Ch 2 sec 2 Part 1 Student Notes
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Ch 2 sec 2 Part 1 Student Notes






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Ch 2 sec 2 Part 1 Student Notes Document Transcript

  • 1. Chapter Two: Colonizing America Section Two: English Colonies in America A. English Interest in America a. 1497 – John _____________ was the first person to explore the Americas for England. b. He was attempting to find a way to ___________ through North America. c. After his expeditions, England would not return or attempt to ________________ America for many years. B. Changes in England a. 1. The Reformation i. 1517 – Martin ____________ accused the Catholic Church of corruption. ii. This led to a movement in which many people broke away from the __________________ Church. iii. They formed new __________________ churches. b. 2. Calvinism i. John ___________ - A Reformation leader who said the congregation of a church should be allowed to choose their own leaders. ii. This idea would later be a big influence in the American _________________. CHUNK #2 3. The Church of England Cause and Effect – Read pg 60 under The Reformation Changes England. Read the first two paragraphs and fill out the following chart Angelican Church Cause Effect
  • 2. i. King ______________ VIII of England asked the Pope for an annulment of his marriage. ii. When the Pope refused, Henry _____________ England away from the Catholic Church. iii. He formed the Church of ______________ or the Anglican Church. iv. The Church of England kept Catholic ____________ and beliefs. v. However, some felt the Church of England needed to “_____________” itself of all Catholic rituals etc. vi. These were the ______________. vii. The Puritans would have a hard time finding ______________ in England and would eventually migrate to America. d. 4. Economic Changes i. As feudalism ___________, people needed new ways to make a living. ii. Merchants needed new markets to sell their ______________. iii. To these people the new ______________ would look very appealing. iv. ___________-stock companies were formed. v. These were companies formed by several _______________. vi. They put their money into the company to _______________ an expedition, and would share in the profits.