Homework, Term 3, Weeks 9 and 10


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Homework, Term 3, Weeks 9 and 10

  1. 1. MAUNGAREI TEAM HOMEWORK Weeks 9 and 10 DUE: Friday, 25th September Spring is in the Air READING Your poems and artwork were fabulous last week. See “Homework Expecations”. Read EVERY This fortnight focus on a farm animal and research it and write a night and record it in your Reading Log. report about it. You might include such things as it’s life cycle, how it CODE 1 is farmed, what products are made from it? Etc. OR Choose to research a spring flower. Where did it originate from? Growing conditions. It’s lifecycle. Varieties grown, etc. See “Homework Expectations”. Practice your IN THE KITCHEN spelling words every night. CODE 1 Make, bake or cook something in the kitchen for your family. You’ll need some supervision from an adult and depending what you make you may need some help. Try baking some biscuits or muffins or create a delicious fruity MATHS smoothie or help Mum or Dad with dinner or dessert one night. Whatever you choose to make write into your homework book:  What did you make? (title) Visit the Mathletics website every weeknight and practice  How many did it make or serve? your basic facts against worthy opponents around the  What were the ingredients? world. If your Numeracy teacher has set you task/s you’ll  Write step-by-step instructions for a friend to follow. have to complete those first. If you want to try something  Would you make this again? different, try www.rainforestmaths.com You will need  How did it turn out? your Mathletics Username & Password to enter the site.  Would you change anything to make it taste or look If you do not remember or have lost your USERNAME and better? PASSWORD ask your teacher. CODE 1 CODE 2 Term REFLECTION – Wearable Arts We have had a busy term, especially designing and creating our Wearable Artworks. Reflect on how your term has been. Create a PMI chart (Plus, Minus & Interesting). Rule up three columns with those words as your headings. Think about all subject areas: Maths, Spelling, Writing, Reading, Technology, Sport (including inter-school) and P.E., Art. Don’t forget other things like if you went out of class for technology or art. CODE 2 SPRING Double Puzzle Unscramble each of the clue words. Take the letters that appear in boxes and unscramble them for the final message.