Ch 1 sec 4 Student Notes


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Ch 1 sec 4 Student Notes

  1. 1. Chapter One: Converging Cultures Section Four: European Cultures A. European Society a. For hundreds of years, Europe was ruled by the ___________ Empire. b. When the Roman Empire fell apart around 500 A.D., Europe was left disorganized and ________________. c. This period is known as the __________________ Ages. 1. The _____________ Plague occurred during this time. 2. Bad ______________ conditions caused an increase in rats. 3. The plague virus was passed from ________, to rats, then to humans. d. To organize society, the system of _____________________ was developed. e. Feudalism - a system in which a ___________ gives out parts of his lands to nobles in exchange for their loyalty. f. These lands were farmed by _______________ or serfs. Religion g. The central authority in the Middle Ages was the _______________ Catholic Church. B. Causes of Exploration a. Europe began coming out of its isolation around ______________. 1. The Crusades i. Series of ____________ Wars, lasting hundreds of years. ii. The European Christians attempted to take the Holy Lands (Middle East) from the __________________. iii. The Crusades were a failure, yet had many _________________ effects on Europe. iv. The Crusades brought Europe out of isolation and into _____________ with other parts of the world. v. They exposed Europeans to Asian goods such as _____________ and silks. vi. Europeans soon wanted to find a _______________, easier, way to get to Asia. 2. New States Emerge vii. Feudalism began to _________________. viii. Powerful rulers _________________ who united many kingdoms into strong and powerful countries.
  2. 2. ix. Soon, ____________ strong countries existed: Portugal, France, Spain, and England. x. These countries would ________________ for trade and power. 3. The Renaissance xi. Literally means _______________. xii. A new interest in art, culture, _________________, science, etc. xiii. This emphasis on experimentation and __________________ fueled the desire for exploration. 4. New Technology xiv. Exploration became possible because of new ________________. xv. These inventions made navigation ________________. CHUNK # 3 xvi. pg. 36 – 37. Graphic Organizer - Read New Technology and name and describe the four new types of technology used to navigate ships in the early 1400’s). xvii. Exploration became ______________ because of ne inventions. xviii. These inventions made _____________ easier and Europeans began exploring the World. 67543256 C. Portuguese Exploration a. ________________ led the way in exploration. b. Prince Henry, or Henry the Navigator is considered the ________________ of exploration. c. He set up a navigation __________________. d.d. Brought together _____________________ and navigators to plan expeditions. e. Goal: To find a _______________________ route to Asia. f. Vasco da Gama – explorer who found the route by ______________ around Africa to India. New Technology