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Ch 2 sec 2 Part 2 Student Notes

Ch 2 sec 2 Part 2 Student Notes






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    Ch 2 sec 2 Part 2 Student Notes Ch 2 sec 2 Part 2 Student Notes Document Transcript

    • Chapter Two: Colonizing America Section Two Continued: English Colonies in America C. England Returns to America a. Queen Elizabeth I granted a ______________ to Sir Walter Raleigh to start an English settlement in America. b. 1587 – He founded a settlement off the coast of North Carolina called _______________. c. This new land was named ________________ d. The governor of Roanoke returned to England for ______________. e. When he returned the colony had ____________________. f. Roanoke is sometimes called the ________________ colony. CHUNK #3 D. Jamestown Retell – turn to page 62. Read Jamestown is Founded through the 2nd paragraph of Early Troubles. Retell the passage to your turn and talk partner. a. 1. The Early Years i. 1604 – King James I gave a group of investors a ____________ to start a new settlement in Virginia. ii. These investors formed the ________________ Company. iii. 1606 – These settlers arrived in Virginia and founded _______________. iv. The settlement had a very __________________ start. v. Few knew how to _____________ or build houses. vi. Almost all of the colonists ____________ in the first year. vii. Captain John _____________ eventually helped the colony survive by trading and working with the Native Americans. b. 2. Growth of Jamestown i. Jamestown continued to _____________ for many years. ii. It was ultimately saved by ______________ farming, which was very profitable. iii. Jamestown was the first ___________________ English settlement in America. iv. 1618 – The Virginia Company created the Virginia House of ________________________. v. This was an ______________ assembly that would propose laws. The House of Burgesses was the first _____________________ assembly in America.
    • E. Maryland a. Colony founded by George ______________, or Lord Baltimore. b. He was an English Catholic who wanted to start a colony where Catholics could live and _________________ freely. c. This was a proprietor colony – it was owned by _________ person.