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Regarding the new acquisition of SHOP.COM by Market America. I will explain how this is an exciting news for all of us. Shop.com powerful technologies will make our online shopping experience EASIER, FASTER, BETTER, BIGGER. I will also share some useful tips for Social Networking.

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TAENA Dec 20th Webinar Presentation

  1. 1. The webinar will begin in a few moments<br />1<br />
  2. 2. Revolutionizing the Way People Shop <br />and the Future of Business<br />Market America’s Acquisition of SHOP.COM<br />Webinar Presentation <br />Monday December 20th 2010<br />
  3. 3. We have secured the most powerful partnership in Market America's history — one that will revolutionize the future of business. <br />SHOP.COM is joining Market America to provide a technology platform that will position us as a leader in e-commerce. <br />This literally speeds up everything we have been doing and planning to do by years. It puts us five years ahead of where we are right now. It is a shortcut to greater success and changing the way people shop. <br />This is all about making it Easier to get there and grow Faster so that the business will be Better and Market America and your UnFranchise® income will be Bigger! <br />EASIER, FASTER, BETTER, BIGGER!<br />3<br />
  4. 4. Market America Inc. has acquired dot-com survivor Shop.com Inc, a 13 years old online comparison shopping engine backed by Bill Gates, Oak Investment Partners and others. <br />With the addition of SHOP.COM, Market America will increase employees from about 600 to 650 and add greater technological muscle to its marketing expertise. <br />4<br />
  5. 5. Both MarketAmerica.com and Shop.com will continue to operate as separate websites. Market America will maintain its headquarters in Greensboro, N.C., while Shop.com will continue operations from Monterey, Calif., and Pasadena, Calif., as well as in London.<br />The acquisition further consolidates the online shopping center and may enable Market America to better compete against larger rivals, like eBay and Amazon - each of which have had recent shopping sprees of their own, snapping up smaller rivals. <br />The company expects to generate $460 million in revenue and roughly $45 million in net income this year.<br />5<br />
  6. 6. The SHOP.COM Story<br />In 1997 Lee Lorenzen found his mailbox bulging with more than two dozen catalogs, all delivered in a single day. <br />As both an entrepreneur and a technologist, he realized that there must be a more efficient way for merchants to place their offers in front of customers and for customers to shop conveniently for just the right product and brands across a wide selection of merchants.<br />Instead of "pushing" offers to customers and hoping the products and timing matched their needs, why not create a single location where customers could shop for the exact products they wanted, precisely when they wanted them? And why not leverage the Internet to build a virtual marketplace?<br />6<br />
  7. 7. The SHOP.COM Story ...<br />And so began Catalog City, a web site dedicated to catalog retailers where customers could order from hundreds of catalogs online. The vision grew to include products from department stores, specialty stores, and web only retailers.<br />Catalog City also developed its patented OneCart® technology which allows customers to shop across hundreds of merchants and check out only once with a single password-protected account. <br />7<br />
  8. 8. The SHOP.COM Story ...<br />Now, backed by over a decade of technology development, the original vision has evolved into SHOP.COM, the destination comparison shopping engine that merchandises to women and leverages the multi-merchant features of its patented OneCart® technology. <br />8<br />
  9. 9. SHOP.COM provides easy access to a vast selection of products and merchants – from well-known name brands to lesser-known but equally high quality specialty retailers – organized for convenience in finding, comparing and buying items for the home, family, work, friends, and personal needs and interests.<br />9<br />
  10. 10. CEO JR Ridinger discussed Market America's acquisition with SHOP.COM on Bloomberg TV "Street Smart“.<br />The show captures the day's top market-moving stories, trends and investors news. <br /><ul><li>Bloomberg Television is viewed predominantly by adults interested in daily business news. 
