How rakuten is planning to run their entire business in english


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How rakuten is planning to run their entire business in english

  1. 1. How Rakuten is planning to runtheir entire business in English?s1180036 Taisuke Honda
  2. 2. Outline● The shock of Rakuten● What is Rakuten?● The strategy of Rakuten● Is it the same idea as Rakuten?● Correspondence of other Japanese companies(1)(2)● Risk of Rakuten● References
  3. 3. The shock of Rakuten● Internet shopping mall operator Rakuten Inc.surprised the public by announcing thatRakuten will make English its official languageby 2012.● That means all meetings and communicationswithin the company would be conducted solelyin English whether foreigners are present ornot.
  4. 4. What is Rakuten● The Rakuten Inc. is Internet shopping malloperator.● The Rakuten group has 6,000 employeesglobally, of whom about 400 are non-Japanese.● The firm doesn’t keep track of how many non-Japanese it has in Japan, while the 16 boardmembers at its headquarters in Tokyo are allJapanese.
  5. 5. The strategy of Rakuten● Rakuten says English skills will be critical toachieve its plan of entering 27 overseasmarkets, where it expects to become theleading player, particularly in the field of onlineshopping.● English is indispensable for the global strategyof the Rakuten.
  6. 6. Is it a similar move as Rakuten?● Fast Retailing Co., operator of Uniqlo, thenations largest clothing chain, and with severaloutlets around the world.● Also, they announced a policy of using Englishat metting where non-Japanese staff arepresent.● This is a similar move as Rakuten.
  7. 7. Correspondence of otherJapanese companies(1)● Japanese companies looking to expand theiroverseas sales don’t deny the merit of havingemployees proficient in English.● But they dont require their Japaneseemployees to speak English to other Japaneseemployees. Few have made it a rule to adoptEnglish as their official language.● Japanese is the best language for Japanese tocommunicate with each other.
  8. 8. Correspondence of otherJapanese companies(2)● There is 10% or more of a company which ismaking the score of TOEIC the conditions ofpromotion.● The company which is making the score ofTOEIC the conditions of promotion isconsidered to increase increasingly from nowon.● However, few have made it a rule to adoptEnglish as their official language.
  9. 9. Risk of Rakuten● The degree to which English is necessary atRakuten is far lower than companies likeNissan and Nomura.● Thus, it is questionable whether Rakutenemployees’ commitment will last.● Even people who absolutely have to learnEnglish give up learning, because manyRakuten employees don’t need to speakEnglish.
  10. 10. References● The Japan Times News● JAPANTODAY● The Washington Post● CNN