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Welcome to windows 8
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Welcome to windows 8


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Presented on MLK day for Boston Tech meetup, Talbott introduces Windows 8 and some tips for installing the Developer Preview.

Presented on MLK day for Boston Tech meetup, Talbott introduces Windows 8 and some tips for installing the Developer Preview.

Published in: Technology

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  • 1. Welcome to Windows 8 Talbott Crowell MVP
  • 2. Thanks to @talbott
  • 3. Martin Luther King Jr. Peace is not merely a distant goal weseek, but a means by which we arrive at that goal Paraphrased from Christmas Sermon 1967
  • 4. About @talbott• ThirdM Solutions Architect• SharePoint Consultant• Microsoft F# MVP• Author, Blogger, Tweeter @talbott
  • 5. What is Windows 8 The next OS release from Microsoft “Developer Distinctive Preview” “touch first” Pre-beta Metro UserDownload Available Experience The Beta is expected February @talbott
  • 6. Demonstration1. Tiles2. Metro apps3. Transfer between desktop and start screen
  • 7. Which version should I install?I am a power user Power User – Windows 8 Developer Preview 32-bit (x86) – Windows 8 Developer Preview 64-bit (x64)I am a developer Developer – Windows 8 Developer Preview with developer tools 64-bit (x64) • Burn ISO to disk requires DVD+R DL (double layer) @talbott
  • 8. Bare metal vs Virtual machine• Bare metal – Fastest – Need a dedicated machine or dual boot• Virtual machine – Disposable – One level of indirection @talbott
  • 9. Steps (for installing on bare metal) • Get a Windows Live ID – if you don’t already have one • Download ISO • Burn DVD* • Boot computer up with DVD • Install OS • Use a Windows Live ID to log in for the first time • Run Windows Update* For developers, be sure to use the “with developer tools” @talbottimage and DVD+R DL disk
  • 10. Windows Update• Installs drivers• Updates Visual Studio 11 bits• Check your “Device Manager” to see if you have any missing device drivers – If you do, go to your computer vendor and download Windows 7 drivers for the missing components @talbott
  • 11. The Software• For MSDN subscribers – Install Office 2010• For Developers – First test Visual Studio 11 Express • Metro Windows 8 only templates – Install Visual Studio 11 Developer Preview • Gives you the rest of the development suite for desktop application development, ASP.NET, etc…• Run Windows Update (again… lots of patches) @talbott
  • 12. Personalize• Install your favorite development and productivity tools• Install Firefox or some other browser in case IE10 preview can’t connect to the sites – support @talbott
  • 13. Where is the Start Menu?• Simple fix to my blog) @talbott
  • 14. Configure Desktop• Add Program Menu – Or Start Menu• Add Shut down shortcut – Hibernate, Sleep, Restart, etc…• Add icons to desktop (Control Panel) @talbott
  • 15. Demonstration1. Add Start / Programs menu to desktop2. Add Shutdown / Sleep / Restart shortcuts
  • 16. What is Metro?• User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) guidelines• Bauhaus influenced• “Chromeless” – Omission of lots of unnecessary borders• Introduced in 2010 with Windows Phone 7 @talbott
  • 17. Metro Design Principals• Clean, Light, Open, Fast, Flow• Alive and In Motion• Content not Chrome• Celebrate Typography• Authentically DigitalSee Paul Laberge’s post: @talbott
  • 18. Metro vs Desktop• Metro is the primary interface for Windows 8 tablet and touch screen interface• Desktop is similar to Windows 7 traditional UI @talbott
  • 19. Charms• Contracts for – Share – Search – Devices @talbott
  • 20. Snapping• Allows for 2 apps at the same time• Build your application s to format nicely when snapped @talbott
  • 21. Application Bar• Right-click• Swipe from bottom – Demo: Weather and IE @talbott
  • 22. Using Internet Explorer• When a page doesn’t work in Metro (Youtube Flash for example) – Right-click to access the Application Bar – View in Desktop Mode @talbott
  • 23. Usedesktop view
  • 24. Flash now works
  • 25. Demonstration1. Browser tricks
  • 26. WinRT – Back to the Future• WinRT is “closer to the metal” than .NET• Evolution of COM• Highly performant (pick a language) – C++ • Most direct access – JavaScript + HTM5 – C#/VB.NET/F# @talbott
  • 27. Evolution of Windows API’s(How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the WinRT) Windows Runtime Overview
  • 28. 1990’s• Win 32 abstraction layer for developers to target old (Win95) and new (NT) operating systems My VB 4 App My C++ App Win32 Windows 95 Windows NT 4 @talbott
  • 29. 2002-2007• .NET allowed for My VB 7 or C# App My My simpler VB.NE VB 6 C++ C# development T App App• Still abstracted by .NET VB 6 C++ Win32• Native apps using Win32 VB6 and C++ still Windows 2000 / XP popular @talbott
  • 30. 2007-2012.NET Rules multiple platforms and becomesthe new abstraction layer Windows, Silverlight, Azure, WP7, etc… My C++ My Desktop .NET App My Cloud .NET App App F# VB C# F# VB C# C++ .NET Windows XP, Windows Vista, Silverlight Azure Phone 7 Windows 7 @talbott
  • 31. 2012-2017 My Windows 8/Metro App My .NET App F# VB C# C++ F# VB C# JavaScript .NET .NET Windows RuntimeWindows XP, Vista, Windows 8Windows 7 @talbott
  • 32. Using the Windows Runtime from C# and Visual Basic Pierson //buildJesse Kaplan My Windows 8/Metro App My .NET App F# VB C# C++ F# VB C# JavaScript .NET .NET & WinRT .NET Windows Runtime Windows XP, Vista, Windows 8 Windows 7 @talbott
  • 33. As covered at //build Windows Runtime @talbott
  • 34. Demonstration1. Building a Metro Style Application
  • 35. XAML is the Common Denominator XAMLDesktop Apps Metro / Mobile Aps WindowsPresentatio Silverligh Windows n t Phone Windows 8Foundation .NET Framework Desktop Silverlight Windows Phone Windows CLR CLR CLR RuntimeCommon Language Runtime (WinRT)
  • 36. WinRT versus .NET FrameworkArea .NET Metro WinRT FrameworkUser Silverlight and New Namespace:Interface Windows Phone Windows.UI.Xaml.* componentsI/O synchronous async/awaitStrorage Isolated Storage Windows.Storage.Application Data.CurrentThreading ThreadPool TaskReflection Type.GetMethods Type.GetTypeInfo().Declared MethodsMisc IComparable Icomparable<T>See: @talbott
  • 37. Other Exiting News• The names and release dates may change• Microsoft wants to insure quality over date• Silverlight 5 (released)• SQL Server 2012 (release candidate zero)• Visual Studio 2012 (I’m guessing the name)• Azure SDK 1.6 (released)• Azure support for Java, PHP, node.js, Hadoop @talbott
  • 38. Videos• Build Conference• ScottGu on Azure• Pluralsight (subscription) @talbott
  • 39. Trivia QuizWho is the guy in the middle?
  • 40. Trivia Quiz : Answer Bob MarleyBunny PeterWailer Tosh 1965
  • 41. Call to action• Power Users – Download Windows 8 today and play around with it• Developers – Learn XAML if you haven’t already • Silverlight 5 • Windows Phone 7 • Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) – Download Windows 8 with Developer Tools and build Metro Apps! @talbott
  • 42. RaffleOne year subscription (Annual Plus)$500 value @talbott
  • 43. Thank You Follow me @talbott