited © 2013 Key Results • Saved £400k in agency fees via LinkedIn • 6 hires directly from Twitter / Facebook in Q4 2012 • Increase in Referral Hiring • Huge levels of engagement with the business • Increased Speed of Hiring • Recruitment is teaching Customer Service and Marketing about Social Media with a huge benefit to the business
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  • The Recruitment Best Practice Forum #RecBP @TalentPuzzle