New Teacher Orientation


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New Teacher Orientation

  1. 1. TakeLessonsTeacher On-Boarding
  2. 2. What we will be covering ● Company history and vision ● How to prosper as a TakeLessons instructor ● Expectations ● What’s next ● Resources
  3. 3. TakeLessons Teacher On-BoardingAbout TakeLessons
  4. 4. About TakeLessons Culture of Music!
  5. 5. The History 2004: The growing family 2005: The Tired Teacher2003: It all started with an idea 2005 and Beyond!
  6. 6. Our Vision Influence and inspire a generation through music! ● Excellent teachers ● Income opportunities ● Teachers can focus on teaching
  7. 7. What we do for YOU!● Marketing● Professional profile● Online account● Teacher Support● Sales team● Payment collection
  8. 8. The "First-Class Experience"
  9. 9. TakeLessons Teacher On-BoardingYour Account
  10. 10. Availability Calendar● Available time slots for new students● Must be updated at least every 30 days● We do not contact you first
  11. 11. Time Off● Schedule anything that conflicts with regular availability● Enter time off before the 25th to avoid rescheduling● 30 days notice of 3 weeks or more time off● Reach out to students to reschedule● We love to see time off!● Company holidays: ○ Thanksgiving ○ Christmas Eve/Day ○ lNew Years Day
  12. 12. In-Home LessonsTraveling radius● As the crow flies● Does not take into account: ○ Bridges ○ Bodies of water ○ Traffic ○ Travel time ○ Street mileage
  13. 13. In-Home Lessons● 30 minute buffer between lessons● 2 separate calendars ○ If your availability differs between your studio and your travel● Contact us to change preferences
  14. 14. Best Buy StudentsBest Buy for Teacher Contractors● Automatically included● Exactly like regular lessons ○ May receive promo students● Students purchase lessons at the store or online● At your studio or at student’s home – not Best Buy
  15. 15. How to Attract Students? Your Profile!● Profile Picture = First Impression ○ Up close ○ Well-lit ○ Smiling and approachable ○ Of YOU! ○ Avoid webcam photos
  16. 16. How to Attract Students? Your Profile! Your Studio Up to 8 additional photos Teaching Family/Friends/Pets Performing Hobbies
  17. 17. How to Attract Students? Your Profile!Videos and Audio ● Upload Youtube Link ● MP3 file Instructional Introduction Performance
  18. 18. How to Attract Students? Your Profile!Written section● First person – not a professional resume ○ Make it about what you can do for the student – not all about accomplishments● Avoid “music speak”● 80% of our students are complete beginners ○ Contact us for a profile review● Ages 5-99 and both male and female students
  19. 19. New Students Email notification ● Contact info of student/parent ● Lesson start date and time ● Questionnaire ○ Musical interests ○ Goals ○ Experience level
  20. 20. New Students Give the student a call as soon as possible ● Click one of the following options: 1. Contacted 2. Attempted to contact 3. Needs Assistance ○ This lets us know that you’re good to go! ■ If you consistently do not mark the link to let us know that youre aware of new students, we question whether to continue sending you students
  21. 21. What if I do not want more students? We can place a temporary pause on your account ○ We will not place further students with you until youre ready ■ Too many students ■ Change in availability ■ Not renewing contract ○ 30 days notice if moving ○ If we place a student with you before you ask us to pause your account, you will be expected to take the student ○ TakeLessons reserves the right to pause a teacher’s account at any time
  22. 22. Your Master Schedule ● Upcoming Lessons ○ Assigned dates and times Do not teach lessons that are not paid for because we cannot● Lessons to Schedule guarantee compensation! ○ Click the clock to schedule ○ Schedule in advance
  23. 23. Teaching "Off the Books" ○ Reschedule lessons through the system to prevent ■ Double booking ■ Incorrect records ■ Confusion with lesson times ○ "Poaching" students ■ Refer to contract for more details
  24. 24. Getting Paid ○ Electronic Funds Transfer ■ Paid on 7th and the 22nd each month ● Lessons marked on 1st-15th paid on 22nd ● Lessons marked on 16th-31st paid on 7th ○ The way to get paid is to mark your lessons
  25. 25. Getting Paid Retention-Based Pay Scale Number of Lessons Taught Percentage Teacher Earns 1-12 50% 13-24 70% 25-49 80% 50+ 90%If you have any specific questions about your rates, please give us a call!
  26. 26. Marking Lessons ○ Mark or reschedule lessons within 72 hours ○ You will not be paid until lessons have been marked "Attended" or "Missed"Attended, Missed, or Reschedule
  27. 27. Marking LessonsAttended (Complete) ○ Lesson happened as scheduled ○ Submits lesson for payment
  28. 28. Marking LessonsMissed○ Student canceled with less than 24 hours notice○ Sends notification to student – they cannot make it up○ Paid same amount for missed as taught lesson○ If you would rather reschedule, go for it! ■ We will always support you if you choose to mark as missed
  29. 29. Marking LessonsReschedule● Click the clock to reschedule ○ “This lesson only” or “all future lessons” ○ Cancel option ■ Rolls lesson over ○ Add Lesson option ■ Button located above flex students in Master Schedule ■ You can cancel a lesson and when you know what day/time to make it up, you can add it back
  30. 30. Marking LessonsLesson Comments ○ You can leave comments on lessons by clicking the magnifying glass icon ○ Comment ideas ■ Request a reschedule ■ Remind student what to practice ■ Touch base with parent/student ■ Give a lesson evaluation
  31. 31. TakeLessons Teacher On-BoardingResources
  32. 32. Resources Internal and External Feedback ○ Internal Reputation Rating ■ Respect ■ Having a great Internal Reputation Rating helps you to receive students! ○ Student Feedback
  33. 33. Resources How to get Student Feedback ○ Share your public profile with your private non-TakeLessons students and ask them to write you a review ○ Teachers with reviews on their profiles are 80% more likely to get students ○ Helps to establish credibility
  34. 34. ResourcesStudent Referrals - "Play it Forward" ● New Student gets a $75 discount ● You get a $25 bonus ○ When they book online from your unique linkTeacher Referrals - "Teach it Forward" ● You get $100 bonus! ○ When the teacher is accepted and teaches the 1st lesson ○ Referee must apply from the link You must register for the referral program and share your unique link to receive the bonuses!
  35. 35. Resources Craigslist ad tool ● Email link to for weekly $100 drawing! ● “Hide” your contact info ● Internet Explorer not recommended
  36. 36. Resources ○ Great teacher profiles ■ ■ ■ ○ Independent Contractor Guidelines ■ Under “Reference” in your quick links ○ Student Policy Manual ■ ○ Referral Programs ■ Play it Forward: ■ Teach it Forward:
  37. 37. Your Teacher Community Team We are here to support you!
  38. 38. How to Contact Us ● General Support line: 619-858-2200 ● Teacher Support Hours ○ Monday-Friday 7:00 am – 5:00 pm ■ Subject to change ○ Student Support available on weekends ● Email:
  39. 39. Thanks for viewing theTakeLessons Teacher On-Boarding video! Please complete Comprehension Questionnaire found in the Welcome to TakeLessons email in order to verify attendance