Kindle 3 Review

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  • 1. Kindle 3 Review
    Tai Tran
  • 2. First Impression
    Hey Tai, turn this thing on
    What ya mean? It's already on!
    Huh? Wow!
    It looks exactly like a book, unlike a digital device at all
  • 3. Size
    Friend 2: It's portable, I like it
    Friend 1: Ain't it too small?
    I: If it's too small you can try DX
  • 4. Display
    Predictably, only black and white. Expect color in near future
    Page transition isn't very smooth
    PDF files can be copied to Kindle via USB or sent via Wi-Fi. But font size need to be enlarged in computer before being copied to Kindle
    Graphs and formula are very well displayed
    Graph process is slow
    Landscape mode
    Kindle can't improve scanned PDF quality
    You still need to use light in darkness
    Reading under sunlight is great, no reflection
  • 5. Source:
  • 6. Navigation
    Easy navigation
    Highly intuitive
  • 7. Through a microscope
    Amazon Kindle
    Organic, pleasant for the eyes
    Single-purpose: books
    Apple iPad
    Multi-purpose: entertainment
    Peters K, 2010, 'Kindle and iPad Displays: Up close and personal', BIT-101, accessed 15/10/2010, from
  • 8. Other features
    Capacity: 2Gb
    Extremely light and thin
  • 9. Beyond a book reader
    You can send your documents to your Kindle and other people's Kindles so they can read on the go
    Example: sending your reports to your colleagues and clients real time
    Accepted format: doc, rtf, htm, html, txt, zip (contains your files), x-zip, Mobi book, jpg, gif, bmp, png
    You can send your documents to me via
    Read more here:
  • 10. Services
    Nothing to complain about Amazon service
    A few lot free books are offered
  • 11. Value for money
  • 12. Where Kindle fits in Amazon Strategy
    Unlock a new revenue stream from hardware sale and e-book sale
    Capture Lead the consumption trend toward mobile device
    Extend Amazon's influence on media industry
    Solves problem of accelerating decline of newspaper
  • 13. Free books for Kindle
    Free Kindle ebooks from Amazon
    Project Gutenberg offers Kindle-friendly ebooks
  • 14. How to get out of Drive Mode
    Drive mode
    You can copy files to your Kindle via USB
    You can't read on Kindle in this mode
    Message: "If you want to use your Kindle and continue charging, please eject your Kindle from your computer."
    How to eject correctly
    "Safely remove hardware" doesn't work
    Go to Explorer, right-click on Kindle drive and click "Reject"
  • 15. Thank You!
    Tai Tran
    Send documents to me via
    Twitter: @taitran