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Association E-learning Today

  1. 1. Tagoras <inquiry> <insight> <action> Association E-learning Today State of the Sector
  2. 2. Tagoras <inquiry> <insight> <action> Association E-learning Trends
  3. 3. Tagoras <inquiry> <insight> <action> What’s Changed?  It’s the economy …  It’s generational  It’s social
  4. 4. Tagoras <inquiry> <insight> <action> Usage
  5. 5. Tagoras <inquiry> <insight> <action> Length of Involvement
  6. 6. Tagoras <inquiry> <insight> <action> Formats
  7. 7. Tagoras <inquiry> <insight> <action> Formats
  8. 8. Tagoras <inquiry> <insight> <action> Social Media
  9. 9. Tagoras <inquiry> <insight> <action> Pricing
  10. 10. Tagoras <inquiry> <insight> <action> Penetration
  11. 11. Tagoras <inquiry> <insight> <action> Where Are We?
  12. 12. Tagoras <inquiry> <insight> <action> Predictions   Rise in LMS adoption   More publishing of on-demand content   Increased interest in instructional design   Slow integration of social media   Increase in competition E-learning as in integrated line of business
  13. 13. Tagoras <inquiry> <insight> <action> Breaking Down Silos
  14. 14. Tagoras <inquiry> <insight> <action> 3 Content Keys   Timely or perennially popular topics   Actionable content   Required or highly valued credit
  15. 15. Tagoras <inquiry> <insight> <action> 5 Business Keys   Understand the value   Think “Big Picture”   Act as a team   Prepare to sell   Manage change
  16. 16. Tagoras <inquiry> <insight> <action> Questions Did you measure anything about how associations are doing informal learning?
  17. 17. Tagoras <inquiry> <insight> <action> Questions About what types of things do clients tend to say “I wish I knew then what I know now? Marketing?”
  18. 18. Tagoras <inquiry> <insight> <action> Questions What does the average association spend on its learning management system?
  19. 19. Tagoras <inquiry> <insight> <action> Questions For the organizations that are doing only Webinars right now, what is the next step?
  20. 20. Tagoras <inquiry> <insight> <action> Find me at: Jeff Cobb   e:   p: 1+ 919.201.7460   t:   w:
  21. 21. Tagoras <inquiry> <insight> <action> Tagoras Background   Co-founders: Jeff Cobb and Celisa Steele   Both with more than a decade in e-learning and learning technologies   Extensive work with association e-learning initiatives. Focus on product strategy, revenue generation, technology planning.   Authors of Association E-learning: State of the Sector and Association Learning Management Systems   Member of ASAE Professional Development Section Council   Author of Learning 2.0 for Associations   Co-author of e-learning chapter for ASAE PD Competencies   Writer of popular Mission to Learn blog   Editor of Learning 2.0 for Associations   Member of research committee of the eLearning Guild   Judge in Brandon Hall’s annual e-learning awards
  22. 22. Tagoras <inquiry> <insight> <action> Example Clients   American Nurses Credentialing Center   American Physical Therapy Association   America’s Health Insurance Plans   Booke Seminars (a division of Aon)   Boston College Center for Corporate Citizenship   Medical Group Management Association   National Association of Corporate Directors   National Health Care Anti-fraud Association   National Institute of Governmental Purchasing   Nurses Improving Care for Healthsystem Elders   Society for Human Resource Management   North Carolina Center for Public Health Preparedness (at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)