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Get Takaful coverage along with your own personal medical card today. Why wait? Ensure that your family gets the best protection that they need today.

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Prudential BSN Takaful Malaysia

  1. 1. PrudentialBSN TakafulPrepared By:Your PruBSN Takaful AgentNisa (019-3687768)nisa@TakafulLink.com
  2. 2. 019-3687768Why do you need Takaful? Protection  What would your family do if suddenly you’re gone and will never return? Is there enough fund to support them? Savings  Put aside some dough for your retirement age. Medical Card  Don’t have to sit in a long queue in order to receive your treatment.
  3. 3. 019-3687768Why PruBSN Takaful? No penalty if you go over the bed price limit.  If you signed up for RM150/night room but ended up using RM180/night room, just top up RM30/night. No Penalty! No Claim Bonus: We cover your bills when you’re sick and we reward you when you’re healthy! Many specialist hospitals all over Malaysia are PruBSN Panel Hospitals. Just show your Medical Card to get admission!
  4. 4. 019-3687768 PruBSN Takaful 3-in-1 Plans PruBSN MedicalProtection Savings Card How much would How much would Single bedroom or shared? you need you need to retireto ensure your family live comfortably? Hospital Allowance for upcomfortably when you’re gone? to RM400/night!!
  5. 5. 019-3687768Flexible Plans for you! PruBSNTakaful Plans are very flexible depending on your budget. Minimum Contribution:  PruBSN TakafulLink: RM100/month  PruBSN FirstLink: RM100/month  PruBSN SmartLink: RM50/month (special for children)
  6. 6. 019-3687768Sample Plan (TakafulLink) Female, 25 years old, Non-Smoker, Contribution: RM155/month Death Benefit: RM60,000 Crisis Shield: RM30,000 Accidental Death & Disablement: RM20,000 Accidental Medical Reimbursement: RM2,000/claim TH200 (RM200/night bed, RM75k Annual Limit, RM750k Lifetime Limit) RM150/night hospital allowance Contributor (Don’t have to pay monthly contribution if diagnosed with any of the 36 Critical Illness)
  7. 7. 019-3687768Who am I?I am Nisa, your faithful Prudential BSN Takaful agent. Currently servicing Kuala Lumpur, Selangor and Seremban area. I am here to help you out, so, contact me if you have any questions! Email: Mobile: 019-3687768
  8. 8. 019-3687768What’s the best for you? PruBSN Takaful is very FLEXIBLE. Request your quotation today at Or call me today at 019-3687768 to set up an appointment to discuss what’s the best for you!
  9. 9. 019-368776836 Critical Illness1. AIDS as a result of 15. Deafness 29. Musculara blood transfusion 16. Encephalitis Dystrophy2. Alzheimer’s Disease 17. Full Blown AIDS 30. Other Serious3. Aorta Surgery 18. Fulminant Viral Coronary Artery4. APALLIC Syndrome Hepatitis Disease5. Aplastic Anaemia 19. Heart Attack 31. Paralysis6. Bacterial Meningitis 20. Heart Valve 32. Parkinson’s7. Benign Brain Replacement or Repair DiseaseTumour 21. Kidney Failure 33. Poliomyelitis8. Blindness 22. Loss of Limbs 34. Primary9. Brain Surgery 23. Loss of Speech Pulmonary Arterial10. Cancer 24. Major Organ Hypertension11. Chronic Liver Transplant 35. StrokeDisease 25. Major Burns 36. Terminal Illness12. Chronic Lung 26. Major HeadDisease Trauma13. Coma 27. Motor Neurone14. Coronary Artery DiseaseDisease Requiring 28. Multiple SclerosisSurgery