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The fun Self-Viraling skill for the Social Media professional
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The fun Self-Viraling skill for the Social Media professional


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How to effectively build your network in the Social Media sphere

How to effectively build your network in the Social Media sphere

Published in: Career, Technology, Business

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  • 1. Pre-requisites • Assume you know the basics of networking • Assume you’re familiar with social media terms: viral, social media, social network, SEO
  • 2. Summary of the Classic Presentation I’ve been doing for many times NETWORKING SKILL
  • 3. Networking matters • 85% of the best jobs in a company are never advertised or sent to head-hunters: internal referrals • Networking matters – Earns you the best job(s) – Puts you in the right chair position – Differentiates you from the crowd (of applicants) • Your Network is your intangible asset
  • 4. The Vietnam market • “Vietnam is a place where everybody knows everybody” – If you’re not in, you’re out • Mainstream Media vs Grapevines: which is more effective in terms of useful information extraction?
  • 5. How to build networks • Not the focus on this presentation • Assume you’ve already known
  • 6. In the Social Media sphere THE SELF-VIRALING SKILL
  • 7. • 78% believe in recommendations from others in their network on a Product! • Consumers want that Product • The Product is the subject of virality Place your Logo  here
  • 8. • xx% believe in recommendations from others in their network on a Person? • Employers want that Person • The Person is the subject of virality Place your Face  here
  • 9. So what? • Earns you the best job(s) • Puts you in the right chair position • Differentiates you from the crowd (of applicants)
  • 10. In the Social Media sphere THE SELF-VIRALING SKILL: HOW?
  • 11. Principles A. With Potential B. With Communities Employers 1. Be Valuable 1. Be Helpful 2. Be Identifiable 2. Be Adaptive 3. Be Traceable 3. Be Assertive 4. Be Consistent 4. Be Yourself & Have Fun
  • 12. A1. Be Valuable • Demonstrate the capabilities companies look for – Analysis skill – Reasoning skill – Ability to express your ideas in written, visual and oral communication – Critical thinking • Show originality in thinking • Make sure everything you do adds value to your personal brand
  • 13. A2. Be Identifiable • Use your real identity, avoid anonymity • Maintain a Universal Identity across platforms • Identity should be – Professional – Unique • Best to have a home-base: own blog / website • Then extend to other auxiliary networks: LinkedIn, Twitter, FriendFeed, Facebook, Digg, reddit... • Be open to opportunities
  • 14. A3. Be Traceable • Make sure non-tech-savvy recruiters can search for you on Google • Make sure what they find on Google is what you want them to see • Make sure they always see most updated information • Be traceable is more than be searchable; much more than just SEO
  • 15. A4. Be Consistent • Your identity must be platform-independent – Seeing your LinkedIn and your FriendFeed... should give the same impression that it is you – When a platform i.e. LinkedIn stops operating, your identity remains in new forms • Be consistent in all of your writings, comments, and the way you submit vote for others’ contents • Consistency = predictability for employers • Consistency doesn’t limit creativity
  • 16. B1. Be Helpful • Be helpful to others by offering – Valuable contents – Free help where possible • Result: they will recommend you to potential employers
  • 17. B2. Be Adaptive • “When in Rome, do as the Romans do” • Know what you can get and what you can offer in each community • Adapt to the culture of each community • Use the language they use to the extent you feel comfortable • Remain consistent (A4) in your own way
  • 18. B3. Be Assertive • Be assertive to criticism • Admit mistakes, learn from mistakes. This shows a god attitude • Be assertive to trolls • Assertiveness is a skill that deserves a separate presentation
  • 19. B4. Be Yourself & Have Fun • Social Media is thing people work on • Like anything, work should be fun 
  • 20. Ultimate Goals • Career progression – With the organization(s) you work for – With the communities you are part of • Personal improvement
  • 22. Career Prospects • For Social Media Professionals • Suggestions only Next slide 
  • 23. Product Manager Community Technology Manager Evangelist Marketing Developer Manager with Social with Domain Product Knowledge Insights Media Expert Designer Consultant Columnist Entrepreneur
  • 24. About this slideshow • Explains how to apply a framework (networking) to an environment (social media) • Networking skill is one of many skills a person develops • Is in Beta, always updated
  • 25. Boundaries • The skill is not only for Social Media Experts, it is useful for anyone who want to use Social Media • Context: this slideshow is put in the Social Media boundary, it does not evaluate effectiveness of Social Media compared to other channels
  • 26. Questions? Feedbacks? • Please leave your comment on my blog • Tweet me @taitran
  • 27. Three topics were mentioned • What do you want to see next? 1. Conventional Networking skill 2. Assertiveness on the Internet 3. Effectiveness of Social Media as a networking channel • Leave a comment
  • 28. Thank You & Good Luck “Luck is when opportunity meets preparation.” - Seneca More resources on my website: Profile: Follow me on Twitter: @taitran Connect to me on Facebook: