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Ch 2 sec 1 Students Notes






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Ch 2 sec 1 Students Notes Ch 2 sec 1 Students Notes Document Transcript

  • Chapter Two: Colonizing America Section One: The Spanish and the French Build Empires A. The Conquest of Mexico a. The Spanish began taking over parts of _______________ America. b. Set up farms and plantations and used Native Americans for _____________. c. Hernan ________________ was sent to Mexico to conquer the Aztecs. d. He rallied _______________ of the Aztec to help him fight. e. The Spanish were well _____________ with guns, cannons, horses and armor. f. Cortez marched to the Aztec capital of Tenochtitlan and took their ______________ Montezuma hostage. g. After months of fighting, the Aztec forces were weakened by _______________. h. In May of 1521, Cortez _______________ the Aztec and destroyed the empire. B. New Spain Expands a. Cortez ordered a new city to be ______________ on the ruins of the Aztec capitol. (modern day Mexico City) b. This would be the _______________ of New Spain. c. More Spaniards were sent out to ____________ the rest of the area. d. These men were called conquistadors (Spanish ________________). 1. Example: Francisco Pizarro conquered the ___________ Empire in South America e. The Spanish later began settling the present day Southwestern United States. (New Mexico, and ___________________) f. Goal: To set up Catholic missions and ____________ Native Americans to Christianity. CHUNK #1 C. Spanish-American Society Turn to pgs. 54-55 under A Society Based on Class. Use the information to fill out the Spanish-American Society chart. *Fill in Chart*
  • D. The French Empire in America a. The ______________ became interested in America in the early 1600’s. b. Mainly to get involved in the __________ trade. c. Founded _______________ (Canada) E. New France Expands a. In the later 1600’s, France began promoting more ______________ in North America. b. Also began more __________________ c. They found the __________________ River and claimed the entire region. d. They named the area after King __________ XVI. e. _____________________