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  • Open with the 1-minute launch video.Welcome to the Pivotal booth here at EMC World. My name is Julia Reilly and I have the privilege today of introducing you to the newest member of the EMC family of companies: Pivotal. Pivotal is a new, independent company led by CEO, Paul Maritz, that just launched publicly a few weeks ago.
  • The company, led by CEO Paul Maritz, is redefining platform-as-a-service for the enterprise and has the backing of EMC, VMware, and GE.
  • The company is on a mission to completely redefine Platform-as a-service for the Enterprise and enable traditional enterprises to build a new class of applications, leveraging big and fast data, and do all of this with cloud independence and portability.
  • 2 minComplete platform for next generation data driven applications
  • 30 seconds
  • 3 minsNext generation data problems
  • 2 minsPivotal Properties
  • What we are announcing today is Pivotal HD – the world’s most powerful Hadoop distribution
  • ----- Meeting Notes (4/29/13 05:17) -----Which ETL tools operate with Hadoop/HDFS?What's meant by "No Data Format Interoperability ..."?
  • ----- Meeting Notes (4/29/13 05:17) -----Corrrect previous slide which associated Flume and Sqoop with Cloudera.Do we have a comparison (sales materials) between Cloudera Manager and ICM?
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  • A new platform for a new era emc

    1. 1. A NEW PLATFORM FOR A NEW ERAOShahaf AzrielySr. Field Engineer,Israel Pre-Sale Manager SEMEA
    2. 2. © Copyright 2013 Pivotal. All rights reserved.© Copyright 2013 Pivotal. All rights reserved.Who is Pivotal?
    3. 3. © Copyright 2013 Pivotal. All rights reserved.© Copyright 2013 Pivotal. All rights reserved.Introducing PivotalLed by CEO, Paul Maritz, formerCEO of VMwareRedefining EnterprisePlatform-as-a-ServiceEnabling a new class of applications,leveraging big & fast data, with thepower of cloud independence
    4. 4. © Copyright 2013 Pivotal. All rights reserved.Integrating EMC and VMWare AssetsCloudStorageVirtualizationPivotal DataFabricPivotal CloudFabricData-DrivenApplicationDevelopmentPivotal DataScience Labs...ETC
    5. 5. © Copyright 2013 Pivotal. All rights reserved.Pivotal Data FabricCloudStorageVirtualizationPivotal CloudFabricData-DrivenApplicationDevelopmentPivotal DataScience Labs...ETCPivotal DataFabric
    6. 6. © Copyright 2013 Pivotal. All rights reserved.Enterprise Data ArchitectureAnalyticData MartsMPP DatabaseOperationalIntelligenceIn-Memory DBRun-TimeApplicationsIn-MemoryObjectEnterpriseDataWarehouseRDBMSData StagingPlatformDataIngestionSystemStream/CEP
    7. 7. © Copyright 2013 Pivotal. All rights reserved.AnalyticData MartsOperationalIntelligenceRun-TimeApplicationsEnterpriseDataWarehouseData StagingPlatformData IngestionSystemPivotal Data Portfolio Today
    8. 8. © Copyright 2013 Pivotal. All rights reserved.Multi-Target Deployment ModeldeployPortableElasticPromotableHW abstractedManageablePublic CloudPrivate CloudOn Premise
    9. 9. © Copyright 2013 Pivotal. All rights reserved.© Copyright 2013 Pivotal. All rights reserved.PIVOTAL HDThe Foundation for Change
    10. 10. © Copyright 2013 Pivotal. All rights reserved.Our Big Bets for the Future1. HDFS becomes the data substrate for the next generation ofdata infrastructures2. A set of integrated, enterprise-scale services will evolve ontop of HDFS – stream ingestion, analytical processing, andtransactional serving3. Provisioning flexibility and elasticity become criticalcapabilities for this data infrastructure
    11. 11. © Copyright 2013 Pivotal. All rights reserved.Did You Know?Our HD distribution has been scale-tested onour unique, 1,000-node Analytics WorkBenchOur distribution is the first to bundleVMWare’s Hadoop Virtualization Extensions(HVE)We are backed by EMC’s global, 24x7support infrastructureAvailable as a software-only or appliance-based solution
    12. 12. © Copyright 2013 Pivotal. All rights reserved.Hadoop Pain Points• No Integrated Hadoop Stack• Hadoop, Pig, Hive, HBase, Zookeeper, Oozie, Mahout…Integrated Product Suite• No Industry standard ETL and BI Stack Integration• Informatica, Microstrategy, Business Objects …Interoperability• Poor Job and Application Monitoring Solution• Non-existent Performance MonitoringMonitoring• Complex System Configuration and Manageability• No Data Format Interoperability & Storage AbstractionsOperability andManageability• Poor Dimensional Lookup Performance• Very poor Random Access and Serving PerformancePerformance
    13. 13. © Copyright 2013 Pivotal. All rights reserved.The Pivotal Position on HadoopHadoop fits Pivotal’s strategy based on open source innovation for BigData analytics– Hadoop and Pivotal are complementary technologiesHadoop needs to become mission-critical and easier to use and managefor enterprise customers– Lacks operational interfaces and high-level tooling for big data analysis– Pivotal HD addresses these challenges offering robust operational toolsand with Advanced Database Services powered by HAWQ– HAWQ is the first true SQL processing engine that runs on HadoopWhy Hadoop?