  11. 11. 34% of Bloomberg's audience has a household income of over $100,000.</li></ul>Let’s watch the 4 minutes interview on YouTube:<br />Bloomberg TV: Market America's Ridinger Says Shop.com to Boost Growth <br />10<br />
  12. 12. A Perfect Match<br />We have what they don't <br />Customer Retention<br />People Power<br />One-to-One Marketing<br />A profitable business model<br />They have <br />Higher Traffic and Speed<br />SEO and SEM<br />Website Merchandising<br />Comparison Shopping<br />13 years of Silicon Valley presence<br />11<br />
  13. 13. Benefits of integrating <br /><ul><li> Shop.com is recognized for the best comparison shopping technology which will now power marketamerica.com
  14. 14. Shop.com currently generates nearly 5 times more unique visitors than Market America which we will convert and assign to 'Shop Consultants' (UFO Customer Managers)
  15. 15. Will have the ability to capture and retain millions of new customers from first time purchases and assign the new customers to 'Shop Consultants' (UFO Customer Managers)
  16. 16. Will have the ability to have ma® branded products on the Shop.com site as a channel to attract new customers
  17. 17. Will have even faster search and better navigation for shopping — making it simple and intuitive</li></ul>12<br />
  18. 18. Benefits of integrating <br /><ul><li> Will save us 2 to 5 years of IT development
  19. 19. Will speed up our site
  20. 20. Will generate more advertising revenue
  21. 21. Shop.com has one of the best data feed platforms, allowing any merchant or vendor to put their products on their platform fast and easy with quick updates
  22. 22. The data feed and tracking management platform allows us to do more for partners and merchants, which provides more incentives to be a direct partner in our EZ Cart, resulting in higher cash back, higher IBV and advertising revenue moving Market America closer to being a true Universal Shopping Cart
  23. 23. Shop.com is recognized as pioneers and experts for Internet shopping technology</li></ul>13<br />
  24. 24. Benefits of integrating <br />14<br />
  25. 25. What to Expect Next <br />15<br />
  26. 26. Further details about the acquisition of Shop.com's business and how it will greatly impact the growth of your UnFranchise business will be outlined in the January issue of Powerline magazine and communicated through newslines, Leaderline, News & Announcements, the ma Blog, Twitter and Facebook. <br />Be sure to secure your tickets to the ma World Conference <br />(being held February 3-5, 2011 in Miami, FL) as you will gain all of the insight about the acquisition and also learn from the executives of Shop.com. <br />16<br />
  27. 27. The integration of both websites will begin immediately and work together under one umbrella as all customers will be assigned to Shop Consultants, which are UFO Customer Managers. You will be trained on this and how to handle customers from both Market America and Shop.com.<br />There will be a major press and media campaign positioning the partnership's power and potentials while blowing up Paid to Shop!<br />Within months we will be converting and assigning millions of customers so make sure you have met the IBV requirements to be in the lead rotation.<br />17<br />
  28. 28. <ul><li>The objective is to put Market America products up on their site as quickly as possible and it will generate BV sales and customers as well. The objective is to continue to add millions more products to marketamerica.com within months.
  29. 29. The plan is to move as many vendors or merchants over to the EZ Cart (to be called the OneCart) as quickly as possible and to give customers or visitors access to all the merchants, brands and stores.
  30. 30. Integration will take place over the next several months with releases and additions going live every couple weeks. You will see the first effects of it in January with a major exciting release and campaign which will produce sales for you immediately.</li></ul>18<br />
  31. 31. <ul><li> We will provide you a full integration and project release plan with approximate dates. Go to Shop.com to see how it works and you will be impressed!
  32. 32. We will be marketing Market America products on the Shop.com site in UK within months and reserving the customers for the pioneer UFO team selected to launch the UnFranchise Business Opportunity (UBO) there in 2011. You will be able to sell products to customers or prospects in the UK and get commission credit in your home country (USA or Canada) until we officially open there with the UBO and MPCP.</li></ul>19<br />
  33. 33. This is the time to get everyone you know on the Paid to Shop. This is the time to get on board with the IBV requirements so you can receive the customer and the lead flow from all of this. Think about how you can use the recent press links to grow your own business and influence people. Use these links on Social network like maChatterbox, Facebookand Twitter by saying something thought-provoking or asking a question. Have you tired that yet? <br />If you have not—this is the time to do it! <br />I believe in you. Keep growing. <br />JR Ridinger<br />20<br />
  34. 34. Congratulations Loren Ridinger!<br />Market America’s rise over the past few years to become one of the premier online retailers, has been nothing short of remarkable. <br />A lot of the credit goes to Senior Vice President, Loren Ridinger, who has been instrumental in this rise, as she works tirelessly to bring on new partners and to work-out deals to help keep Market America at the forefront of online shopping.<br />Recently, Loren Ridinger was featured in the Forbes.com publication, Insights, where she talked about embracing the non-text web.<br />21<br />
  35. 35. ONLINE SOCIAL NETWORKING TIPS<br />By now, you’ve hopefully already joined the social networking revolution. In the midst of adding friends and neighbours, you’ve probably been all excited and intrigued over the networking opportunities you’ve now been presented with. Who wouldn’t get excited – considering that some 340 million + global users are currently using social networks!<br />Facebook, for example, has an alternate means for people wanting to promote a business. While you would setup a profile to connect with your friends, anyone wanting to promote a business to others needs to do so by creating a separate Facebook fan page. Not only is a fan page a great way for you to highlight your business and keep it separate from your personal account, but it allows you to contact people that have opted to become a fan of your business. This helps keep Facebook happy, not to mention your friends and acquaintances!<br />22<br />
  36. 36. The advantages to using a Facebookfanpage<br />Share your business!<br /><ul><li> Rather than bombarding your friends with message after message, invite them to join your fanpage and support your business!
