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Whatam i



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  • 1. What Am I?Kotuku 4’s Animal DescriptionCan you guess what animals we are?We added picture clues to help you.
  • 2. I am a type of mammal, and I am part of the bear family.I am red, and I have a head like a fox.My tail is red with black stripes just like a racoon.I am mostly found in trees or a zoo.I am also a plant eater.I can be big or small.By AshleighWHAT AM I?
  • 3. I am a red panda
  • 4. l am a mammal.I am a member of the cat family.I am the fastest land animal.I live in the African safari.I am a meat eater.I have spots all over.I have sharp claws and teeth.I have a long, slim tail and body.I have whiskers on my cheek.By BillieWhat Am I?
  • 5. I am a cheetah
  • 6. I am cold bloodedI lay eggs.I hover to drink sugar water.I fly and hum with my feathered wings.My feathers glisten in the sun changingcolour because of the rays.WHAT AM I?By BrittneyWhat am I?
  • 7. I am a hummingbird
  • 8. I am a mammal and I am a member from the cat family.I like to eat zebras, antelopes, giraffes.I am found in the wild of Africa in the safari.I have spots.I am the fastest land mammalin the world.My sound is a purr or I can chiff.I love to play I don’t really like water.I even like to hunt.What am I?By: DawnWhat am I?
  • 9. I am a cheetah
  • 10. What am I?I am a large mammal and a member of the cat family.I have bright yellow eyes.I camouflage in the dark because I am black all over.I live in the American continent north and south.I roar to scare my enemy awayI prowl and pounce to catch my preyI am known as a NRL team.What am I?by Issey
  • 11. I am a black panther
  • 12. What am I?I am a mammal and a member of the wolf family.I eat meat and bones.I bark and growl and bark and howl.I have sharp teeth and I am brown and fluffy with sharp claws.What am I?By Markos
  • 13. I am a dog
  • 14. I am a mammal.I am a member of the cat family.I am black and white.I live in snow .I pounce to catch my prey.I’m pretty fast .What am I?By MatthewWhat am I?
  • 15. I am a snow leopard
  • 16. I am a mammal.I have a small white tail.I have two legs like a kangaroo.I am brown I have lots of fur.I love to eat carrots, grass and lettuce.I hop around a lot.WHAT AM I?By RipenWHAT AM I?
  • 17. I am a rabbit
  • 18. What am I?I am a mammal on a farm.My diet is scraps and dead things.I can come in pink, black and brown.I have a curly tail andI’ve got four legs and a snout.I also might have a ring around my nose.I like to roll around in mud and the noise I make is “snort”.What am I?By Sarah
  • 19. I am a pig
  • 20. I am a mammal and a member of the bird family.I am brown, yellow and white. I can’t fly I have two legs and use camouflage.I live in New Zealand, somewhere in the native forests.I am very shy and I’m nocturnal.I love eating insects, MMMM!By ShristiWhat am I?
  • 21. I am a kiwi