    14. 14. © Copyright 2013 Pivotal. All rights reserved.Pivotal HD Enterprise1.0Commercially supported distribution of Apache Hadoop 2.0– HDFS, MapReduce 2.0, YARN, Pig, Hive, HBase,Mahout, Zookeeper, Flume, Sqoop, HadoopVirtualization Extensions (HVE)– Spring Hadoop integrates the Spring Framework intoHadoop▪ Create and run Hadoop MapReduce, Hive and Pig jobs▪ Work with HDFS and HBaseOpen Source Apache Stack
    15. 15. © Copyright 2013 Pivotal. All rights reserved.Pivotal HD Open Source Components•Hadoop Distributed File SystemHDFS•Processing framework for writing scalable data applicationsMapReduce•Procedural language that abstracts lower level MapReducePig•Highly reliable distributed coordinationZookeeper•System for querying data on top of HDFS (SQL-like query)Hive•Database for random, real time read/write accessHBase•Scalable machine learning librariesMahout
    16. 16. © Copyright 2013 Pivotal. All rights reserved.Pivotal HD Components•Cluster installation, upgrade and expansion toolsICM•Visual interface to monitor jobs, cluster health, system metricsCommand Center•Supports virtual node awarenessHVE•Virtual resource partitioning and performance monitoringMore-VRP•Enterprise grade NAS-based storage option for HadoopIsilon Integration•SQL query processor based on GPDB running on HDFSHAWQ•Extension Framework component of HAWQ to create externaltablesGPXF
    17. 17. © Copyright 2013 Pivotal. All rights reserved.CommandCenter&More-VRPICM Deployment&ConfigurationDataLoaderXtensionFrameworkCatalogServicesQueryPlannerDynamic PipeliningHAWQHDFSHadoop VirtualizationHBasePig, Hive &MahoutMapReduceSqoop FlumeResourceManagement& WorkflowYarnZookeeperChorusPartner Tools andApplicationsSpringSpring Data FrameworkANSI SQL + AnalyticsCollaboration &OrchestrationApplicationsApache Pivotal HD Added Value Pivotal PartnersPivotal HDCetasMoreVRPPivotal HD Architecture
    18. 18. © Copyright 2013 Pivotal. All rights reserved.Powerful Partner Ecosystem
    19. 19. © Copyright 2013 Pivotal. All rights reserved.Powerful Partner Ecosystem
    20. 20. © Copyright 2013 Pivotal. All rights reserved.Use CasesPivotal HD & HAWQ GA will come available by end of 05/13.1. Retail – leavreging for an enterprise data lake. All data will flowinto PivHD HDFS. Some will be loaded into HAWQ.2. Telco – petabytes of data with network/cell phone tower datawill be stored in PivHD and HAWQ for faster analytics.3. Financial – migration from GPDB to leverage GPXF to allowinterconnection to Hbase.MoreinformationUnder NDA
    21. 21. © Copyright 2013 Pivotal. All rights reserved.© Copyright 2013 Pivotal. All rights reserved.L E AR N M O R EgoPivotal.com F O L L O W U S@gopivotalShahaf Azrielysazriely@gopivotal.com054-2022110