Sales driver create greater sales results with fewer resources


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New approach to create breakthrough results in sales by focusing on value and elimination of waste.

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Sales driver create greater sales results with fewer resources

  1. 1. SalesDriverCreate greater sales results with fewerresources by focusing on value andeliminating wastePartner Tapio Nissilä 40 70 10 458
  2. 2. Launching SalesDriver book in 2013Sales must deliver greater results withfewer resources.This book explains how you can • improve sales performance • increase quality in sales process and • lower coststhrough focusing on value and eliminatingwaste in sales and marketing processes.We’ll share case examples, tools, bestpractices and hands on experiences fromour customer engagements.The book introduces a new and improvedmodel for managing sales performanceimprovement
  3. 3. SalesDriver method is based on best practices,research and real life experiences Applied methods from Proven sales methods manufacturing Sales methodologies Lean, Six Sigma, Theory of Constraints Experience and best Understanding of practices implementation Project experience across industries, challenges best practices in sales performance CRM platforms, implementation plan improvement and benchmarking expertise practices
  4. 4. Designing and implementing sales management system CASE • Need based Segmentation model including existing and potential customers Project • Integration of marketing and sales funnel scope • Lead management process for new customer acquisition • Opportunity qualification criteria From Sales person is responsible for both analytical as well as transactional part of sales process Marketing is responsible for Outsourced call center Sales person meets customers To analytical part of sales process makes first contact and identifies sales cases New business Sales result Better customer Resource usage development improvement satisfaction • 3 week deployment • Lead management • Hit rate increase by 5 • Net Promoter Score project process has resulted percentage points (20 up by 400 % • Creation of in 100 % growth in % increase) marketing target number of customer • Sales increase of 10 % groups down from Benefits meetings on weekly one week to 3 hours basis • New process delivers 60 % of total revenue • Lower cost of sales • Average size of and over 90 % of gross identified sales • Improved customer margin new operating data quality through opportunities in the model funnel has grown by new operating model 10 %© Talent Vectia 4
  5. 5. Continuous development to ensure alignmentof projects and increased performance METHOD Individual development projects SalesDriver approachPerformance Performance time time• Customer process and sales performance • Action oriented approach & delivered from strategy development initiatives are stand alone projects • One umbrella that combines all different front end with little alignment and information sharing development initiatives• Development initiatives are tactical, link to strategy • Fact based and continuously measured to ensure is weak platform for improvement• Facts for process improvement (excl. outputs) are • Continuous development with initiatives building on missing each-other improvement • Sequence of individual projects  Projects build up on each other  No clear development and performance increases trend in performance
  6. 6. SalesDriver method covers key elements insuccessful and professional sales METHOD Strategy and objectives (growth, performance) 1. Segment 3. Account Management 6. Sales Force Management Automation & How we manage and develop Effectiveness What is the market relationships with current customers where I compete in? How to market and Who are my (target) sell on daily basis customers? 4. Sales Management How to ensure that we are making our targets, using appropriate sales approach and managing our resources effectively 2. Offering 7. Customer Service & Management Call Center What do we sell, How do we serve customers what is our value 5. Marketing Management with high proposition, quality and optimized how it is packaged costs and priced How to launch new offerings, penetrate new markets and how to acquire new customers
  7. 7. SalesDriver™ method can be implemented on topof CRM platform using templates METHOD Strategy and objectives (growth, performance) 1. Segment 3. Account Management 6. Sales Force Management Automation & Yearly Effectiveness How Account we manage and develop Planning Customer the market What is relationships Plan current customers Business with Cycle Sales Person’s Win Plan Segmentation where I compete in? Desktop market and How to Who are my (target) sell on daily basis customers? Segment 4. Sales Management Sales Sales Segment Processes Business Management (solution, Reporting Desktop Plan How to ensure that we are making our targets, product) using appropriate sales approach and managing our resources effectively 2. Offering Marketing Forecast and 7. Customer Service & Management Opportunity Return on Call Center & Sales production Qualification Sales ROI Funnel planning Offering do we sell, What Value Customer How do we serveCustomer customers Service Satisfaction what is our value Structure Quantification 5. Marketing Management with high Requests Surveys proposition, quality and optimized how it is packaged Lead costs Salesand priced Marketing How to launch new offerings, Lead Generation Claims Collateral ROMI penetrate new markets and Process Management how to acquire new customers SalesDriver™ deployment on top of CRM platform
  8. 8. Maximising impact of customer segmentation bycombining method with practice METHODTwo-dimensional segmentation for increased Modular CRM tools to support implementation ofefficiency in sales and customer management the sales and customer management• Value-based categories for optimal sales actions. • Supporting sales & sales management with optimised Differentiating sales approach and coverage model i.e. tools. Modern CRM tools to support sales in quickly efforts and time allocation based on value of the adopting the new sales approach. customer. • Ensuring that systems support new sales and• Need-based segments for developing offerings. customer mgmt practices Differentiating offering and value proposition for • Modularity enables fast implementation. Fast process segments. and deployment of supporting tools. Needs-based segments • Segmentation model on top of CRM • Customer specific data on top of CRM Segment 1 Segment 2 Segment 3 • Real time data on top of CRM A Value-based categories B C Target customers Maximising impact of customer oriented sales development
  9. 9. Account management method and CRM tools METHODCustomer planning and relationship development Modular CRM tools to support implementation ofensures utilization of customer insight to drive the sales and customer management:business results • Relevant content makes CRM tool for customer• Proven method for account planning and management management• Capture customer understanding and plan actions • One method and tool for account planning ensures based on customer insight that account plans are found when needed.• Identify relevant sales opportunities through planning • Action planning using tasks and activities in CRM platform. Account Business Plan Account Management Plan 1. Executive summary 1 2. 1 1 Customer analysis 4 3 2 1 3. Business overview 4 §§ Q4 Q3 Q1 Q2 1 4. Sales opportunities 2 3 Account team 2 1 2 5. Account strategy & targets meetings 6. Action plan Critical customer meetings Maximising impact of customer oriented sales development
  10. 10. Capturing the full value of the sales effectiveness and CRM development INSIGHT Project ManagementCRM solution management • Managing schedule• Managing the scope of CRM • Managing resources solution • Managing budget• Managing integrations to other • Mitigating risks systems Manage Manage• Managing local requirements• Balancing global and local CRM solution CRM project requirements Manage people change Manage Value management delivery of • Managing business case business • Managing delivery of business benefits benefits • Communications • Change management • Training This does not mean “more work”, but a shared view on what the project should deliver to be successful
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