HTML5, Silverlight & Kinect


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Presentation from the MN IT Symposium talk I gave on Dec 6, 2011

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  • Silverlight 5 includes a range of new capabilities across Media, Applications, Out of Browser and Tooling/Performance and will ship in 2011 with a Beta coming soon.
  • Silverlight 5 has a full GPU accelerated 3D engine built in
  • Out of browser applications now get additional capabilities such as multiple window support and…
  • Microsoft is actively engaged with three large standards organizations: W3C, IETF and ECMA International. Each organization is divided into Working Groups.
  • Taking the HTML5 Working Group as an example, Paul Cotton (Microsoft Corp) is a co-chair of the group – we’ve been leading this space for many years!In addition to Paul, more than 16 people from Microsoft are working just on this working group – plus many others involved in other WGs.
  • Building a standard is like planning a building. You go through different steps and it’s important to plan all levels carefully – or you risk to hit issues along the road.
  • If we look at the broad spectrum, today there are more than 100 specifications that fall under the “HTML5” umbrella. As you can see, all of them follow a different status.Some of them are mature (Recommendation), some are still work in progress (Working Draft) and some just submitted (First Published WD)As we will see later, with Internet Explorer we wanted to provide an interoperable implementation of these standards – with clear expectations and deliverables for the developer community.
  • Microsoft has three channels:IE9 is all about “Site Ready HTML5”. It’s based on a stable and interoperable implementation of HTML5. It offers the best experience to Windows users, thanks to the native hardware acceleration support.IE Platform Previews focus on under development features. With PP, we wanted to be transparent with the community over the internal progress – allowing them to provide feedbacks and us to act on these feedbacksHTML5 Labs are about emerging standards that still require more time and further analysis before they can be safely and interoperably adopted across browsers.
  • List of the main (not all!) HTML5 features supported in IE9.More info at:
  • Released every 10-12 weeks during IE10 developmentRefine proposed standards with quality implementationGet and act on community feedbacksMore info at:
  • At this point, there should be no doubt that Microsoft is seriously committed to HTML5. Today you can start building HTML5 applications on top of IE9, leveraging the hardware acceleration and the integration with Windows 7.With Mango, (the same!) IE9 will be available to Windows Phone 7 devices.On Windows 8, you will be able to build Windows applications using HTML5 and JavaScript.Come to the Build conference ( in September to learn more about the new exciting Windows8 platform.
  • HTML5, Silverlight & Kinect

    1. 1. Frank La Vigne | | franksworld.comDeveloper EvangelistMicrosoft
    2. 2. I <3 Silverlight!
    3. 3. The Future
    4. 4. The Big Picture
    5. 5. Problems Silverlight Solves
    6. 6. This is an Interface
    7. 7. This is an Experience
    8. 8. Bad Experience is Bad Business
    9. 9. Shiny New Features• XAML Debugging with breakpoints for binding debugging• Implicit data templates for easy UI reuse• Double (and multi) click support• GPU-accelerated XNA-compatible 3D and immediate-mode 2D API• Low-latency sound effects and WAV support• Real operating system windows and multi- display support• Vector Printing for sharper printouts• Significant performance improvements, fixes and much more
    10. 10. But Wait There’s MoreMedia  XAML Data  Multiple  VS Profiling Applications Out of Browser Tooling & Performance  Hardware Decode Binding Windows  Databinding  Variable Speed  Text Clarity  P/Invoke Debugging Playback  Vector Printing  Group Policy  IE9 Hardware  Audio Pitch Support Acceleration Correction  Pivot  Trusted Apps in  64 Bit support  Seamless DRM  Graphics API browser switching  Multicore JIT  XNA GPU 3D  Unrestricted file performance system access  Linked Text  Text Layout Container Performance  OpenType  Network Latency Reduction for Support HTTP
    11. 11. 3D
    12. 12. Out of Browser, Multiple Windows
    13. 13. 16
    14. 14. W3C HTML Working Group 9 Publications  HTML5  HTML Canvas 2D Context  HTML: The Markup  HTML5 diffs from HTML4  Polyglot Markup Recommendations produced under Royalty-Free basis
    15. 15. Last Update: 13th June 2011 Geolocation ECMAHTML CSS Web Apps SVG
    16. 16. Microsoft Approach with m
    17. 17. HTML5 in IE9 HTML5 CSS3 SVG Others • New Markup Elements • 2D Transforms • Shapes • ECMA Script 5 (all but • Canvas • Border Radius • Clipping, Masking, and Strict Mode) • Audio • Box-Shadow Compositing • Native JSON support • Video • Fonts (WOFF) • Transforms (IE8) • Local Storage • Media Queries • Extensibility • Performance API • Cross-Window • Multiple Backgrounds • Gradients • Geo-Location Messaging • Namespaces • Interactivity • Data-uri (IE8) • Text Selection APIs • Opacity • Linking and Views • DOM L2, L3 • Parsing SVG in HTML • rgba(), hsl(), hsla() • Painting and Colors • Selectors API L2 • Selectors (IE8) • Paths • AJAX Navigation (IE8) • Text • DOMParser and XMLSerializer • ICC v2 and Color Profile • ARIA Hardware Acceleration
    18. 18. uide
    19. 19. Looking forward
    20. 20. Site Pinning
    21. 21. A Great HTML5 Tool
    22. 22. Kinect Development