  37. 37. Inviting someone to join your business helps maintain solid relationships with your friends and family.
  38. 38. If you promote your business through your standard profile, it could lead to people ‘unfriending’ you due to excessive business promotion.
  39. 39. By creating a fanpage for your business, your friends have ‘opted-in’ to receive notifications about your business, indicating they want to know what’s going on.</li></ul>Interact with fans<br /><ul><li> By creating a fanpage, your biggest fans (your customers), will be able to interact directly with you, the business owner! This helps foster good communication and makes a customer feel valued.</li></ul>Promote events<br /><ul><li> If you’ve got a kick-off meeting or follow-up scheduled, promote it to all of your fans through your fanpage! Each fan will then be notified about new events with just one click — saving you time in the process!</li></ul>To help get you started, create your first Facebookfanpage<br />If you are looking for an example of a Facebookfanpage setup for a business<br />check myfacebookfanpageTÆNA “Conscious Living”<br />23<br />
  40. 40. How to: Share videos from YouTube<br />Sharing videos from YouTube is a great way to engage your customers as it helps spread information related to your business that you want to get out to the world.<br />There are many options for sharing a video you've found on YouTube. Here are a few: <br />Have YouTube send your customersan email with a link to the video - just sign into your YouTube account, click on the "Share" link underneath any video, and then scroll down to the "Send this video from YouTube" box. Enter any email address you want and an optional personal message, then click "Send"<br />Send a video URL to your customersdirectly - just click on the "URL" text box to the right of any video, copy the text, and paste it to anyone in an email message or IM window<br />Share to a social network - just click on your favorite social network underneath a video (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, etc), sign into that social network (if necessary), and follow the instructions to send the video to your profile or directly to your friends/customers.<br />YouTube 101: Sharing Videos - 3 minutes tutorial<br />24<br />
  41. 41. How would you like to have an UnFranchise® owner who has earned more than one million dollars talk to your prospects?  ‬<br />Market America has been capturing video testimonials of those Distributors and UnFranchise owners who are members of the Million Dollar Club, a Distributor who has earned in excess of $1 million dollars in commissions. <br />MarketAmerica’s YouTube Channel <br />A very effective prospecting and recruiting tool!<br />25<br />
  42. 42. Creating a Rich Text Signature in Gmail<br />Why should you create an email signature?<br /><ul><li> Email signatures add credibility and make you look more professional
  43. 43. They allow you to share something you’re passionate about
  44. 44. It’s free promotion – why not?</li></ul>If you’re a Gmail user (which I highly recommend), Gmail added in the ability to add in rich text into your email signature. <br />You can include: Website links, Linksto your Facebook/ Twitter/ maChatterbox– Images, etc…<br />To create a rich text signature — simply follow these steps:<br /><ul><li>Create a Gmail account or login to your existing account
  45. 45. Select Settings (top right corner)
  46. 46. Scroll down to the Signature area
  47. 47. Select the radio button underneath No signature and start entering your information, changing colors, entering hyperlinks, etc…</li></ul>Since there are a number of email programs – and they all create signatures a little differently, if you need help creating your own email signatures, please send an email to internetmarketing@marketamerica.com along with which email program (Gmail, MSN, Yahoo, Outlook, etc…) that you would like to create an email signature for.<br />26<br />
  48. 48. Want to succeed as an UnFranchise® owner?<br />Check-out 10 Tips recently shared by Dennis Franks to help put you on the path towards earning an annual income of $187,000.<br />10 Tips for achieving success:<br /><ul><li> Generate the necessary business volume
  49. 49. Become a product of the product. Switch to using all Market America branded products in your household.
  50. 50. Shop partner stores through your web portal
  51. 51. Attend the 2011 Market America World Conference (2/3/11 – 2/5/11)
  52. 52. Invite your friends to start earning cashback on their purchases
  53. 53. Visit your web portal everyday and know how it works!
  54. 54. Listen to one motivational audio twice/week. 1st time, listen, 2nd timetake notes.
  55. 55. Start with the end in mind
  56. 56. Write and rewrite your goals statement
  57. 57. Get healthy and fit so that you stay mentally sharp!</li></ul>27<br />
  58. 58. 28<br />
  59. 59. THANK YOU FOR PARTICIPATING!<br />Presentation prepared by Ms. TsedayMekbibIndependent UnFranchise® Business owner <br />For any questions or comments, please email AskTaena@gmail.com<br />29<br />